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Friday, February 3rd 2017

Layered Adornment.

Beautifully minimalist and elegantly refined, we’re loving the foundation collection from New York based Rosey West. Think simple gold rings encrusted with delicate diamonds, chic bracelets, and artfully clustered jewels in juxaposed shapes. Founded on a core belief that adorning yourself in jewels is an almost meditative expression of self and your personal aesthetic, Rosey West jewels are designed to layer and make your own. 

Shop the full collection on the Rosey West website

Thursday, February 2nd 2017

Luxe simplicity.

Romanced by simplicity and subtlety, our latest discovery, New York based LEIN is a label that has us dreaming of barefoot beach celebrations, languid post wedding brunches and summer nights in Paris. With a background in PR for the likes of Chanel and career as a celebrity stylist, designer Meredith Stoecklein saw a gaping hole in the world of bridal fashion where understated could be achieved without compromising on luxury. And we can certainly vouch for that, having experienced these exquisite fabrics and masterful cuts up close. Think fluid lines and chic silhouettes, effortless ruffles and unassuming textures. A magic that lies in the way each piece make you feel. Explore the collection here.

Thursday, February 2nd 2017

Poetic Imperfection.

Our idea of beauty is grounded in imperfection; the romance of aged patina and dilapidated buildings, wild weather and overgrown gardens. We’re infatuated by styling and objects that feel a little less structured and beautifully undone. 

In the world of fine jewelry, we find poetry in irregular markings and raw surfaces…little reminders of the process, and the hands that sculpted each piece. One of our favourite artists, with a beautifully inspired vision for groomsmen jewelry is Lee Brennan. With a background in construction, Lee’s designs draw from the beauty of deconstruction; textures created from eroded surfaces, demolition yards and decommissioned bridges.  Hand forged in a way that feels primitive and completely untouched by technology, each piece sourced from sustainable materials tells a story of integrity, nobility and unrefined elegance.  

Shop the full collection or enquire about a bespoke piece on the Lee Brennan website

Tuesday, January 31st 2017

A UK Bridal Boutique for the Wild at Heart.

The ghost orchid: a mystical British wildflower that grows in the darkest parts of forests, rejecting typical rules of survival, growing in its own direction and flowering only when the conditions are just right. Inspired by this enigmatic wildflower, Ghost Orchid is a UK bridal boutique for wildly individual souls, stocking some of favorite labels such as Odylyne the Ceremony and Naturae Design. With a luxurious, ethereal aesthetic and a penchant for moody romance the Ghost Orchid collection is evocative and editorially chic, perfect for brides with wild hearts and starry eyes. 

For those obsessed like we are with Odylyne's latest Bridal Week show, Ghost Orchid is holding a trunk show for the 2017 Star Crossed Lovers collection on February 10th - 12th. Bookings are a must for your private 2 hour appointment (complete with a tarot card reader on site!) Find their showroom in England’s East Yorkshire, or head to their website to view more details.



Tuesday, January 31st 2017

Winter Moods.

Some of our favourite frames by photographer Lauren Campbell… there’s such a fine art to the way she captures tranquility. Even throughout the beautiful chaos and revelry of a wedding she manages to capture a rare stillness, steeped in emotion. 

Based in the ACT, Lauren has a particular affinity for natural landscapes, where the drama of jagged cliffs and wooded forests lends itself to the visual poetry she creates so effortlessly. The perfect photographer for destination weddings that require an artist to do justice to the beauty of your location, or winter celebrations with moody atmospheres and beautifully subdued tones that mirror Lauren’s aesthetic. 

See her full portfolio of work here

Saturday, January 28th 2017

The Gift of Experience.

When we look back at the things that hold a special place in our hearts, they’re rarely tangible. They’re moments shared and experiences that either inspired us, pushed us out of comfort zones, or expanded our minds. So when it comes to wedding gifts we love the idea of providing couples with something experiential. A chance to reconnect when life gets busy and make time for the little things that brought you together in the first place. Little reminders to keep investing in your relationship, and to not let stagnancy creep in when things become all too familiar. 

One of our favorites for experiential gifts is Red Balloon. From city rooftop glamping, flying lessons, hot air ballooning, spiritual retreats, natural hot springs, to photography lessons there’s a plethora of ideas to suit just about anyone. See the full collection of experiential gifts here.

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