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The LANE x Maniamania Midnight Event.

Friday, November 17th 2017

Earlier this year we were given a dream brief to create a retail event for Maniamania, to launch their Midnight collection, and style the full range of ceremonial jewels on show for the first time. 

The starting point was the raw beauty of their aesthetic and diversity of stones (watery sapphires, rutilated quartz, opals & champagne diamonds..) What we love about Maniamania is that their designs accentuate the natural qualities of gemstones - rather than commercially used diamond cuts that create perfectly sparkling diamonds, they use vintage ‘rose’ or ‘old mine’ cuts designed to show the authentic colour, shape and form of a stone. The result is beautifully understated, artful and nostalgic.

To style the event, we chose La Porte Deux's blank canvas space with polished concrete floors & mirrored walls to display a retail table of jewels displayed on geometric marble and stone pieces in muted palettes of stone, slate and marble.  Drawing on the dark jewel tone palette of Maniamania’s midnight collection, the incredible Anise Event Catering team created the most decadent display of desserts, canapés and cheese for a grazing table styled with giant broken slabs of marble and stone offcuts (handmade chocolate truffles with gold leaf, tempered chocolate leaves.. marquise, fresh blackberries, muscatels and white pepper lavish broken into uneven shards, oysters with macadamia milk & sashimi with wild caviar!).  While talented beauty Tash Wolf played live, we sipped on floral infused gin cocktails with Davidson plum (sampling the new Applewood Distillery Gin), and Lazy Ballerina Rose served in crystal cut glassware

Sydney floral artist George Low of Seed Flora created bold installations of conceptual florals using feathery textures and deep berry toned callalillies, anthuriums & orchids. Finally, we finished the event space with our focal piece - a giant Christopher Boots Prometheus crystal pendant suspended over the retail table… one we’ve been lusting over for our own homes, but got the chance to admire at least for one night.

To see the full collection, head to the Maniamania website where you can shop online, as well as book a one on one consultation for a bespoke piece. 

A big thanks to this talented bunch of creatives, and suppliers that we had the pleasure of working with…

Creative Direction & Production The LANE / Styling The LANEPoco Designs / Photography Alli Oughtred Venue La Porte Deux / Entertainment Tash Wolf / Video Cry Baby Productions / Catering & Cocktails Anise Event CateringFlowers Seed Flora / Makeup for Tash Wolf Sonia Allen / Beverages Reyes - Rose: Lazy Ballerina, Gin: Applewood Distillery Gin / Gift Bags Maniamania & Divine Company 

DECOR: Light Installation Christopher Boots / Marble Table Urban Couture Design / Glassware The Vintage Kitchen /  Marble & Stone Pieces The LANE / Candle Holders Rab Labs / Grazing Table Ceramics Wynne Noble 

The Making of a Bespoke Calleija Engagement Ring.

Thursday, September 4th 2014

I often like to think about The LANE girl. She’s a dreamer, she’s an explorer, she’s a seeker and she is a storyteller. Her story is coloured. Her spirit is lively and her soul is captivating. She’s effortlessly styled and fascinated by design. She’s creatively inspired and passionately individual, but mostly she’s unlike you and she’s not like me.  She is the most true and authentic version of herself with her very own story to tell.

My sister Kristie is the ultimate LANE girl, energy like no other and fiercely individual. Recently after receiving a phone call from her future husband Brendan, I was entrusted the task of helping choose the perfect engagement ring for Kristie. Although every day I am surrounded by all things weddings, there’s nothing like the excitement of someone really close to you getting engaged and being involved in the process.

After speaking with Brendan I really got to thinking about the deeply personal process of choosing an engagement ring. For a girl like Kristie the romance of a traditional custom approach to jewellery design and the idea of a bespoke engagement ring to capture her spirit had great significance to me. One-size fits all approach to buying an engagement ring didn’t seem to sit right. Creativity is the greatest form of expression and what better way to express one’s unique personal style than with a ring like no other. For me there’s a real romance in knowing that your ring is a little piece of you. It tells your story, worn everyday as not only a symbol of love, but also a symbol of your own unique style.

Since starting The LANE four years ago, I have been lucky enough to work with some of the most incredible brands in the world, all special and each loved for different reasons. During this time I have always been inspired by the creativity of jeweller John Calleija and the personalised service offered by this amazing brand. Working with John on a number of projects, Calleija stood out to me as the perfect fit for Kristie. The buying of an engagement ring is a deeply personal process and in my opinion there’s no bigger monumental occasion. With a commitment to a true artisan approach to jewellery making and diamonds of the most brilliant quality (which is rare in in today’s world of mass production and designer copies!), I knew John would work closely with Brendan to create Kristie’s ring. Brendan would be heavily involved in the process so that in the end the ring would not only be insanely beautiful, but would carry with it a special story and memories for them both to share.

The entire process took around 6 – 8 weeks. From the initial consult, design and illustration through to the completion of the piece by the master jewelers in the Gold Coast based workshop. For those considering having a ring designed, I was so excited to go behind the scenes and document the process and show you just how intimate and handcrafted these incredible Calleija pieces are.

The first step was for Brendan to visit the boutique and work with John and the team to come up with design ideas suited to Kristie’s style. The end result to be an incredibly spectacular design that was to be handcrafted into a true bespoke, heirloom piece. The team worked with Brendan to find out Kristie’s favoured designs, gems, shapes, colours, clarity and weight and then sketched options for the ring. Ultimately the rare hexagon shape featuring a large diamond in a 6 claw setting surrounded by milgrain detail stood out as completely unique, perfectly suited to Kristie’s style and really unlike any other rings available! It beautifully blended a modern design with antique properties that we knew she would love!

Once the design was decided upon, sourcing the perfect stone for this ring was a really important part of the process. John and the team reached out to diamond cutters and gem specialists around the world to find the most incredible stone! Next, the master jewellers began hand forging the piece in the workshop with John overseeing each and every step to ensure the final ring was perfect. With this intricate design the tiny diamonds (milgrain detailing) encasing the centre stone needed to have the exact same properties - size, shape and weight (you can see below the jewellers weighing each and every tiny diamond to make sure they are the same!) During the entire process Brendan was updated with the progress of the ring and we were even able to go into the workshop and see it being made.

I am so fascinated by the art that is handcrafted jewellery. The rustic surfaces, the rugged hands working with delicate pieces, the workshop tools, the weighing of spectacular tiny diamonds scattered on paper, the flattening of metal and the eventual mock up of the ring on bluetac before it all comes together. The creation is an art and the jeweller an artist. I have documented the entire process below so you can really see exactly why these rings are so special and the end result of Kristie’s ring (which she is so in love with)…

Calleija has stores on the Gold Coast as well as in Sydney & London. For more information about Calleija’s bespoke ring design services visit the Calleija website.

Karissa x 

A Day at Berjani.

Monday, October 28th 2013

"My craft is my passion and the jewellery I create comes from the heart" – Berj Ohanessian – principle designer and master jeweler at Berjani

Visit Berjani’s boutique showroom and studio in Chatswood Sydney and you will see first hand that everything about this statement is true. In a world of mass production and fast fashion trends, it is rare that you find such a personalised approach and a brand with an unfailing commitment to traditional craftsmanship and the creation of bespoke jewellery pieces. Browse the cabinets filled with exquisite diamond rings and precious coloured gems (think Australian Sapphires, garnets and African Tourmaline) and you won’t see pieces “inspired” by other brands, but completely unique designs that exude quality and timelessness.   

Established in 1984 by principle designer and master jeweller Berj Ohanessian and his wife Ani, the philosophy behind this small, family business is one of excellence in design and fine craftsmanship. An engagement ring is such a personal piece of jewellery and what we love about Berjani is their passion and commitment to ensuring this reflects a bride’s style and aesthetic! 

If you have a particular design in mind or are inspired by an antique ring that you want recreated - Berjani specialise in handcrafted bespoke jewellery and recreating antique pieces. Offering a full service from sourcing the perfect gemstone to designing and handcrafting the piece.

For the nervous groom to be, we cannot recommend Berjani enough. The personalised approach means the team will help ascertain the style and taste of the bride to create the perfect piece. You can even choose a gem and then come back with your partner once you are engaged and design the ring together.

All of Berjani’s bespoke jewellery is handcrafted at their boutique showroom and studio in Chatswood, Sydney. Head over to their website to see more pieces or to find store details. 

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