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Friday, June 2nd 2017

City Oasis.

For those drawn to botanical inspired spaces, we’ve added Sydney’s Botanic Gardens Restaurant (Part of the Trippas White Group’s stunning list of venues!) to our list of handpicked venues, set on sprawling grounds amidst flowering blooms, with wisteria-draped verandas and harbour views. Hold post ceremony cocktails and canapés on the lawn with the botanical gardens as your canvas for pictures framed by cascading willow trees and fragrant wild flowers. Finish with a dinner on the restaurant terrace – an original 19th Century facade refreshed with chic interiors and a beautiful blank canvas you can style to make your own.

More details about the venue on the website, or discover the full list of Trippas White Group venues here.

Thursday, June 1st 2017

Symbolic Romance.

A piece steeped in the symbolism of binding promises and timeless love, our latest jewelry obsession is Cartier’s new LΘVE Bracelet, (a finer version of their first iconic design, in rose or yellow gold). Originally created in 1969, as an interpretation of chastity belts from Medival times, each bracelet locks around the wrist, and can only be removed with a special screwdriver. Whether gifted as an anniversary piece between lovers, or as a piece we're splurging on for ourselves, symbolic of commitments made to the self, there's a timeless allure and romance to Cartier's LOVE bracelets, that draws upon everything we love about this iconic brand. 

Shop the collection on the Cartier website.

Wednesday, May 31st 2017

The Allure of the Infinite.

The symbolism of the engagement ring lies in the permanence of the diamond, a metal that outlives and outlasts, resisting age and evading damage. As we search for design that evolves and changes, we can never quite resist the urge to come back to the classics, to those jewels that are inherently timeless, speaking to the romantic within us all.

A collision between old and new, Grew & Co blend ancient techniques and modern aesthetics, designing fine jewelry that understands our desire for the perennial. Gems and metals are sourced internationally, remanants of far flung places that come to sit on our fingers, iridescent referents to the allure of the infinite. 

Wednesday, May 31st 2017

Secret Garden.

Some of our favorite frames from the newest collection by Dana Harel. Aptly named “secret garden”, the collection is comprised of soft silhouettes and dramatic detailing, fabric that recalls wild botanica in subdued hues and featherweight fabrics. Think swirling embroidery and hand sewn embellishment, where shoulders are left bare and sleeves fall theatrically over the hands… 

Tuesday, May 30th 2017

Mastery of Simplicity.

When we think of Tiffany & Co, far beyond their blue boxes or their trademark hearts, it's their mastery of simplicity that we love. We find ourselves drawn to stones set upon simple bands, where the metals are smooth and the diamonds are brilliant. There is an elegance that resides in the restrained and the refined, in the classic shapes and iconic cuts that are Tiffany & Co’s signatures.

Pictured here, the solitaire, the pear and the emerald, three silhouettes that have defied the ephemerality of trends to become the epitome of fine jewelry. 

Tuesday, May 30th 2017

Minimalist Silhouettes.

Today we’re dreaming back to one of our favorite Real Weddings; an epitome of the minimal styling and timeless aesthetic we love, with a silk A La Robe slip sourced from Spina Bride. For those drawn to a more refined, effortless bridal look, this NYC bridal boutique is our go-to, with racks that spill with designs that sit beautifully on the periphery of bridal and RTW. 

Photography by Teneil Kable.

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