NY Bridal Week Highlights. Spring 2018.

Thursday, May 11th 2017

While we love the chance to experience collections up close during New York Bridal Week each season, what we anticipate most is seeing how far this traditional industry can shift and change every six months. Each season it's been incredible to watch the way bridal has morphed from dated collections into wildly artistic creations as diverse as the women who wear them. 

Spring 2018 definitely presented some stand out shows that had us completely swept up in their magic (and if we're honest - a few too many mass market, traditional bridal collections that after a while start to merge into one sweet heart necklined ball gown or mermaid silhouetted bridal uniform!) But this year, one of our biggest takes were the boutique labels that made a bold impression. We've noticed more and more each season that it's the smaller labels quietly but powerfully changing the game in bridal, with more focussed collections that spill with creativity and soul. Here were a few of our highlights from both the runways and Bridal Week showings... 

Costarellos Bridal Spring 2018

Elie Saab Bridal Spring 2018 

Naeem Kahn Bridal Spring 2018

LEIN Bridal Spring 2018 

Marchesa Bridal Spring 2018

Laure de Sagazan Bridal Spring 2018

Mira Zwillinger Bridal Spring 2018

Houghton https://houghtonnyc.com/ 

Costarellos Bridal Spring 2018 

Bo and Luca Spring 2018 Bridal

Alexandra Grecco Bridal Spring 2018

Lee Petra Grebenau Spring 2018 Bridal

Vera Wang Spring 2018 Bridal

Mira Zwillinger Spring 2018.

Wednesday, May 3rd 2017

Backstage at Mira Zwillinger we stepped into production madness, trying to invisibly capture this dreamy, ethereal collection brought to life, in between stylists, production managers and hair and makeup artists frantically working to tight deadlines. A beautiful chaotic chaos in the form of featherlight fabrics moving through a rainbow of the palest pastels, willowy models painted in luminous tints, bold handcrafted earrings strung from lobes, couture headpieces tried on, and off, on and finally off again... meticulous details combed over by two designers who live and breathe every tiny stitch that weaves together their creation until it perfectly resembles their original vision both in aesthetic and mood. And it's this crazy, almost obsessive creative passion we've found that lies at the heart of the labels we love most. Always such a beautiful scene to bare witness to.

Naeem Kahn Spring 2018

Wednesday, May 3rd 2017

Shooting backstage at Naeem Kahn always feels like documenting some kind of secret world you feel so fortunate to be privy to. A scene spilling with luxurious details so impossibly beautiful and intricate your eyes don’t quite know where to look. You’re panicked a little, gripped all of a sudden by this obsession to reveal every single pocket of the space, every intricate stitch, just to even try and explain the way being back there makes you feel. My fly on the wall documentary style teeters on the edge of Crazy Backstage Pap, in absolute awe of the collection that just gets more beautiful as the team add layer upon layer to the story of each piece. 

Spring 2018’s backstage space in the Naeem Kahn studio played canvas to a collection that felt more akin to art than bridal. Decadent embroidery, explosions of color, suits in liquid like iridescent fabrics, dramatic strings of pearls draped over shoulders and down model’s backs inspired by French icon (and Civil Rights Activist) Josephine Baker, bold headpieces handcrafted by Erickson Beamon, tribal inspired nose rings that added a cool edge to Naeem’s signature, opulent style. It was a collection that made you forget for a moment that you were shooting bridal at all. Designs that blurred the lines. A show that was simply about dressing incredibly stylish women for a wildly celebratory occasion that just happened to be a wedding. A view that couldn’t more closely mirror the lens through which we see bridal fashion ourselves.

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