Exploring Inspired Minds: 5 Creative Entrepreneurs on the Meaning of Self

Monday, March 13th 2017


When it comes to creative entrepreneurs, we believe it’s those who give most intensely of themselves that tend to find their place, their purpose and their success. The connection is too powerful, too ever-present to be refuted.

As we explore the idea of self, we realize how in awe we are of those who have the courage to expose their depths and their essence through their work. Those whose selves are so enmeshed with what they create, they’re unable to be separated. It’s a level of authenticity that can’t be simulated, and it’s intoxicating to observe.

We selected a group of intensely creative entrepreneurs who we feel embody this concept and asked to take a glimpse into their inner workings. We wanted to know what nourishes and drives these women, whose work and sense of self conjoin rather than collide.


Lisa MessengerCollective Hub founder and editor in chief, author and speaker

When do you feel most like yourself?

For me life is about being comfortable with duality. I feel most myself both when I’m living a very big full life running a global multimedia business, being on stage speaking to thousands of people, connecting with our community, coming up with new product lines and doing a multitude of other visionary things associated with the Collective Hub brand. But I feel equally myself when I’m doing the simple things that feed my soul – meditating, cooking great food and sharing it with friends, running on the beach with my dog Benny or doing a yoga class. I believe that to live a really big public life authentically and be 100 per cent on purpose (the extravert side of me), I need to blend that with a really quiet, simple life of re-energising, connecting and nurturing myself (the introvert side of me). It's about being unafraid to do life my own way, on my terms. 

How will you honor yourself throughout March?

I’ve just got back from another 17 days meditating in India, so March for me is about integrating this spiritual way of being into my everyday life in Australia. I think it's important to travel and immerse ourselves in different cultures, but the important thing is to be able to utilise those tools and skills to support us in our everyday existence. I have about eight big speaking gigs in March all over Australia, we are building some big extensions for the Collective Hub brand including masterclasses, education and co-working spaces so I’ll be working on those as well. But I’ll also continue with my spiritual practices and rituals which include a lot of meditation and yoga and me time. This time and space for me gives me the strength to really bring my A-game to my public work.

Samantha WillsSamantha Wills founder and creative director and Samantha Wills Foundation founder

When do you feel most like yourself?

I feel most myself when I am with my best girlfriends. When you surround yourself with good people, they bring out the good in you, and there is something magical and magnetic about being the truest version of yourself. 

How will you honor yourself throughout March?

I have been traveling like crazy the first two months of this year, so I am excited to spend time with my girlfriends in the Napa Valley. I am going to focus on getting back to my exercise regime, and healthy eating. When all these elements align, it feels peaceful and strong within. 

Alexandra ElleAuthor, writer and creative

When do you feel most like yourself?

When I am by myself (the introvert in me all the way) and doing something I love. Alone time has been my saving grace and believe it or not, it really strengthens my connection with my husband.

How will you honor yourself throughout March?

By remembering and honoring my voice.

Bliss LauBliss Lau founder and jewelry designer, Parsons School of Design educator

When do you feel most like yourself?

There are about ten versions of myself that I am now comfortable living in. I love to be a student, a teacher, a partner, a boss, a woman, a creative, a thinker, a giver, a receiver, an introvert - where I am determines which personality arises.

In the last year, I have felt more myself than ever before. In retrospect, I owe this to the 2016 launch of my "Ceremony" collection. Previously, I did not realize I was missing that piece of myself. It is true that I found my place in the world, and it brings comfort to all the other moments.

As a creative person, the journey through my own work continuously challenges my relationship to self. The process of making brings out fear, hope, and so much self-questioning but I believe that is what has helped me grow as an artist. I remember the moment when I finished my first collection of bodychains in 2007 - this was before anyone was making pieces for the body. That moment, I knew regardless of other’s judgements, I was proud of this body of work. That changed my sense of self, because I had birthed an internal sense of satisfaction and strength and therefore reached a new version of self.

How will you honor yourself throughout March?

Through little moments. I brew chai every day over the stove, adding the honey and milk slowly - it takes a while - then I sit an enjoy it. It’s a magical way to start the day. The other is beautiful objects, I am a collector of things, they make me smile, and give me so much joy.

Lately I have also been reading history books about subjects that I am passionate about - biographies of artists and creative people mostly. I love hearing how other people’s journeys were different than my own and how they lived through the challenge of life.

March also marks a very special month for me because I am traveling to Japan for three weeks to do my first artist in residency program. I have not ever taken time away from running my business to just sit with myself, encapsulated in ideas, and take the time to execute them. It will be so wonderful! 

Rosemary Masic – Nevenka founder, creative director and designer

When do you feel most like yourself?

For me, it is very important to feel my way through life and channel my energy in the right direction. I feel most myself when I fully emerge into my creative process. That’s what brings peace and a lightness to my being. I also feel most myself when I nurture and take care of my body – practicing yoga, hanging out in nature, going for walks on the beach (where I live) with my fur baby Stella, or running around The Tan (Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne) at dusk. Connecting with people that believe in me and my dreams and surrounding myself with beautiful like-minded women. Seeing what impact Nevenka has on their lives, definitely fills me with joy and love and makes me feel that I am on the right path.

How will you honor yourself throughout March?

This March is bringing in a lot of exciting creative projects and will start with a trip to London and Paris for me. I will honor myself by travelling - which always fills my soul and inspires me - and sharing my story and Nevenka with the people I meet and expanding her reach even further.

Christy BairdLoho Bride founder and creative director

When do you feel most like yourself?

When I'm in the store by myself, working with my favorite playlist on (which I'm doing right now!). I think the store is such a reflection of my taste and ideals that it becomes a safe haven. I can collect my thoughts and be surrounded in a place that I created; it's quite emotional at times.

How will you honor yourself throughout March?

By finally giving myself a pat on the back. We've had a record month in LA, and in the past, I would catch myself not allowing myself to feel rewarded. Something always had to be better, stronger, more efficient - without sounding like a Daft Punk song - I've learned to stop and smell the roses. Appreciate hardship, appreciate success, but to know they'll cross one another over and over and over again.










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