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  • Tim PascoeTim Pascoe

    Tim Pascoe

    Tim Pascoe Photography is an industry leader that will never settle for just the 'norm' on any shoot. We provide every client with an amazing experience, not just beautiful images

    Location: Australia+
  • Max WangerMax Wanger

    Max Wanger

    off beat. whimsical. romantic

    Location: United States (all states)
  • Teneil KableTeneil Kable

    Teneil Kable

    If you're drawn into the image, intrigued enough to stay a while and look around at the detail, if it makes you feel…..that feeling is what inspires me to do what i love. Creating honest, emotive images that offer visual interest with depth and an invitation for the senses.

    Location: Worldwide Australia+
  • Courtney Illfield PhotographyCourtney Illfield Photography

    Courtney Illfield Photography

    My style of wedding photography is fed by romance and passion and delivered in a subtle editorial and photojournalistic manner. It is those moments that words can’t describe and those seconds that take your breathe away that all deserve to be photographed and preserved so they can be revisited time after time and last forever. The combination of my photographic eye along with inspiration from my fashion portfolio allow me to capture these radiant and flickering momentary seconds in a way that is unique and true to the environment and personality of my couples.

    Location: Australia+ Indonesia (all states)
  • Lelia ScarfiottiLelia Scarfiotti

    Lelia Scarfiotti

    I’ve never been good with words, photography it’s the only language I know. the way I see the world and all the small things that make every day so incredible. My life if made of too many coffees, my 2 special men (one of 4 and one of 40), opens spaces and walking barefoot. Rain, the smell of earth after a storm, daydreaming, getting lost, darkness, exploration, Chagall paintings. Spontaneity, moments in between, music. I don’t talk much, but I am a great listener.

    Location: Worldwide Europe
  • Lauren CampbellLauren Campbell

    Lauren Campbell

    Capturing the connection between two people and the emotion surrounding their wedding day is my passion. The approach I take is that of a quiet observer, unobtrusively documenting and sharing in the events as they happen. I really believe in letting your day speak for itself to showcase the quiet and joyous moments alike. I’m there for the real connections, the real emotions and all the beautifully intricate details. I’d love to tell your story. x

    Location: Worldwide Australia+
  • Stewart Leishman PhotographyStewart Leishman Photography

    Stewart Leishman Photography

    For me, my approach to wedding photography is instinctive, it comes from the heart. That moment, that connection, the anticipation that brings all the elements together. That, together with my fine art background shooting on film brings together a collection of wedding imagery for you and your loved ones to re-live your big day.

    Location: Australia+
  • Natasja KremersNatasja Kremers

    Natasja Kremers

    I grew up in Holland and Belgium surrounded by art. It is a part of me and what led me to photography. Interested only in the real, loving the inbetween, the truth. Capturing this describes me best. Pure and simple. This is what I know how to do well. I love it with all my heart.

    Location: Australia+
  • Bek Smith PhotographyBek Smith Photography

    Bek Smith Photography

    There is no greater job than one of a Storyteller. I’m interested in genuine smiles and authentic emotions. I create a personal, experience that not only provides you with beautiful photos, but also helps you to relax and enjoy your incredible day. Documenting the relationships you share, I approach my work from an artistic perspective, capturing images you will truly cherish and treasure forever.

    Location: Australia+
  • Giuseppe MaranoGiuseppe Marano

    Giuseppe Marano

    Since the very first moment I took a camera in my hands light and emotions have been the main focus of my research. To me, photography represents a necessity, my own need to speak to the world, to observe and stop those moments rich in meaning due to that alchemy. The hardest challange was, and still is, to make my vision and the essence of who chose me to tell their diary of memories match. This challange always moves me and, sometimes, doesn't even let me sleep at night, looking for those images that can turn in indeleble memories.

    Location: Europe

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