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Friday, September 5th 2014

Bek Grace becomes Heart and Colour

It is no secret that one of our all-time favourite wedding photographers is Bek Grace. There are few who can document magic and cement a fleeting moment in history like Bek! Chances are you would have seen some of her images. They are the ones that are full of soul and tell an honest story. The ones that make you want to be as in love as the characters she is shooting; the ones that never get old!

Always inspired by Bek’s creativity we were so excited to hear that Bek Grace was changing to Heart and Colour to include Bek’s husband Phil, who had been working with Bek on some of our favourite, incredibly captured, emotion-filled weddings!

Continuing to beautifully telling stories of people in their realest moments, we are so excited to see what comes next from these two! These are some of our favourite frames from Heart & Colour. You can see more on their brand new website.


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