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Monday, May 1st 2017

Elegantly Unpredictable.

Champagne, gray and black diamonds set aside exquisite stones that dance with light, we can’t draw our eyes away from Natalie Marie’s newest bespoke and engagement pieces. We first fell for Natalie’s flawless execution of subtly embellished fine jewelry years ago. Focusing on refined detailing and the unexpected placement and pairing of rare stones, Natalie crafts the perfect accoutrement for elegantly unpredictable brides.

This new collection continues Natalie’s inspiring creative arc. Aside from a unique selection of diamonds, it also features luminous white sapphires, peach-toned morganite, rutilated quartz, garnet and spinel – all beautifully hand-formed into delicate stacking rings and distinctive statement pieces. View the full collection view the Natalie Marie website.  

Saturday, April 29th 2017

Fragrant Moments.

Can we speak in flowers.
It will be easier for me to understand.
– Nayyirah Waheed

The finest floristry extends beyond shape and form. It’s a language. An expression of fragrance, color and movement. Every tendril and vine weaves a story of its maker and its buyer, a collaboration of nature, style and aesthetic persuasion.

The latest creations by Rose Apple Flowers speak to warm days and languid nights. Soft blooms in porcelain hues, paired with the pastel skies and iridescent waters that typify Australia’s east coast. Scrolling through their latest real weddings, we’re drawn to their rambling bouquets and organically formed arrangements, creations that drape over hands and wind around trees. With a nostalgic nod to overgrown paths and wild, unkempt fields, think bundles of David Austin roses and ivory peonies, sprigs of jasmine bound by swathes of gauze and ribbons of linen.

Each arrangement weaves stories of budding love and serendipitous romance, of days spent absentmindedly picking at petals: he loves me, he loves me not… 

Friday, April 28th 2017

Slow Flowers.

As we look to floral trends, we find ourselves drawn to fluid installations and loose arrangements; bunches of blooms that appear freshly foraged, stems nonchalantly picked and effortlessly bundled. We dream of casual strolls through farms and fields, wildflowers found in hidden lanes, and roses that climb and wind over backyard fences.  

In reality, the blooms we all love often must be internationally sourced. Their life begins amidst chemicals and preservatives, before being flown hundreds or thousands of miles to a new destination. These are flowers bred for demand with affordability and longevity taking precedence over fragrance and structure.

And yet, the tides are changing. Across the industry, growers, suppliers and consumers are demanding a return to simplicity, sustainability, and floristry unfiltered.

This beautiful revolution continues to unfold this weekend in the hills of Tuscany. An abandoned Chianti structure will play host to some of Italy’s leading florists, its ageing walls transformed with wild florals in rambling sculptures. Photographed by LANE handpicked photographer Lelia Scarfiotti, Slow Flowers is a celebration of the local, and an ode to sustainability and community.

Using recovered blooms and excess cuttings, florists and guests will create their pieces, showcasing the inherent beauty in local produce and unexpected pairings.

See more of Lelia’s photography here or find out more about Slow Flowers on their website. For full coverage of the event, stay tuned, we’ll be bringing you images of our favorite creations in the coming days…

Friday, April 28th 2017

Ethereal Victoriana.

As years slip by, we find ourselves reaching for tales of old, for classic works and great romances - stories that speak to the sentimentalities of decades past. Think Dickens and Wilde, the Brontës and Yeats; tales where desire is in the details and allure in the forbidden.

Like a classic novel, the newest collection by Delphine Manivet channels enduring romance and timeless love. Each design is infused with softness; delicate fabrics falling from the body, pooling over hands and below feet. Inspired by elegant Victorian silhouettes, the collection speaks to an alchemic infusion of old and new. Think tall, ornate collars and ball gowns reimaged through alluring bare backs and sheer fabrics. Effortlessly graceful and classically feminine, here modern aesthetics are tinted by nostalgia...

Crafted in France, Delphine Manivet offers a variety of gowns suited to opulent ceremonies through to minimal receptions. E-shop the collection here, or discover more on the Delphine Manivet website

Monday, April 24th 2017

Turquoise Tides.

Mesmerized by inky palettes and turquoise tides, The Avalon on the Beach has us dreaming of weddings overlooking a deep cerulean seascape. On our recent visit to the space, we found ourselves drawn to the magnetic beauty of the coast, styling a tablescape that spoke to the metaphoric transition of sand to sea.  Think lush linens, tendrils of orchids, draped gauze and place cards inscribed with curling calligraphy mimicking the lulling movement of waves.

Perched above a transfixing coastline, we love The Avalon for weddings that embody euphoric oceanic living. Think alfresco dining and panoramic water views, vows exchanged to a soundtrack of the sea and dinners held under a silvery starlit sky. 

Find out more on The Avalon's website, or discover all of Trippas White Group's amazing venues here

Thursday, April 20th 2017

Future Heirlooms.

The 21st century is one defined by consumption. Think fast fashion and fleeting trends, digital designs and standardized styling. We find ourselves searching for items crafted by hand, products that feed our nostalgia for time-honored process and bespoke heirlooms that last.

Romanced by design and creative collaboration, new discovery Rohan Jewellery creates handcrafted jewels using old-world techniques. Designs are sketched in front of your eyes, a manifestation of your thoughts, style, and aesthetic tastes. The process is inherently collaborative and clients are invited to watch the crafting process, to become part of the creative journey. More than just decoration, each piece is entrenched in sentimentality. These are adornments inextricable from the emotions that built them, pieces that speak to art, history and personal stories.

Discover more or get in touch on the Rohan Jewellery website

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