Friday Sparkling. House of Arras

Friday, February 5th 2016

Mood: In the golden hour of late Summer light, those afternoons that stretch until dusk, we’re reaching for a bottle of honeyed bubbles by House of Arras - Blanc de Blancs sparkling, all bright and citrusy with hints of creamy nougat, best savoured in the sun.

Beverage: Blanc de Blancs

Pour into a favourite glass and enjoy. 

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A Little Bit Too High / Isaac Delusion

1998 / Chet Faker feat. Banks

Daylight / RÜFUS

Make and Model / Parson Jones

Pass Dat / Jeremih

Love Lost / Whilk & Misky

Friday Cocktail Hour. Blushing Whisky Sour.

Friday, January 15th 2016

Mood: Toasting the arrival of Friday with a feminine take on a favourite classic this gently blushing incarnation infuses tangy citrus with delicate hints of whisky and the summer staple of ripe blackberries. Sip from Wedgwood cut crystal at sundown, as the sky blushes to the same shade.

Cocktail: Blushing Whisky Sour

60mm / 2 ounces Whisky

30mm /  1 ounce Lemon Juice

15mm /  1/2 ounce Simple Sugar Syrup

1/2 Egg White


To make a simple sugar syrup, combine 1 part sugar to 1 part boiling water. 

To make cocktail, pour all ingredients into a shaker, with 1 blackberry and a single cube of ice. Shake vigorously to combine, before adding a handful of ice and shaking again, this time to chill. Strain into tumblers filled with ice and garnish with a blackberry, or two. 

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Midnight Sun / Isaac Delusion

Got It Bad / Leisure

Pacing / Tep No

The Big Unknown / Elder Island

Fill My Gums With Blood / Gengahr

Take Flight / Olympic Ayres

Style Guide Issue 10: Magic.

Tuesday, December 8th 2015

"Don't settle for anything less than magic." - C.R Bittar.

I found myself flying over the Swiss Alps into Tuscany last week to style a wedding in the beautiful Italian city of Lucca. Warm sun on my skin, completely mesmerised by the shifting landscape below of ice capped mountains breaking through blankets of cloud to reveal a scene so dramatic and spectacular my iPhone, as much as I tried, could never do it justice. So I was forced to just peer out the window and daydream, lingering over the perfection of that moment instead. Mind drifting, thoughts wandering, all to the sound track of From The Morning by Nick Drake. It was pretty magical.

Not so much for the guy sitting next to me, however. Sweat beading down his face, white knuckles gripping his food tray. The heavenly scene below for me, was to him nothing more than a horror story waiting to happen. Certainly empathetic (I used to have the same fear of flying), yet I couldn't help but feel fascinated that two people can externally experience the exact same thing and have two conversely different experiences. What for one person can feel like pure magic, can for another feel like a horrific struggle for survival.

It got me thinking about what it is that creates that euphoric feeling of magic, and what prevents it.  And the more I pulled the concept apart, the more it lead back to control. That push, pull of always trying to direct life. When you're so consumed with forcing or preventing an outcome, you're too distracted to notice the perfection of the moment you're experiencing. You miss the beauty and freedom that lies in being completely present. You place a limit on what might surpass the wildest of imaginations if you were to leave room for magic.

Reflecting on the magical moments that have shaped my life thus far lead me back to all sorts of unscripted occurrences. Life changing experiences in the journey, not the destination. The in between moments. Editorial shoots where meticulously planned briefs are tossed aside because the shoot has taken on it's own life, and given space to grow. Magnetic connections with strangers. Music that seeps into your skin. Traveling solo. Exploring foreign cities and finding pockets of magic that reflects a place's soul via love notes scribbled on walls, flowers growing through concrete cracks or spilling over old walls. Deep laughter with your closest friends. The electricity of a first kiss. Falling in love. Those magical, but elusive moments that unfold when they are allowed but slip between your fingers when you try to hold on too tightly.

This month, we delve into the world of magic. We explore what it is that triggers euphoria and the kind of soul stirring moments that take your breath away. When it comes to event planning, for me it's about creating a series of magical moments for your guests. it's about the emotion you feel walking into a room, not the extravagance of your venue. It's how wildly you celebrated, not how perfectly your run sheet ran to schedule. It's how much your nervously delivered speech touched each person in the room because you were vulnerable and honest, not how eloquently you voiced a rehearsed speech. It's how creatively you dealt with obstacles that are guaranteed to arise. When it comes to magical moments, they're the ones that you can never force, or over plan. They're manifested by letting go.

As we all sign off on what was an extraordinary 2015, a year of articulating dreams and adventuring toward infinite horizons, we've prepared a beautiful month of event inspiration and ideas for 2016. From finding beauty disguised in ordinary moments, drawing on celestial references for aesthetic inspiration, dressing in otherworldly gowns, creating enchanting spaces imbued with mood…this month we're enchanted by all things majestic. In weddings, in our work and in our every day lives we're infinitely inspired by the simple adage, that one should always leave room for magic.

Karissa x

Beauty: Celestial Play

Reception: Gypsy Tents

Bridal: Gold Dusted

Bachelorette Planning: Rituals

Reception: Light Canopies

Jewelry: Etoile

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