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Reem Acra Bridal Fall 2016.

Monday, October 12th 2015

Normally a flurry of activity and organised chaos, the scenes unfolding backstage at Reem Acra this season felt a little different to previous seasons, more serene and dreamy…much like the dresses themselves.

The pace backstage was definitely slower & more relaxed, models sat playing on iPhones while a rim of fine black eyeliner was applied to fresh faces, tapering into a feline flick. The casting this season was one of our favorites, all all wide eyed ingenues, styled with super natural hair and a magenta lip. 

Dressers methodically steamed their veils and smoothed over skirts, arranged shoes and finessed head pieces....and we'll be honest, the disco headphones weren't our cup of tea, but we loved the slightly more ethereal silhouettes with sheer layers and the botanical embellishment of last season continued in this collection. See our full review and pictures of the Reem Acra Fall 2016 runway show on The LANE Style Guide

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Backstage. Reem Acra Bridal Spring 2016.

Wednesday, April 29th 2015

Heading backstage at Reem Acra Spring 2016 we were greeted with the usual hive of pre-show activity…models faces buried in iphones while hair is braided and nails are painted, dresses with skirts the circumference of a small parachute being expertly steamed by a veritable army of hands, hems hand cut to their final, exacting lengths…so far so normal. Then we spy the designer herself, a petite sized magical flurry of wild hair spangled with silver sequins, applying celestial inspired micro pearls to models braids herself, weaving and pinning clusters of beads and opalescent flowers one by one. This is a designer who is beautifully, meticulously obsessive over detail. 

Applying the same exacting standards to her gowns, Reem Acra's collection could be described as an incredible feat of feminine engineering in ingenuity, with silhouettes so perfectly sculpted to bodies they don't completely come to life until a body is inside them. Viewing these gowns on a hanger, it's easy to appreciate the immaculate finishes and the intricacy of lace and embellishment, but it's truly only when you see them on the female form that can you completely comprehend their precision cutting, the deceptively invisible, unbelievably perfect fit they accomplish. Almost unrecognisable from their hanging selves, these gowns, once one, appear to grown organically across models torsos…creeping tendrils of lace and floating motifs of florals on an otherwise bare back or sheer base. It was honestly something we stood back in awe of.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Reem following the show for an interview, to gain an insight into her inspiration & muses...

Reem, tell us a little about your design process, your inspiration and where you begin each season?

Each season is different than the other…this season I wanted to have a bit more sensuality in the dresses and i started with the bustiers…I must have fitted these bustiers a hundred times. We spend so much time and so much money fitting and fitting and fitting the bustiers in every shape possible, and we're doing them in different fabrics,  different layering and we came up with these bustiers that look unbelievable, that enhance the body, that give this voluminous shape, that give the shape of the body….

It's sensual basically, so the under construction of the dresses is sensual and then the layering outside is all about the dainty embroidery that look likes like lace, that is on nude so there is this appearance of being nude but really its not. 

Its delicate sensuality but yet very modern, many times I combine the modern with the ballgowns that are very classical, so I kind of like cut in half…the ballgowns, the modern tops to secure them, they must look sensual but with the ballgowns but I think we balance this so well. It's kind of combining the lady of the classism with the modern modernity. 

 And the hair and make up, I had a totally different look two days ago and I woke up just yesterday and said no, no I need to do it in a different away so I came up with this idea yesterday….I call the hairdresser, I prepare all the braids, and I wanted to make sure that my look is right, is modern…

We loved the celestial touch, it was so beautiful…

 Yes, and it wasn't too much….

Yes it was completely contemporary! Do you have any muses, any women that you think of, that you have in mind when you design each new collection? 

I always say that the muses are my brides….they are my customers…I think that there is no better muse than my customers, I think about them and I really know them well. 

 And has that woman changed over the years?

Absolutely…my god she changes every day! I have to run after her! You know we all know with social media and so much going on, we all are changing by the minute and we have to really keep it up. It becomes harder and harder and everyone wants to be in this business, but this isn't easy. These dresses are impeccably made and so well thought of, it's not just whipping up a white collection…and I have to think about the future and the brand, the younger bride, the bride that's going to come in another two years…so i'm ahead of the game in that way... 

It's almost a beautiful ready to wear kind of cross over that we're seeing with Bridal these days…

Yes, my ready to wear, that was sensual, that was hippy cool…there is not an overlap but there is somehow the same girl… its in her make up, and hair, there's this whimsical part of her, it's complicated and complex…but we try to make it look like its easy but its not easy!  

 And what is the biggest shift you've noticed in your brides and the Bridal industry?

 They all want to look like sexy bombshells! What we try to do is to make all these brides, (we have 23 dresses a year), that look like you are sensual from the inside because you have to feel it…to be sensual you have to be secure from the inside, so I constructed these dresses so that the girl looks great from the inside and they become sensual. And this is what the girl wants today, but at the same time I have to think about her mother and her grandmother and her boyfriend….it's so well thought of…so, a lot of things at the same time.

See the full collection on The LANE Style Guide

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Photography: Karissa Fanning / The LANE 

Backstage Reem Acra Fall 2015.

Sunday, October 12th 2014

Backstage before Reem Acra's Fall 2015 show we had the enveloping feeling that we had been swept away to lands of medieval ruins where opulent gypsy's ruled. Flawless face models, with blush lips and cheeks adorned regal buns with flowers crowns and were dressed in dramatic silhouettes that blended glamour with the ethereal. Kind of reminding us of a more feminine version of the opulent Dolce & Gabbanna gypsy! 

Known for her signature, lavish detailing, we were so excited to be able to bring you an up close look at Reem's exquisite fabrics! The detail really is as extravagant as you expect. 

You can see the entire Fall 2015 collection and our full review in The Guide

Photography by Abby Ross


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