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Flower Girl NYC: A Day in The Life of a New York City Florist

Thursday, March 8th 2018


Last year, we met with Flower Girl NYC founder Denise Porcaro to walk us through a day in the life of a New York City florist. With a flair for effortless, wildy romantic and whimsical arrangements, it's no surprise she has worked with a host of fashionable clientele including Vogue and Chanel.

Denise took us through one of her favourite suppliers in the city and answered a few burning questions we had for her:

Can you tell us a bit about life as a florist in NYC?

There are a ton of florists in NYC these days but it was different when I started Flower Girl in 2004.  From what I have experienced most florists in NYC and in general tend to be an extension of themselves both as a creative as well as through their personality.  I grew up in NY so starting my business here was very comfortable for me as it is home.  NYC can be overwhelming to some so I think that juggling/multi-tasking, a fast pace nature, feeding off of this frenetic city, various cultures, amazing people and all that it has to offer is what makes floristry here in NY something a bit different than if we in a different part of the world perhaps.

What does a typical day looks like for you?

No day is really typical – as a small business owner, I wear many hats.  Days can consist of many different things depending on the week or season at hand.  I can be glued to my computer doing back end work and writing wedding proposals, processing through a sea of flowers at Flower Girl or taking a trip for a site-visit with a bride.  I like the balance and differentiation as it works different parts of my brain and keeps me involved with all aspects of the business.

Do you have any tricks or advice for our readers buying/styling blooms for their home?

I think the best advice that I can give would be to stay seasonal/local and not to overthink it.  You will get the most beautiful blooms of that particular season if you're buying when it is that flowers time to shine. Most of all have fun and enjoy the process – the fact that you are surrounding yourself with flowers which are quite a luxury means that you are already on the right track.

What difference do you wish to make with floral arrangements? 

I always hope that our flower arrangements touch people.  Whether it be a birthday arrangement or their wedding bouquet the idea is that the client feel that we fully understood what they were trying to express with the use of what Mother Nature has to offer us that particular time or season.

Can you tell us a bit about what is was like working for some of the most renowned fashion houses, such as Vogue and Chanel? 

Of course it has been an honour, and there have been some ‘pinch me’ moments over the years.  That being said, we do treat all of our clients with the same care and attention.  Whether Vogue with models and celebrities is having a dinner or someone is having a 30th Birthday party or bridal shower we really focus on personalizing to each clients needs.  With a wide array of flowers, colors, textures elements we listen to our clients and try to build something that is unique and personalized for them.

How can our brides break away from over done trends and where can they draw new inspiration from?

Staying true to who you are as a couple is most important.  There are so many awesome sites to create mood boards and get ideas from, however being sure to not get too swept up I think is good advice.  Your wedding should be a celebration of not only your love but also who you and your partner are as individuals and as a couple.  Be sure to not lose track of that and pull inspiration that tie it all together rather than focusing on trends - this will help you express yourselves best and remain timeless and beautiful.

How do you like to work with clients? 

I am a people person so I try to make clients feel comfortable from the start.  During the creative process I want to be sure they feel comfortable with me and my team, and so that something as fun as the flower element of an event never becomes a stress.  I always say to my brides, you can email me once a week if you feel a photo or something takes your attention that you want to share, or we can finalize details and then not talk much until we get closer to their wedding date. Everyone is different but I try to be flexible to each client’s needs.  Being comfortable and having the right chemistry however is the first step and sets the tone for a great working relationship.

What happens to the flowers after the wedding?

Being that we customize the flowers to each client specifically, the vases, flowers, candles, etc. all are included – therefore couples can gift the flowers to their friends and family, use them for brunch the following day, and/or reuse some of the vases and candles on their own tables as they start their new life together. I think it is a nice touch in years to come to say that was the vessel or candelabra that was at our wedding that is now sitting on your dining table.  There also happen to be many organizations these days in NY that will pick up the blooms and resell them and donate the revenue from the re-sale to a charity close to the couple’s heart.  This works especially if you can’t keep 50 vases for instance.  Either way there are a bunch of different options based on what works best for the couple.

What is the most memorable thing a customer has ever said to you?

There have truly been so many – I have been blessed with wonderful praise from our brides and customers.  Seeing the faces and expressions of clients is even more memorable than the words they have spoken or written to me.


Denise's work brings a whimsical and unique approach to floristy in the big city and this is just one of the many reasons why Flower Girl NYC is a Brand We Love. View more on The LANE or head to their website here

Anna Sheffield Celestine Event in Melbourne

Tuesday, November 8th 2016


Part two of our Anna Sheffield Celestine events kicked off in Melbourne! From the dreamy industrial event spaces this incredible city offers, the choice of decor hire, exquisite catering by one of the most professional teams we have ever worked with, floristry better described as sculptural art, a chic playlist curated for our event... Melbourne seriously know how to do events.

When you’re passionate the creative vision you're bringing to life, the biggest impact on execution is working alongside a team who are all on the same page. Creatives you mesh with effortlessly, who hold the same vision for what has always been a very dated industry, and who you can completely trust to put their own spin on a brief (which we do so hesitantely and rarely!) and pull together work that is even better than what you envisioned (Wild Daughter's decadent, scuptural blooms and last minute installation addition is case on point!). our Melbourne event came together flawlessly, and we truly experienced a level professionalism with every brand involved that is exceptionally rare to come across. Artists we can honestly not recommend highly enough (credits and links below). 

After what had been a rainy, transient, and very typically Melbourne week of weather, we were blessed with a sun drenched Spring afternoon, with dreamy light spilling through this all white blank canvas space. We sipped Prosecco, indulged in way too many decadent desserts, sat for tarot and crystal readings, and layered our fingers in exquisite jewels from Anna Sheffield’s Celestine collection. An unforgettable night, and a beautiful way to end to our whirlwind week of back to back events. Before heading back to LA an New York City, we stole Anna away for a brief moment to chat to her about all things celestial, what she’s inspired by in bridal jewelry today, and the inspiration behind her stunning new collection

The Anna Sheffield bride is… 

above all, an individual, with a sense of her personal style that is easily expressed in the way she puts things together, from her ceremony -flowers, dress, locale and even her vows- to the sensibilities expressed in her choice of jewelry. 

Celestine is a collection that represents… 

a star-spangled sky and the way so many tiny stars make for a glorious canopy of infinite beauty. In designing the pieces, I also played with the idea of how mixing rings and earrings or making unique ceremonial suites can feel like a personal constellation of sorts.

I was compelled to create this collection because… 

I wanted to release a full collection under one new muse (the stars to our Luna) to accompany and compliment our signature styles, like the Hazeline which we call 'Classic with a Twist' and Bea, our 'Deco Darling'. The Celestine is a design all its own, with an effeminate, elaborate set of silhouettes- decorative in the Belle Epoque sense with so many clusters of diamonds and a nod to stars and the celestial.

A song that evokes the mood I wanted to capture in this collection / or a sample playlist that I listened to while designing this collection… I listened to 'Hallelujah' in Leonard Cohen's original as well as in the Rufus Wainwright & Jeff Buckley recordings a lot. Its one of my favorite love songs, and I adore how it feels transcendent in a different way depending on who is singing it. And true to form, I also listened to my usual mix of modern, classic, punk and pretty... I listen to music ALWAYS. So you could easily find some Talking Heads, alt-J, Blood Orange, Cesaria Evora, David Bowie, Karen O (I love the live recording of her Crush Songs), 90's Hip Hop, New Order and maybe even a dash of Drake in there.

3 favorite pieces from the collection… 

never one for picking a favorite, but since you ask, I do love the new Celestine Tiara and Orbit rings nested. And the Celestine ring in yellow gold with grey, rose-cut diamond center... and the earrings in rose gold with champagne diamonds and copper rutilated quartz- those are almost too beautiful, I am so happy with how they turned out.

Something I took away from my trip to Australia…

is that I have to go back! It was such a lovely place to discover beauty- with all the parks and beautiful architecture. In Sydney, I enjoyed the city mixed with the sea, while in Melbourne, it was the urban setting with so many hidden gems. And of course the people and the ammmmmmaaaaaazzzzing food.

A memorable moment from the Sydney or Melbourne Celestine events… was seeing everything set up so beautifully from the glass vitrines for the jewelry to flower-petalled champagne and decadent catering with chocolates and cheeses. But really, the most wonderful part was seeing so many lovely and friendly and welcoming people delving into the jewelry boxes and trying on rings, admiring the earrings and talking about what they each loved about the collections.

What’s inspiring me about bridal jewelry today is… the uniqueness that our clients express in the pieces they chose to symbolize their love. I'm just a witness to that wonder- but always so honored to be able to have a small part in something so great.

Shop the Celestine collection on the Anna Sheffield website

Styling by: The LANE

Photography: Bek Smith 

Videography: Nathan Kaso

Venue: XO Studios, Brunswick East, Melbourne

Entertainment: Rutherford Entertainment 

Vignette Crystals: Alliz Trading 

Glass & Brass Bevelled Edged Boxes / Retail Table Crystals / Coasters: Haute Co 

Catering / Glassware: Food & Desire 

Prosecco: 6Ft6 Wine

Wine: Hither & Yon 

Flowers: Wild Daughter 

Candles: A Little Light 

Invitations: Bliss & Bone



Anna Sheffield... A Celestial Celebration in Sydney.

Wednesday, November 2nd 2016


Anna Sheffield is a designer forging her own formidable path. A true pioneer in an industry of copy cats. She designs intuitively. Inimitably. Just as admirers of her work even attempt to recreate her magic, we’ve her watched her shift, evolve, and dream up new collections so wildly beyond anything we could conjure, with a gaze set too far on the horizon to even notice. A creative mind we’re forever entranced by, and a presence so charismatically cool we’re left in awe not just of her exquisite jewelry, but her entire brand, ethos and the infectious passion she has for her work, and the brides she creates for.

After a little brainstorm one day in NYC, we were obsessed with the idea of bringing Anna out to Australia knowing just how rare it is to have access to her jewelry here, and that our Aussie brides would love her as much as we do. A little bit of planning later, a dreamy Sydney studio space spilling with celestial jewels, drinks flowing, crystal readings taking place and Niki de Saint DJ’ing… and we had ourselves a magical event to celebrate Anna’s new Celestine collection.  And I guess what we can only describe as a swarm of people through the door flocking to gilded jewelry boxes (at first completely bypassing the flowing champagne and decadent grazing table!) was all the proof we needed!

See the full Celestial collection on the Anna Sheffield website

Styling by: The LANE

Photography: Sophie Thompson

Videography: LVDI

Venue: Bo and Luca Bridal Boutique, Surry Hills

Entertainment: Niki de Saint 

Celestite Crystals: The Living Fossil Gallery

Glass & Brass Bevelled Edged Boxes / Retail Table Crystals / Coasters: Haute Co 

Catering / Glassware: Gallivant

Prosecco: 6Ft6 Wine

Flowers: Fleurette 

Candles: A Little Light 

Invitations: Bliss & Bone

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