Watercolour Workshop & Lunch by the Sea. On Film.

Thursday, July 2nd 2015

Watercolour Workshop & Lunch by the Sea. On Film. from Joseph Willis on Vimeo.

Events, often long in preparation, exciting in lead up but move by before you feel like you’ve had a chance to sip your champagne. Knowingly, we thought no one better to capture the concept & emotion of the day than Joseph Willis. Heightened in inspiration was a room full of like-minded women, all with a story to tell & we didn’t want a moment of it to lapse from our memories. Documenting the day as it unfolded, the setting by the sea, a inky mess of a workshop & the attempts to perfect technique followed by a long lunch, faultless plating & oceanic tastes that accompanied laughter over cocktails. Glimpse behind the scenes into a day of pure inspiration & artistic mayhem with Joseph Willis & The LANE…

Watercolour Workshop. The Setup.

Thursday, July 2nd 2015

The week before an event in the office always feels a bit magical (and chaotic!), with parcels arriving almost daily. Feeling like kids on Christmas morning as we unpacked boxes, we piled onto tables the most beautifully tinted silks, a thousand and one candles and what appeared to be an entire oceans worth of shells…

We dropped pearl pins into miniature silk bags, chocolates were sampled (for quality control!) and paper pre-crumpled, perfect for wrapping salt infused favours. Mixing sea glass with the wildly organic ceramics, their marbled shapes reminding us of water itself, all that was needed was Cass Deller's inks and deckled pages.

After recruiting half a dozen strong men to move the most enormous (solid, ancient hard word, outrageously heavy) table you can imagine, preparations began on dressing our oceanic lunch setting…a sunlit table spilling with silks and candles, cascading with pearled shells. Our excitement the next morning only exacerbated by the delivery of custom made plates (still warm from the kiln) and how amazingly, perfectly Marlo had matched their colours and shapes, they felt like an extension of the shells themselves. 

 With a champagne in hand, we lit candles to pre-melt while observing the flurry of elegant activity unfolding in the kitchen, Anise Catering whipping up an oceanic storm of incredible flavours and classic cocktails. An afternoon of magic ensuing… 

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Friday Cocktail Hour. Elderflower & Champagne.

Friday, June 12th 2015

Mood: That warm, golden hour when the air begins to release its dusk scent, afternoon segues into early evening. Grass between toes, champagne in hand, fairy lights flicked on, dancing with abandon between your favourite friends in the world...

Cocktail: Champagne & Elderflower

Dry Champagne

St. Germain

Shaved Cucmber

Fill 3/4 of a glass with chilled champagne. Add a cucumber ribbon and top with a dash of St. Germain Elderflower Liquor to taste.

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No Eyes / Claptone (featuring Jaw)

Running Up That Hill / Chromatics

It's Been A While / Summer Heart

The Only Thing / Moby

Can't Get You Off My Mind / Avaberee

Horses / Porsches

Merewif / Willowbeats

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