The Self Issue.

Monday, March 13th 2017

The pendulum of our experiences fascinates me. Like the rhythmic pull of tides, if we throw ourselves so deeply into something, eventually we’ll be pulled hard in the other direction. We have a need for balance that’s deeply ingrained. And if last year was one in which an obsession with social media lead to an infatuation with everything external, there’s a beautiful polarity in the movement unfolding all around us, where our gaze has turned inwards to The Self.

Never in our lives have we been so exposed to the world of others. For all of the benefits of community and inspiration, incessant glimpses into a curated highlights reel of someone else’s life inevitably leads to comparison. We've become compelled to make our own everyday match the filtered lens through which we view the world around us. We've learned that the things we love and moments shared aren’t enough, and seek validation through constant feedback from others. Exposed to the extraordinary, we thrive on the need to achieve things beyond ourselves. And a lot of the time it's not even for ourselves.  Romanced by far flung destinations, seduced by advertising and drawn into the stories of others, never before have we been pulled in so many directions away from ourselves.

Finally that voyeuristic bubble seems to have burst. We’re exhausted from trying to keep up. We’ve realized that in our obsession with other, we were depleting ourselves. Polarity has us craving the opposite.  We're questioning just how authentically we are living and if we're really using our time on things that set our hearts on fire. The things that fill us up. 

Inspired by the beauty in this movement, this month’s Style Guide Issue takes a deep dive into the Self; a celebration of living wildly, authentically, and unapologetically you. This month we’re committing to ourselves, motivated by the profound changes we could make to our lives if we used even one day a week replacing the hours spent on social media, and poured it back into our selves. We’re pulling out journals we used to write in, we’re seeking simple pleasures in art and creativity, we’re taking those classes we put off. We’re getting up early to catch the sunrise, to cook a meal from scratch, to learn that second language. We’re pulling ourselves up for using busy as an excuse when we can find hours to trawl mindlessly through social media. This month is about inspiring action. Keeping our promises. Walking our talk. 

There’s nothing we believe with more conviction that than in order to love somebody else, we must first learn to love ourselves. We're deeply inspired by the impact these little commitments to self might have on a larger scale, as they trickle down into the external world. There are all kinds of love we might experience but none more pure, honest, and freeing than the love that unfolds in every part of our lives, and touches everyone that enters our world, when it spills from a cup that is already full. 

Of all the Style guide Issues I’ve worked on, none resonates more powerfully than this one, and I’ve never felt more inspired than being surrounded by the creatives I had the privilege of working with to put this issue together (and the articles to come). From the team at The LANE who dug deep to meet a brief of stripped back, confrontingly real, and openly honest, to the powerful women we interviewed who live life on their terms. Women forging their own paths, who share with us the commitments they’re making this month to honor themselves. We interviewed our favorite writers whose words about self love forever seep into our skin, aesthetically we explored the concept of reflection, using tangible styling pieces like mirrors as abstract references to self. And finally, were humbled that one of our biggest muses Alex Elle, took the time to create a series of wedding vows for us to share with you throughout the month - vows that inspire us to create the kind of love that’s built on a solid foundation of two whole selves.

Karissa x 

Stationery / Calligraphy: Alex, Terrace Press

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