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Monday, February 17th 2014

Lee Brennan Design

Inspired by our love of choosing accessories that tell your own story and reflect your personal style, we obsessed with our latest label discovery for grooms, Lee Brennan Design (now found in The LANE Directory of brands we love). 

The bold and masculine jewellery, hand forged by Lee from metals like stainless steel, solid gold and silver contrasts dark oxidization with polished high shine finishes and has sense of raw imperfection and rugged rustic charm that is perfect for the bohemian free-spirited groom. 

With a background in carpentry, as well as currently creating interiors and furniture from recycled materials, Lee’s designs fuse the industrial with the decadent creating a sense of luxury, sophistication and masculinity.

For a completely unique look, we love the idea of grooms opting for an oversized stainless steel band or even a metal signet ring in place of a traditional wedding ring or as a symbol of their engagement. The completely handcrafted approach, hammered metals and industrial techniques give the rings a weathered, almost medieval aesthetic and when wore look like they hold the story of the groom.

For rugged yet refined groomsmen, the pieces make the perfect gift and keepsake and look best styled with classic black suits, luxe white collored shirt and no tie.

Custom creations can be commissioned by visiting Lee’s website. All designs are hand crafted one offs and are stocked at the Island Luxe stores and through Lee’s online store

You can shop the collection here.



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