Friday Cocktail Hour.

Friday, January 23rd 2015

Mood:  Back to the office today after spending a few days discovering paradise at the One&Only Resort in Hayman Island! It's pouring rain and we're cooped up inside listening to this weeks Friday playlist, but refusing to let go of that summery taste of paradise with coconut cocktails on the rocks. 

Cocktail: Summer on the Rocks

60mm / 2 ounces white rum 

30mm / 1 ouce coconut rum

60mm / 2 ounces coconut water

1/2 ounce / 15mm Agave nectar

(plus fresh coconut shavings to garnish)

Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice and shake until chilled . Strain into a glass filled with ice and coconut shavings. 

Playlist: (Follow The LANE Playlist on Spotify)

Wasted / Christian Patey

Young Folks / Peter Bjorn And John

Crave You / Flight Facilities

How Can You Really / Foxygen

Got To Give It Up (Part 1) / Marvin Gay

The Sun / Portugal. The Man

Evil Woman / Electric Light Orchestra

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Friday Cocktail Hour.

Friday, January 16th 2015

Mood: That Holiday Feeling. It’s the height of mid summer on the east coast of Australia & the days are hot, so hot. It’s our first Friday back in The LANE office and we're holding on tight to that holiday feeling. Long summer days, even longer cool drinks, infinite daylight, Tuesdays’ that feel like Saturdays….perfect for January's new mood of lightness, balance & simplification.

Cocktail: Lemon Gin Fizz

60mm / 2 ounces gin

Dash of lemon juice

1/2 teaspoon superfine sugar

Soda Water

(plus lemons to garnish)

Shake sugar, lemon juice and gin in a cocktail shaker. Pour into a glass filled with ice, top with soda, garnish with lemon. 

Playlist: (Follow The LANE Playlist on Spotify)

Coffee / Sylvan Esso

Fade Out Lines / The Avener

Under A Spell / Daniel Lee Kendall

Hold Me Down / Masonair

Til Sunrise (feat. Mammals) / Goldroom, Mammals

Pools / Glass Animals

Islands / The xx

Quit Your Job / Thundamentals

Truth / Alexander

Morgan's Bay / Goldroom

Firewater / Django Django

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Style Guide Issue 1: The Sound of White.

Wednesday, January 7th 2015

A new year. New beginnings. Starting afresh. Wiping the slate clean. Decluttering. Pressing reset. Looking forward. Energized with anticipation…

There is nothing quite like the lightness of being that is awash with the beginning of the New Year. There’s a new mood that envelopes, a mood of balance, of anticipation, of purity and of simplification. Anything and everything is possible. Our dreams are big and our plans are grand.

The beginning of the year marks for us a chance to press reset. To look forward at what the year will bring with excitement, our vision clear and our eyes looking straight ahead. For our first Style Guide issue of 2015, we wanted to draw on this new mood and wipe clean our slate of inspiration, unaffected by trends that are yet to emerge, we draw our inspiration instead from this euphoric sense of lightness and simplification.

We naturally looked to a palette of pure white. Drawing on its sound and all that it represents, we’re inspired by ceremonial spaces bleached of colour, either by sun or snow, the infinite light and magical enchantment of a landscape that offers a complete white wash effect. We introduce tints of tarnished silvers, smoke greys, silvery blue and misty neutrals. Gowns are ethereally light brought to life in the most delicate fabrics imaginable - wisps of silk chiffon, delicate layers of raw organza and the airiest clouds of tulle. Tone on tone décor is layered creating a sense of serenity and lightness.

For all those engaged over the festive season and about to jump heap first into the sometime crazy world of weddings or those that have put their plans on hold until the new year, may this issue inspire you to create a wedding or event, fresh in its perspective, undefined by trends.

Karissa x

Theme: Winter Kingdom
Bridal: Ethereal Whites
Stationery: Marble Wash
Decor: White on White
Cakes: Textured Coconut
Photography: Dreamstate

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