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Friday, December 15th 2017

Daphne Newman's 2018 'Love Awakened' Collection

Designer Daphne Newman’s latest ‘Love Awakened’ collection, features 10 breath-taking couture veils. Each piece is handmade using silk tulle and exclusive lace sourced by Daphne on her travels to Europe and the Middle East.

Shot at an 11th century monastery in Umbria Italy with LANE favourite Lelia Scarfiotti, Daphne and her team set out to change the mood of the veil; focusing on the contrast of the feminine and ethereal details against the time worn facades of the ancient structures. Inspired by the rich history of Italy and her global pursuit of rare lace, Daphne’s vision was a unity of textural detailing and ornate silhouettes in the most traditional setting of them all- the catholic church. Demonstrating to brides and industry alike, that you can incorporate tradition without compromising personal style.

Each piece is designed to be kept by the bride as a timeless memory of her wedding style, and cherished as an heirloom for future generations- a rarity in our modern society of fast fashion. As the defining bridal accessory, Daphne encourages her brides to carefully choose their veil, as an honest reflection of their style and personality, and not simply an afterthought of the gown.

Love Awakened is available at stockist’s in Canada and the United States, as well as on her website. Additionally, all of Daphne’s collections can be found exclusively at SPINA Bride in New York City.

Creative Direction: Daphne Newman + Raquelle Kilotaitis

Wedding Veils: Daphne Newman

Photographer: Lelia Scarfiotti

Model: Cloe Simoncioni of Casting Firenze 

Hair/Makeup: Katie Angus of The Future Mrs.

Gowns: Beaded long sleeve - Liz Martinez from Spina Bride / Lace off the shoulder - Liz Martinez from Spina Bride / Beaded/Glitter Gown - Karen Willis Holmes from Pearl and Dot / Slip Dress - Daphne Newman

Venue: Umbria, Italy

Friday, December 15th 2017

NYC Blank Canvas Venue, Haven’s Kitchen

Forever searching for blank canvas venue spaces to dream up artistic event concepts, we fell in love with NYC based Haven’s Kitchen. Located in Chelsea, the white on white carriage house can host up to 200 guests over two levels of event space. 

Making the logistics of event planning a lot easier, Haven's Kitchen operate both as a full-service venue and one of the city's most exquisite on-premise caters for culinary focused events.  The team are renowned for their collaborative approach, working with clients to create a bespoke menu that fits cohesively with event aesthetics, using fresh and ethically-sourced ingredients.

Find more information over on the Haven's Kitchen website

Thursday, November 30th 2017

Le Nuage Perfumé

In October this year, The Maison Cartier presented Le Nuage Parfumé, or ‘Scented Cloud’ at the Palais de Tokyo et du Musée d’Art Moderne - an exclusive olfactory journey dreamt up by Cartier’s in-house perfumer Mathilde Laurent.

 “My sole ambition is to provoke emotion” – Mathilde Laurent.

Members of the public were invited to interact with fragrance as a full-fledged medium and as a source of inspiration for unique multi-sensorial experiences. A cloud floats as if by magic in a transparent glass cube. Visitors are invited to enter into this closed space, then take a spiral staircase leading them to the cloud. Once they reach the summit, it is no longer about seeing but about smelling the honeyed and diaphanous notes of L’Envol de Cartier.

These OSNI (Unidentified Scented Objects), were created from the impetuous need to view perfume differently, freeing it from its condition as a product and presenting it to the public beyond any commercial or advertising context, in order to show that smell is an unrivalled vector of emotions. A source of wonderment, of questioning and surprise.

Its aim is to show the beauty of olfactory art, to share and encourage its future. This is the role and characteristic of what is “Maison” in the world of fragrance, protecting its art and making it come alive. Art has always been at the heart of the Maison Cartier. 

View more from Cartier here or head to their website

Tuesday, November 28th 2017

"The Promised Space" by Styled By Her

When one of our favorite Sydney wedding stylists was being asked “what else is there?” by brides looking for alternatives to traditional floral covered arches and arbours, Corey was intrigued. And so, came the inspiration behind her latest styled shoot ‘The Promised Space’. Celebrating the raw textures and movements of fabrics in the sea breeze and the natural, undone romance of being by the water, this styled shoot came to life. 

"I had these frames made and fleshed it out with dried palm leaves, foraged black foliage, large brass bells and raw silk ribbon. I also wanted to do something different with the florals so I used only blacks and whites in the arrangements on the carved timber tables at the front of the aisle. I wanted to show brides that even black and white flowers can look soft and romantic and when paired with the white Indian grinder tables, crystal and quartz it can even have soul."

We caught up with Styled By Her to hear their tips for styling by the sea…

1. Check the tide charts

2. Think about the access and the distance to the aisle.

3. Some shade may be necessary depending on the time of the day

4. Take a rake, the beach in all it’s natural beauty usually has debris

View more of Styled By Her's portfolio on The LANE Directory or via her website


Styling, flowers, concept and direction: Styled by Her / Photographer: Love Sari / Dresses: L’eto Bridal / Model: Liv Siebel / H&MU: Blonde Rumour / Earrings: Love Marie Bridal Boutique


Friday, October 27th 2017

3 Tips For a Well-Lit Wedding by Quyn Duong

We love this photographer's artistic ability to naturally capture those fleeting moments of intimacy, joy and anticipation in her images. We caught up with Quyn Duong to discover her top 3 tips on wedding lighting…

"If you’re looking for moody, cinematic wedding photos, then lighting is everything. To capture this ambiance, you’ll want to choose a photographer who can master the perfect ratio of light and shadow in any space. These are my top tips on how to utilize lighting to create that romantic ambiance for your wedding!"

1. Look for directional lighting

It might sound counter intuitive, but rooms with less windows might actually help create a more dramatic vibe. A dark interior with just one wall of big windows will give you that beautiful, singular source of light that can be used as a dramatic side light or an ethereal back light.

2. Line the tables with candles

If there are enough candles on your tables illuminating your dinner guests, then your photographer will be able to photograph beautiful candids of your guests without the obtrusive use of flash, resulting in more natural moments. 

3. Hire a lighting designer

An often overlooked wedding vendor is the lighting designer. And since lighting will make or break the vibe of your wedding, a professional can help install the optimal lights to set the mood for your evening. Ask for warm exposed bulbs and stay far away from up lighting! 

View more of Quyn Duong's portfolio on The LANE Directory or via her website

Tuesday, August 8th 2017

3 Tips for Beautiful Wedding Photography by Bek Smith

A photographer we love for her moody frames that spill with emotion and draw your eye to tiny poetic details that might otherwise go unnoticed, we caught up with Bek Smith to discover her top 3 tips for beautiful wedding photography...

1. Let Go

Its been said a million times, but it truly is the best advice I ever had, and repeat it to every couple over and over... Let Go. Leave all your stress, worry and concerns at the door on the day. Let your suppliers and planners take over (that's their job) and enjoy what the day is all about: You and your loved ones. A glass of champagne is a necessity and taking a moment to yourself without the hair + makeup team, bridesmaids and Mothers. Take a walk or have a cup of tea by the window. Really simple but truly calming.

2. Focus on your partner

The best way to relax in front of the camera is to focus all your attention on your partner. Photographers will always give you some form of guidance or instruction, take this advice and then move on from there. Movement, real emotion and laughter are what we want to capture at the end of the day. The more you are yourselves, the better the photos.

3. Ask your guests to leave their iPhones behind

Technology is wonderful. But asking your guests to leave their phones, cameras (and iPads) at the door is one of the best things you can do during your ceremony. Encourage your guests to be 'in the moment' and let the professionals capture the magic as it unfolds.

View more of Bek Smith's portfolio on The LANE Directory or via her website 

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