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Tuesday, January 17th 2017

Pin-worthy Gifts.

The best part about a gift registry? The chance to fill your home with those pieces you pin to no end over Pinterest boards but might not otherwise splurge on yourself. Definitely not all at once anyway. Not to mention a way to make sure you don't end up with those ornate silver "wedding frames" you need to pull out each time aunts and uncles visit!

A wedding registry we're obsessed with, filled with cool decor and homewares is Wedding List Co. Think raw linen in stone grey and dusky pink tints, organic shaped ceramics, Scandinavian furniture by our favorites Urban Couture Design (their Ghost Linen couches have found their way into our own homes!), David Bromley Art, as well as Missoni Home & Coco Republic. And if you still can't find what you have in mind (we doubt it) they offer a wishing well option too. Take a look at the full collection of gifts over at the Wedding List Co website

Thursday, January 12th 2017

European Love Stories.

There's an intoxicating beauty and almost palpable energy to Damien Milan's work. Images so powerful in their silence, as voyeurs we're wildly curious about the stories they tell. As the subject, we can only imagine how magnetically they draw a bride and groom right back into that exact ephemeral moment. Aesthetically there's a richness and depth the tone of his images that we rarely see. Light and shade illuminating details in the most cinematic way, revealing with emphasis what his masterful eye chooses to share. Its this level of artistry that sees Damien travelling the world to shoot some of the most exquisite destination weddings.

For those planning to wed in Europe and take advantage of Damien's location, we've just caught wind that he will be in Brussels late June and available to capture destination weddings and elopements throughout Europe from July until the end of September. For all booking enquiries, and to see his complete portfolio visit the Damien Milan website.

Thursday, January 12th 2017

Standing on Stardust.

With an alchemic intuition of the female form, and the textile fruition of the future feminine, Halfpenny London was born shrouded in ceremony. As a go-to designer for Kate Moss and Rihanna, the rise of Halfpenny London has been stratospheric, in no small part to their flawless silhouettes that espouse both timelessness and a chic modernity. 

Unveiling their stunning new AW 17 Collection ‘STANDING ON STARDUST’ the brand continues its unique expansion into an ether all of their own. To view more of the collection and to enquire about working with Halfpenny London on your wedding gown, see here.

Wednesday, January 11th 2017


There's such a shift we're experiencing in bridal. A new wave of boutique labels bursting onto the scene with a fresh perspective, recognising that while we're classicists at heart, we want gowns that feel a little less cliche. We want romance that feels a little undone. It's brands like Anais Anette that have our attention, with their dreamy collections that weave together the beauty of tradition found in hand stiched details, heirloom draping and architectural precision - but blended with a clean contemporary twist. Demure long sleeve gowns in the most exquisite lace, that move a little more fluidly. Delicate embroidered details that reveal hints of skin. The Toronto based duo, sisters Magdalena and Karolina have us obsessed with their latest collection, which you can view over at the Anais Anette website and trunk show dates here.

Wednesday, January 11th 2017

The Little Moments.

The little things? The little moments? They aren't little.” -  Jon Kabat-Zinn

Wedding photography isn't something we take lightly. Given an entire wedding budget to allocate to just the bare essentials, we'd spend it all on the most incredible location we could find and the most talented photographer to capture it all (Ok and maybe the dress). When celebrations are over and memories become less vivid, photographs are tangible and powerful reminders that will draw you right back into each moment experienced.

So how do you choose the right photographer? While we love social media for discovering new work, it's important to remember it's a highlights reel, and true talent lies in the ability to poetically tell the entire story of your day. Complete albums and poetic bodies of work separate those who can simply document the day with predictable frames, from the artists who completely move us with every fleeting moment captured almost intuitively.

A photographer who paints the most intricatly detailed picture of a wedding day with every moment she captures with soul is Andrea Kellen. One look through this Real Wedding and we were swept up in her magic. It's the way she captures the tiny details that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. The ones you might have felt but weren't always present enough to take in. The little moments, that weren't little at all.

Andrea is based between Berlin and Cape Town, but whisked all of the world to shoot destination weddings. See more on her website and LANE Portfolio.

Tuesday, January 10th 2017

Liquid Lines.

Masterfully cut silk, falling in liquid lines. We're forever allured by the chic simplicity of slip gowns that are having a little renaisance at the moment... and no one does it quite like A La Robe designer Elizabeth Soljak, with an almost intuitive ability to scuplt fabric over a woman's silhouette. We recently shot a few of our favorites in tints of pearl and the feintest of blush, worn best with an ornate cathedral veil (But we're eyeing off a few of these peices in black worn nonchalently with sneakers or over a simple tee for any day of the week!)

Shop the full collection on the A La Robe website

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