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Wednesday, December 7th 2016

Bespoke Favors

Favors have traditionally been, well, hardly favors…at least not to the styling of a tablescape. Coming up with a memento that’s meaningful and beautiful has for some time, been a tradition many brides have chosen to forgo, based on how difficult a task it is to find something just right.

When we discovered Maple Soaps we couldn’t wait to see whether they smelt as good as they looked, and the truth is, they’re even better. With scents as divine as rose geranium+pink french clay, spiced orange, and ylang ylang+vanilla bean, the best part is you can work with Maple Soaps to create bespoke favors that double as place cards. Personal, beautiful, experiential, and a chic part of the wedding tablescape; favor problem solved. To view more of the range and to enquire about working with Maple Soaps, see here.

Tuesday, December 6th 2016


Rawness and fluidity characterise the hand-forged designs of goldsmith Lenka Šváchová under her label 27JEWELRY. Deeply connecting with her materials she tirelessly toils on one-of-a-kind pieces, shape-shifting them from earthen form to wearable art, with as little manipulation as possible. Speaking to the souls of women, 27JEWELRY is a celebration of organic splendours, exquisite craftsmanship, and the polarity of the precious with the wild and free. To view more of her curiously beautiful work and to enquire about working on your engagement and wedding rings with 27JEWELRY, see here.

Monday, December 5th 2016

Directional Design

Connecting with the designers and service providers that align with your style can be like searching for the proverbial needle. It's why we spend every single day searching the planet for the best of the best so that the brands we work with can be trusted to deliver the exceptional and outstanding (meaning all you have to do is choose the one most in sync with your style!).

When we discovered the work of Emily Lauren we knew we'd found something special. With a multi-disciplinary approach to styling and a background (and degree) in architectural design, it is this understanding of line, texture and colour, she brings to her stunningly directional stationery design. To view more of the work of Emily Lauren and to enquire about how you might work together on your stationery suite, see here.

Friday, December 2nd 2016


Forever lulled by the idea of leaving it all behind and running away, dreams of elopement criss cross the minds of many a betrothed couple. The spontaneity, the unknown, the unrestrained, are romantic binary tenets upon which to begin and build a marriage.

Mesmerised by this beauty, Melbourne based photographer Bek Smith artfully captures the hopeful and wistful, the ethereal and serene. With a much loved and revered professional eye, her work not only immortalises, but inspires. To view more of her stunning work and to enquire about how you might best work with Bek Smith, see here.

[Florals: Wild Daughter. Calligraphy: Cass Deller. Second Shooter/Assistant: Ali Bailey]

Wednesday, November 30th 2016

Balinese Utopia

For an unforgettable destination wedding that’s endlessly beautiful and a cinch to put together (possibly even easier than at home!), our latest venue discovery The Ungasan absolutely has it all. Combining stunning, idyllic island living, those unmistakable Indian ocean blues, and infinity cliff top aspect for the most breathtaking panoramic sunsets. Add to that luxurious interiors and surrounds, and an experienced events team to take care of everything, and it’s literally the island wedding of your dreams minus the stressful details. To view more of The Ungasan and to learn of their services, see here.

Tuesday, November 29th 2016

Blanc Canvas

The allure of minimalism is that there is nowhere to hide. It is a discipline that is sheerly exposed, no shrubbery to hide uneven ground, just the angular granite of perfection, culminating in the sum whole of flawlessness.

Forever fans of such artful restraint, we're in love with the UNBRIDALED by Dan Jones collection for this very reason. Espousing a bridal look we're currently obsessing over (the juxtaposition of a minimal gown and ornate cathedral veil, see more here), it is a collection that is symphonic in it's simplicity. View more of the stunning UNBRIDALED by Dan Jones collection here.

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