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Thursday, December 31st 2015

The Magic Of New Beginnings

For us, there is power in new beginnings. From the couple who start a new life together in marriage, to the private moments of weighted decisions - all of them alive with the unseen hand of propulsion and change, all of them filled with intention and gravitas. Here at The LANE, 2015 has been all about growth and movement, with a new office in New York and from the beginning of 2016, a Sydney based presence and La Porte Space HQ. It’s also an exciting time for our clients - those we love, those who inspire us, those with whom our outlook is always expansive and for whom, what we do has definite purpose. From MANIAMANIA’s new fine jewelry collection, to Loho Bride opening in L.A. (of which we will play a part), to the newest members of The LANE family - Lee Petra Grebenau - who are launching an exclusive international campaign with us soon…2016 is already filled with the momentum of new ventures and the persistence of those who believe, of those who know - that yes - with hard work and determination, dreams do come true. 

And so, for us, New Year’s Eve is filled with magic. Not in a drunken, bright light, big city, debaucherous kind of way but within the soft gleam of possibility where imagination and a fresh start fuel aspiration. It’s not that we’re unaware that we have been here before. It’s not that we don’t know that New Year is merely symbolic and that little actually separates one year from the next except for a few hours, minutes even. But, you see, we are believers. This, for us, is our dream weaving. This is the quiet moment of execution – where old ties are cut loose and we begin again, open and renewed.

Happy New Year.


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