Monique Lhuillier Bridal Fall 2017

Wednesday, October 12th 2016

Backstage at Monique Lhuillier we found ourselves amongst a sea of dreamy, ethereal dresses that felt like a slightly less traditional take on Monique’s usual collection. As Monique walked us through each of the designs it was clear that even the biggest names in the business whose success has been built around beautifully delivering exactly what the traditional bride is looking for, are all feeling the change sweeping through the bridal world. A refreshingly less ballroom gown, corseted, sweet heart neckline obsessed industry...and a more modern, Ready To Wear take that speaks to the new wave of women who want their dresses to reflect their personal style. And though we still spotted quite a few of the traditional pieces Monique is so iconically known for, we fell in love with the newer, simpler silhouettes in sheer, featherweight fabrics, caped sleeves that fell romantically off shoulders, all finished in the most beautiful, intricate beading.

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Naeem Khan Bridal Fall 2017

Tuesday, October 11th 2016

Stepping backstage at Naeem Khan always feels like access into a world we’re not normally privy to, spilling with decadent gowns so intricately beaded, rolls of divine fabric, mood boards pinned to walls, seamstresses meticulously trimming threads and finessing every tiny detail.

It’s an absolutely fascinating world to slip into, one of the most beautifully diverse collections to photograph, and such a privilege to share the exquisite craftsmanship that goes into creating each piece. You can’t help but panic a little, wanting to cover every tiny detail, every inch of embellishment before models are dressed, and do justice to the divine collection that can only be described as a work of art

We say it every year, but Backstage at Naeem Khan is such a refreshingly non-hierarchical experience that gives us a new respect for the designer every time we walk into this space. There’s no separation between designer and seamstress, makeup artist or media,  Naeem Khan is one of the warmest, most collected, calming creatives we’ve come across at this level of talent. 

He doesn’t hesitate to get his hands dirty and work away on the little jobs often reserved for assistants, he chats engagingly with models who have become his close friends, and media with unguarded excitement about his inspirations and credits the many hands who have helped bring the collection to life. He runs his business and manages his team in a way that beautifully resembles family. The passion, excitement and investment you can feel watching the team bring Naeem’s creative vision to life is wildly inspiring. And this year, like every year, the collection completely blew our minds; a true embodiment of the bohemian spirit, infused with worldly details.

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Rime Arodaky Bridal Fall 2017

Friday, October 7th 2016

Rime Arodaky was a collection we’d been dying to see unfold. We’d followed show preparations so closely for the last few months after getting a peek at the collection in Paris, and watched this designer’s label grow from humble beginnings around the same time that The LANE was launched. So as soon as we stepped backstage amongst frenzied dressers, makeup artists and a slightly flustered designer herself, it hit us that we were enduring all of the nerves, excitement and stress right along with the Rime Arodaky team. We couldn’t help but feel a little emotional, and so damn proud of this incredible French designer unveiling her first runway show on the bridal world’s biggest stage in New York City. 

It’s not often that we get to pull over to the side of the road and see how far we’ve come in our journeys through life and career. When you’re fuelled with ambition your gaze is forever on the horizon. Both obsessed with what’s next, and/or drowning in a never ending to do list that doesn’t allow for a whole lot of reflection.  But as we quietly watched the chaos unfold backstage, we got that opportunity to see it through Rime’s eyes. It was clear that this show represented far more than just showcasing a new collection to media and buyers. 

Fiercely determined and intensely focussed on every intricate detail, Rime was a force (and pocket rocket!) to watch direct the team backstage. Preparing with incredible foresight, for any possible hiccup they might endure and slightly panicked about the lightning speed their dressers would need to work at to undo intricate buttons with almost impossible change times. The collection was perfection, and the show needed to be executed with a level of precision that Rime clearly was never going to settle any less for. As we snapped away, obsessing over delicate French lace, intricate embroidery, spotted some insanely beautiful lace flares, and spammed our Instagram feed with story after story of this beautiful collection, models lined backstage in dreamy pieces inspired by changing seasons, while Rime ran through every detail of the show about to unfold. 

There was just a different air backstage that we hadn’t felt in our time covering Bridal Week. A freshness that we realised we’ve been craving in Bridal, and a passion evident in every stitch, every tiny aesthetic detail.  It was wildly inspiring to see this determined little French team showing their collection alongside the biggest names in the business. Doing with gusto and pure passion, with nothing to lose, and everything to gain. It was a beautiful reminder (particularly in our own sleep deprived states after far too many near sunrise nights working on show coverage!) that the madness, sleepless nights, the blood sweat and tears involved in creating work with soul… it’s always worth it.

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