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Friday, October 28th 2016

La Isla Bonita

The golden hour. Those final moments, when the sun has poured down the last of it's rays, it's glitter settling over the landscape before the leaping metals of the city lights begin to dance. The haze of the day lowering in the distance like magic, the island beginning to buzz…Ibiza paints with it’s own tones altogether; earthen metallics, and a vernacular turquoise.

These are the moments Melbourne photographer Alli Oughtred was chasing and this is what she captured. A master of mood, light and shadow, she is a photographer intuitively blending an editorial eye with a romantic comprehension of emotion, making her a truly unique capturer of the wedding story. Featuring stunning gowns from one of our favourite bridal boutiques LA Bespoke, these are her notes from Ibiza…

View more of Alli’s stunning work and enquire about working with her on your wedding here.

Wednesday, October 26th 2016


Over the years we've come across more than just a few florists who can source stunning florals and put them together in a beautiful way. In fact alot of the time, as long as the flowers are of beautiful quality, fresh, and unique, the job can almost do itself. Then there are the ones we are forever searching out. The artists. The ones who can take something as flawless as a flower and elevate it to art. The ones who make you feel, who engage your senses, offering a different perspective, a connection, a new plane of thought or a new engagement in the moment. Flowers can do that.

Perth based florist Scape by S curates the kind of flowers that make you fall silent. With a thoroughly unrestrained approach (think installations of gold painted flowers and inverted blooms!), a shunning of reality, and a luxurious, high art eye, her floristry is nothing short of exhilarating to behold. To view more of her stunning work and to enquire about working with Scape by S, see here.

Tuesday, October 25th 2016


Dichotomies of present and future, real and illusory, the seen and unseen; there’s a subtle dance of perceptions and a tension of expectations surrounding the mysteriously beautiful and symbolic elegance of the veil. At once all the eye has to go on, yet entirely invisible to the imagination, it’s a dance Daphne Newman Designs choreographs with fluid precision. With an almost microscopic attention to timeless, flawless detailing (see also her robe collection!), her heirloom designs are the definition of enduring grandeur you’ll pass through generations. To shop the collection see here.

Friday, October 21st 2016

White Aura

Capturer of energies, locked and worn lovingly over the heart, alongside the dreams of the mind, or adorning the enabling forces that are our hands, we love the symbolism and power of crystals and gems, especially in the context of the wedding day. Absorbing the love, honour, joy and positivity of the day in a beautiful memento for years to come, they make a meaningful exchange of gifts for bridesmaids.

Inspired by the ceremony of this time, the latest collection by Krystle Knight JewelleryWhite Aura is brimming with pieces perfect for a bohemian luxe wedding and bridesmaids. To view more of the collection and to shop online (worldwide shipping) see here.

Wednesday, October 19th 2016


The skill of capturing freedom in a still image is not easily mastered. The ability to take unbridled flight, fluidity, love and (e)motion and immortalise it without losing it's energy. Those tiny moments, subtle, but to the trained eye; the exponential amplifications of the heart, all whilst retaining that sense of limitlessness in a frame, is nothing short of rare.

It's why we'd trust Cassandra Ladru to capture our wedding any day of the week, because these are the moments she never misses. Known for her exceptional work abroad as a destination wedding photographer (where, lets face it, you cannot make a mistake!) and at home as a sought after wedding and editorial photographer, she sure knows how to lens. To view more of her breathtaking work and to enquire about working with Cass on your wedding day, see here.

Tuesday, October 18th 2016

The Luxury Gift Co

The perennial problem of what to buy for the person or couple who has it all already…

When you can never quite find the right gift at the right time, or something sufficiently special to adequately mark an important occasion (such as a wedding!). Enter a find (we’re personally extremely excited to have discovered!) The Luxury Gift Co, a designer gifting boutique housing a curation of hard to source luxury gifts for the impossible to buy for. And we don’t just mean the discerning bride and groom, your partner? Your mother? All covered! To browse and shop the online boutique, see here.

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