The LANE Office.

Wednesday, October 28th 2015

This post has definitely been a long time coming... we moved into our dreamy new office space by the beach on the southern end of the Gold Coast, Australia over a year and a half now, with great intentions of completely decorating the office, documenting the process and finished space... but like any move, and coupled with running a busy online business The LANE girls and I completely hit the ground running (working for the first week on the floor without furniture) and haven't really stopped to catch our breath since! So it wasn't until The Collective Magazine asked to run a feature on our space this month that we finally made time to shoot this beautiful place I feel so lucky to call The LANE office, and reflect on what an incredible journey it's been since starting The LANE back in 2010. 

With our first space being a university library where the business idea was born, progressing to dining room tables, dilapidated office spaces in slightly dodgy back streets with some pretty questionable neighbours, to a quaint cottage house, and now our dream location by the sea... our tiny team's transition through different spaces are defintely some fun memories to look back on.

As a creative, being in an environment that inspires me has such a big impact on my work. I love nothing more than a light filled space to provide a clear mindframe, so naturally when planning The LANE office I gravitated to a white on white palette, and wanted to create a space that we could both work in and shoot from. The office was originally inspired by a picture of an old New York loft that I had pinnned to a Pinterest board forever, where I fell in love with the giant arched windows, high ceilings, exposed bricks and recycled beams.

Heavily influenced by my global travels, The LANE office is an eclectic mix of finishes and decor, accented with handpainted Moroccan tiles and rugs, a giant beaded clay chandelier imported from South Africa (a company I searched for who employ HIV affected women in South Africa with money going back into their local communities), recycled doors, desks and clothing racks created by our plumber from copper pipes and balustrade that I spotted (much to our builder's dismay!) at a recycled materials store & bought without measuring...but thankfully it fit perfectly!  

When you spend such long hours working, it's crucial (for your sanity!) to enjoy your surroundings. So when designing the office I wanted to make sure that it felt more like a home, and gave our team flexibility in choosing where to work... which I think is important for creative projects. (because let's face it, who wants to sit at a desk, over a couch when you're writing creative articles). The main offices are upstairs which is super important to have a bit of privacy in such a large open plan space, and the bottom level is divided with different lounge areas for creative work and group work stations. 

I'm extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to create the type of workspace I envisioned for The LANE from scratch, but there are so many ways to transform any space. Here a few tips to keep in mind for styling your office space:

1. Think about how you want to use the space practically. For creatives, think about styling beautiful areas that best inspire creative work and don’t necessarily feel like a traditional office.

2. Choose a colour palette that creates the type of mood you want to promote in your workspace. When you spend so much of your daily life at work, it’s so important to have plenty of natural light, so I’m always drawn to white, light-filled, spacious areas to promote clear thinking. White also works beautifully as a blank canvas, so that as your aesthetic evolves you can easily swap out furniture without having to completely renovate a space.

3. Fill your office with decor that reflects your branding and inspires your work. Your office should be a reflection of everything your brand represents.

4. Make sure you have your own separate area as a director or manager for private meetings. Particularly in an open-plan office, it’s important to be able to hold separate meetings that aren’t overheard by other staff, and have your own space to think clearly, uninfluenced by the daily occurrences in an office.

5. Be creative with spaces that you can transform. Rather than typical commercial office spaces, look for industrial warehouses, old cottage homes to renovate or light-filled lofts.

Karissa x

Butterfly Chairs by Boudie and Fou / Copper Candles by Cocolux / Marble Candle by Wax Pouring Chicks


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