Behind The Scenes: Fever Dream by Roost Film Co

Friday, September 19th 2014

“In the chaotic rumble she still remembered who she was” RM Drake

For our recent styled shoot Fever Dream, we were lucky enough to have Roost Film Co, put together this beautiful behind the scenes film to help us tell the story that a bride can never be wholly defined by one thing. Style is an indescribable mix of individuality. It’s how you put yourself together, what you pair it with, the way you wear it, the unexpected nuances and your eclectic styling choices that culminate to reveal your spirit and share a little piece of who you are.

Delicate lace and tulle fabrics blowing on a windswept shore, the textures of whimsical blooms, the fleeting glisten of a diamond - Roost has artistically documented all the romantic and backstage details from the shoot and put this film together in the most emotive way. If you are looking for a wedding videographer, you should definately have a look at more of their incredibly moving and emotive work.

See the images from this styled shoot here.




The Making of a Bespoke Calleija Engagement Ring.

Thursday, September 4th 2014

I often like to think about The LANE girl. She’s a dreamer, she’s an explorer, she’s a seeker and she is a storyteller. Her story is coloured. Her spirit is lively and her soul is captivating. She’s effortlessly styled and fascinated by design. She’s creatively inspired and passionately individual, but mostly she’s unlike you and she’s not like me.  She is the most true and authentic version of herself with her very own story to tell.

My sister Kristie is the ultimate LANE girl, energy like no other and fiercely individual. Recently after receiving a phone call from her future husband Brendan, I was entrusted the task of helping choose the perfect engagement ring for Kristie. Although every day I am surrounded by all things weddings, there’s nothing like the excitement of someone really close to you getting engaged and being involved in the process.

After speaking with Brendan I really got to thinking about the deeply personal process of choosing an engagement ring. For a girl like Kristie the romance of a traditional custom approach to jewellery design and the idea of a bespoke engagement ring to capture her spirit had great significance to me. One-size fits all approach to buying an engagement ring didn’t seem to sit right. Creativity is the greatest form of expression and what better way to express one’s unique personal style than with a ring like no other. For me there’s a real romance in knowing that your ring is a little piece of you. It tells your story, worn everyday as not only a symbol of love, but also a symbol of your own unique style.

Since starting The LANE four years ago, I have been lucky enough to work with some of the most incredible brands in the world, all special and each loved for different reasons. During this time I have always been inspired by the creativity of jeweller John Calleija and the personalised service offered by this amazing brand. Working with John on a number of projects, Calleija stood out to me as the perfect fit for Kristie. The buying of an engagement ring is a deeply personal process and in my opinion there’s no bigger monumental occasion. With a commitment to a true artisan approach to jewellery making and diamonds of the most brilliant quality (which is rare in in today’s world of mass production and designer copies!), I knew John would work closely with Brendan to create Kristie’s ring. Brendan would be heavily involved in the process so that in the end the ring would not only be insanely beautiful, but would carry with it a special story and memories for them both to share.

The entire process took around 6 – 8 weeks. From the initial consult, design and illustration through to the completion of the piece by the master jewelers in the Gold Coast based workshop. For those considering having a ring designed, I was so excited to go behind the scenes and document the process and show you just how intimate and handcrafted these incredible Calleija pieces are.

The first step was for Brendan to visit the boutique and work with John and the team to come up with design ideas suited to Kristie’s style. The end result to be an incredibly spectacular design that was to be handcrafted into a true bespoke, heirloom piece. The team worked with Brendan to find out Kristie’s favoured designs, gems, shapes, colours, clarity and weight and then sketched options for the ring. Ultimately the rare hexagon shape featuring a large diamond in a 6 claw setting surrounded by milgrain detail stood out as completely unique, perfectly suited to Kristie’s style and really unlike any other rings available! It beautifully blended a modern design with antique properties that we knew she would love!

Once the design was decided upon, sourcing the perfect stone for this ring was a really important part of the process. John and the team reached out to diamond cutters and gem specialists around the world to find the most incredible stone! Next, the master jewellers began hand forging the piece in the workshop with John overseeing each and every step to ensure the final ring was perfect. With this intricate design the tiny diamonds (milgrain detailing) encasing the centre stone needed to have the exact same properties - size, shape and weight (you can see below the jewellers weighing each and every tiny diamond to make sure they are the same!) During the entire process Brendan was updated with the progress of the ring and we were even able to go into the workshop and see it being made.

I am so fascinated by the art that is handcrafted jewellery. The rustic surfaces, the rugged hands working with delicate pieces, the workshop tools, the weighing of spectacular tiny diamonds scattered on paper, the flattening of metal and the eventual mock up of the ring on bluetac before it all comes together. The creation is an art and the jeweller an artist. I have documented the entire process below so you can really see exactly why these rings are so special and the end result of Kristie’s ring (which she is so in love with)…

Calleija has stores on the Gold Coast as well as in Sydney & London. For more information about Calleija’s bespoke ring design services visit the Calleija website.

Karissa x 

Behind The Scenes. Pushing Back The Dawn.

Wednesday, August 20th 2014

 Day is nearly over, it may never return... the sun sinking low into the sky, greeting the horizon, golden and honeyed with the promise of approaching darkness. changing light bookends the brightness of the day, separating earlier personas from the languid endlessness of a beckoning evening, stretching ahead, infinite with possibilities, a night not yet begun....

In fading light, a procession of mermaids trail across the beach, already salty and sun kissed from the day, having retired from the sand only to slip into dresses and evening attitudes of insouciance.  

There is a party, invisible but beckoning, concealed behind dunes and between rocks, drawing them silently towards the sounds, the whispers and echoes, following a sirens song... revelling under the changing sky, losing themselves to the approaching night, to the light, they wander through the party, through the evening, every whisper a promise made.

They feel free, desired, unsheltered and unwatched... spinning counterclockwise, each turn robbing the planet of momentum, slowing its spin the tiniest bit, lengthening the night, pushing back the dawn...


“Watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.” 

 Drawing inspiration from some of our favourite writers, words and whisperings…and an endless affinity with the ocean, the colour palette, the scents and sounds of the sea - we'd long dreamed of a salty windswept editorial, weaving magic with light and colour and unearthing dresses that had a mermaid-esque feel. 

With a glamorous yet romantically dishevelled aesthetic in mind we searched for gowns full of textured tulles and raw hems, with unexpected details and embellishments reminiscent of a rocky, shell strewn shore. We called in fishtail silhouettes, sea foam coloured lace, ethereal wisps of silk and decadently encrusted one of our favourite sequinned gowns by Houghton (spotted at the Fall 2014 Bridal shows in New York earlier) which moved like quicksilver. 

With everything crossed for the moodiness of a stormy day, we shot at Dreamtime Beach in Fingal, whose volcanic rocks took on an ancient, otherworldly quality. Salty breezes whipped around us, bringing to life endless layers of tulle and creating effortlessly wild beach hair.

It was an early caffeine fueled 4am start at The LANE office as we got ready for the first morning light.  And perfectly on cue, giant clouds rolled in at sunrise lending a magical dawn light. The skies seemed to be manifesting our creative brief and colour palette, frame by frame. Silver horizons at first light quickly gave way to a golden day and honeyed dusk. At sundown, opalescent colours reflecting from a wet slick of sand drew to an end to a day that felt like magic.

The mood and energy of this editorial evokes for us a wildly free twilight wedding….dancing beneath stars barefoot on the shores until dawn, with vows exchanged and witnessed by only the most meaningful of friends and family. 

Completely inspired by the idea of a secret, intimate dinner party held on a hidden beach (brought to life on a grand scale) we imagine the area encircled by billowing muslin sailcloths or ethereally sheer flags, drifting like long tendrils down the sand. Think endless candles and garlands of tiny lights glowing over a party filled with the tinkling of glasses, of sparkling drinks sipped from crystal tumblers and platters of the freshest seafood imaginable laid onto wooden tables, intended for sharing. 

Take a look at the full editorial 'Pushing Back The Dawn' on The Guide

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