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Mira Zwillinger Spring 2018.

Wednesday, May 3rd 2017

Backstage at Mira Zwillinger we stepped into production madness, trying to invisibly capture this dreamy, ethereal collection brought to life, in between stylists, production managers and hair and makeup artists frantically working to tight deadlines. A beautiful chaotic chaos in the form of featherlight fabrics moving through a rainbow of the palest pastels, willowy models painted in luminous tints, bold handcrafted earrings strung from lobes, couture headpieces tried on, and off, on and finally off again... meticulous details combed over by two designers who live and breathe every tiny stitch that weaves together their creation until it perfectly resembles their original vision both in aesthetic and mood. And it's this crazy, almost obsessive creative passion we've found that lies at the heart of the labels we love most. Always such a beautiful scene to bare witness to.

Mira Zwillinger Bridal Spring 2017.

Saturday, April 16th 2016

Arguably one of the most original bridal brands to emerge in recent seasons (finally designers who understand the type of gowns we want to wear & how we want to feel, helping shake the bridal stereotype with not a voluminous ballgown paird with a sculpted, strapless sweet heart neckline, in sight!), expectations were high heading backstage at Mira Zwillinger. Exceeding them all, we watched the magical creations of mother / daughter design duet Mira and Lihi come to life, grateful to be backstage as the incredible detail of these gowns is best appreciated up close. Between the creative chaos of pre-show activity, we stole a few moments with Mira to discuss and the inspiration for this dreamlike collection...

The LANE: The set and the staging looks absolutely beautiful…a hint of things to come?

Mira Zwillinger:  Yes, can you feel that it is all about blossom…?

TL: It feels very botanical...

MZ: Yes the name of the collection is actually Whisper of Blossom…the moment when first buds start to pop up after a long, stark Winter.

TL: Which feels exactly like what New York is doing at the moment!

MZ: Yes for us its’s a very unique, short time that the flowers pop up, the beauty of nature that influences our collection. A fleeting moment of magic and beauty and this is exactly what the brides want to be on their special day. Unique and beautiful. The palette is many shades of blossom, all the muted colours, with the layers of silk creating the shadow effect. New in this collection you can see that we have crystal pleating, we use this as it’s very soft and mirrors the unfurling of the flower…the rest you will see in the collection! 

TL: We’re so excited to see the show. Mira, do you have an ongoing muse or does she change every season? The woman that you picture when you’re designing?

MZ: It changes for every collection, it really takes time to get the muse, but when we get it….in this collection you will see it, for us it’s a very exceptional collection, very special, very feminine, and I think that you will be able to feel the Whisper of Blossom. 

TL: It feels very dreamy and delicate….

MZ: We used a lot of flowers which we dyed by hand, a lot of layers of fabric, the petals in each flower are very unique.

TL: Lastly Mira, do you have an ‘ideal Woman’ would love to see wearing your designs…if you could dress anyone?

MZ: You may laugh but i would love to dress Julia Roberts!

See our full collection review, favourite gowns and detailed pictures from the Spring 2017 show in The Style Guide. 

Backstage. Mira Zwillinger Bridal Spring 2016.

Monday, April 20th 2015

The mood backstage before a runway collection is a curious thing…a sort of intangible, almost palpable energy that seems to flow from the designer to her team, to the models & to the clothes they wear before presenting to the audience itself. With a decidedly different atmosphere to other designers we saw, Mira Zwillinger felt a little effortless. The mood was relaxed, hair and makeup was serene and otherworldly, and while girls underwent transformations from mere mortals into celestial goddesses, the energy was one of elation as this exquisite collection was about to be unveiled. 

Models clearly felt incredible in their gowns…an infectious energy that radiated from each girl down the runway. The soundtrack was pumping, a euphoric, suitably 'Stardust' inspired mix of favourites.

We were completely mesmerised by every dress in this collection… by far one of our favourite shows of the season. Take a look at our detailed coverage of the runway show on The LANE Style Guide. (more show reviews to come!)  

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Photography: Karissa Fanning

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