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Wednesday, March 8th 2017

Handcrafted Décor Hire.

No matter how beautifully detailed your event’s creative brief is, without a canvas of chic furniture to layer on, the styling will always feel a little DIY. As stylists we know the frustration of seeing beautiful one off pieces you can purchase or loan for shoots… but when it comes to a large scale event the hire options can be a little dire. So we were a little excited to stumble across Sydney’s Reso and Co, filled with the pieces on our wish list for planning events…. concrete and stone paired with steel and copper, raw timber tables, industrial style bar stools, all handcrafted by this talented team. And for those looking for something specific, Reso & Co will happily create custom pieces for your event. More details on the Reso and Co website.

Wednesday, March 8th 2017

Secluded Retreats.

While we’ll never tire of indulgent getaways in luxurious hotels, there are times when all we want is complete seclusion. Think tranquil oases hidden from view, spacious villas and private beaches. With a collection of sumptuous pavilions nestled in the treetops of New South Wales’ Bouddi Peninsula, we love Pretty Beach House for secluded getaways in total luxury. Think: pages of Vogue Living and Elle Decor, with plush furnishings in organic palettes, sleek timber finishes and infinity pools that stretch to the trees…

Monday, March 6th 2017

Hauntingly Beautiful Wedding Photography.


Perpetually sifting through stunning wedding photography, there are those shots that never leave you. Hauntingly beautiful images that flicker on the periphery of your conscious, a shadow that flits behind the eye, defining every image you will come to see thereafter.

Evocative and timeless, we're in love with the new Paris series (and behind the scenes film!) by LANE favourite Alli Oughtred, that just landed in our inboxes. Framed by Parisian streets and French settings, each photograph is a revelation of soul and spirit, of intimate moments and dark romance. With an imitable aesthetic that redefines wedding photography as genre, Alli shoots moments rather than poses, capturing brides, grooms and guests as they live and love.

Get in touch with Alli on her website

Monday, March 6th 2017

Boutique Honeymoon Stays & Weekend Escapes.

When searching for honeymoon locations, we look for luxury and serenity, seclusion and indulgence. We want stylish interiors in stunning locations, where privacy is paramount and extravagance is standard. Finding this elusive mix can be difficult, but Lane favourite Contemporary Hotels has done the hard work for you, offering a curated selection of stunning properties from around the world. Fall in love with country manors and beachside estates, inner-city penthouses and cliff top mansions. Sumptuously decorated in the most idyllic locations, each property features panoramic views over shimmering horizons, hypnotic tides, and rolling hills. 

View the full list of properties on the Contemporary Hotels website.

Monday, March 6th 2017

Perfect Hypnosis

Three frames we love by Bek Smith. There's a hypnotic beauty to the way Bek shoots. A long-time favorite who has shot our own events and the weddings of many LANE Brides, Bek has a rare photojournalistic style, highlighting the drama that quietly unfolds in the smallest of moments. She guides your eye to see details that enrich stories; the fluidity of fabric, light that spills through windows, dancing shadows, fleeting glances. The little things.

Discover Bek’s portfolio of work on her website.

Saturday, February 25th 2017

Mediterranean Melbourne Rooftop.

Framed by sweeping city views on one of Melbourne’s most coveted rooftops, our latest venue discovery has us dreaming of vintage martinis and Cuban cigars, of long nights spent revelling in the moonlight. Siglo, just one of Spring Street Events' impressive list of venues, is our go-to for classic glamour infused with Mediterranean style. Think moody interiors opening onto a tiled terrace, where guests perch on chic rattan chairs while overlooking the gothic spires of St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the structural beauty of Parliament House. 

Discover all of Spring Street’s venues and get in touch via the website. Photography by Bek Smith

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