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Wednesday, November 23rd 2016

Moon & Back

Once upon a time wedding videography was optional. It seemed like a luxury alongside a wedding photographer, but in an increasingly digitalised world where we store our memories online, the wedding video has become a vital added dimension of reminisce. A chance to relive the day again, with all of the laughter, tears, speeches, looks, and details immortalised for a lifetime, shared online with friends and family to enjoy at will. Like wedding photographers, there’s a plethora of service providers and navigating them can be a minefield when you only get one chance to capture the day of your dreams.

We have been proud to recommend Melbourne based Purple Ribbon Weddings as a film co. Renowned for delivering over and above every single time, and the first choice for those with unlimited choice (such as Nadia and Jimmy Bartel, and blogger Saasha Burns (above) their work undeniably speaks for itself. We’re so excited to announce their stunning rebrand to Moon&Back. Invigorated by the love stories that have taken them to the four corners of the globe, gathering their indelible beauty, they now bring the same breathtaking cinematography they are known for, with a deepened passion and level of experience, to Moon&Back.

To enquire about working with Moon&Back, one of our favourite wedding cinematographers on your wedding, see here.

Monday, November 21st 2016

Serene Space

The mind of a bride is many things, all too often cluttered with an overwhelming to-do list on loop, with few spaces to rest, regroup and enjoy the journey. Enter Calgary based bridal boutique Pearl & Dot. With high open ceilings, flooding natural light, and by-appointment only to ensure you can relax and enjoy finding your dream dress with your guests, they are a bridal boutique entirely dedicated to the experience of the bride.

Housing an international edit of designers such as Daphne Newman Designs, Alexandra Grecco, and Anna Campbell to name but a few, their bridal oasis is a destination boutique that brings you out of event planner mode and back into the joy of being a bride. To find out more about Pearl & Dot and to book your own experience with them, see here.

Friday, November 18th 2016

Defined Vision

Planning a wedding in a practical sense is an exercise in event management, and it's one that can be extremely daunting for a bride and groom having never planned an event. Overwhelming feelings of where to start and how on earth to tie it all together, can be creatively stifling if you find yourself liking several different styles and wondering how to bring your ideas together in situ in a unique yet cohesive way.

With a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach to wedding design and production, California based stylists Crosby+Jon bring an unparalelled combination of experience in award winning floral design, styling, film production, and decor hire where they work closely with Archive Rentals. With an extensive portfolio of destination weddings, Crosby+Jon can create your wedding from concept to fruition, working with you to define your vision and bring it to life. To enquire about working with Crosby+Jon on your wedding, see here.

Wednesday, November 16th 2016


Once wedding planning begins, it can certainly be overwhelming realising how many areas require covering off, and how difficult it can be to find exactly what you need. There can be a tendency for providers to accept the business that comes their way, and then to fall back on what they know or are experienced at, ahead of executing a specific brief or creative direction. We spend every single day making this delineation so that the people we work with and recommend can be trusted.

One such provider is Edwards & Co. They’re the kind of hair stylists you can take a runway shot to with the confidence they’ll execute to perfection (because half the time they’re the ones working the shows!) and are our personal go-to’s in Sydney, Melbourne and Byron Bay. To view more of their incredible portfolio of work, and to enquire about booking Edwards & Co for your wedding see here.

Wednesday, November 2nd 2016

Wanderlust Wares

Ancient lands of such sanctity you feel like tip-toeing, the air dense with having witnessed the birth of the earth, cleansed and renewed by drowsy palms and crystal waters. There's a magic in Tulum that becomes you. The feeling of no matter how many towering stone corners you peer around you will never know it all...

Combined with the centuries old traditions of turkish handlooming, Loom Towels have wanderlust imbued in every thread, perfect for bringing your honeymoon home, or for the well-travelled bride and groom. View more of their luxurious wares and shop the collections here.

Tuesday, November 1st 2016


Forever entranced by the cosmic pull of rare gems, the endless ways they're artfully and meaningfully set, and the power and beauty they're imbued with. Mementos of the heart, fallen from the sky, plucked from the earth, and masterfully imagined as jewelled adornment, it's little wonder precious gems are so inextricably bound to the ceremony of marriage.

In love with the nuanced beauty of NYC based jeweller Vena Amoris. Inspired by ancient romance and moving mythology, her designs are steeped in story and rare beauty. View more of the one of a kind collections here.

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