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Tuesday, October 4th 2016

Alchemic Jewels

There’s something incredibly hypnotic about coloured gems. Like serpent eyes, they speak indecipherably to our senses, provoking a subconscious quest to find out from the wearer the story behind the stone…

NYC jeweller Bliss Lau revels in this alchemy. Her fastidious selection of gems and her innovative design techniques and stylistic precision, belie an eye, skill and sorcery of a truly beyond realm multi-disciplinarian. Think coloured gems, in a flawless array of cuts, in architectural settings you won’t find anywhere else. To step inside the design process with Bliss to develop your own unique bespoke piece, see here.

Friday, September 30th 2016

Curious Luxuries

Earthen treasures enwrought with molten accents alchemise in a stylish statement for the discerning bride. As styling pieces for a celestially inspired tablescape, or as a stunning wedding gift for the couple appreciative of curious luxuries. Obsessed with these breathtakingly beautiful agate coasters and bookends, and shagreen and brass trays by HAUTE CO. Rare beauty adding dimension to the every day. Shop the collection here.

Thursday, September 29th 2016

Paris with Rime Arodaky

It’s no secret creatives often prefer to be surrounded by white. It evokes a feeling of limitlessness, of purity, peace and calm, the unblemished canvas of possibility and potential, the basis for unbound creativity and clear thinking. It’s also no surprise that historically it was, and still is, the preferred option for brides and couples beginning the journey of marriage.

Stepping into the flagship boutique of designer Rime Arodaky in Paris, and peering behind the scenes of her atelier recently, we were immediately welcomed and comforted by the familiarity of the serenity she has created for herself to design from, and the experiential environment she has created for her brides. Peppered with details, textures, and elements of her style, it is a place of tranquil beauty and osmotic inspiration.

To make your appointment Monday through Saturday, email [email protected], but if you can’t get to Paris don’t worry! You can shop the collections here.

Wednesday, September 28th 2016


Forever drawn to the beauty of contrasts and the nuances of juxtaposition, we love the irony of a statement piece espoused with disciplined minimalism. The way a red lip can look undone against a bare face, how a hastily pinned chignon can edge out a bold silhouette, and the infinite interplay of the female form as canvas for design, and design as canvas for self-expression. 

Loving these jewels by Amandina Joyeria, who themselves, are driven by the unique beauty of Mestizo traditions and embrace their heritage in a contemporary fruition of design. Capturing a quietness of detail with their artisanal handmade filigree pieces, at an affordable price point, we’re picturing a curation of these jewels adorning a vivacious bridal party (bridesmaid gift alert!) and as a timeless memento of the wedding day for years to come. Shop the collections for worldwide shipping here.

Friday, September 23rd 2016

Hasbrouck House

Picture sprawling lawns, towering pines, a magnificent 18th century Dutch Colonial stone mansion framed in foliage almost fibre optic as the seasons change. Now imagine a pool of sparkling sapphire, classic East Coast architecture, a farm to table restaurant with a menu that mimics it’s fertile surrounds, all set within an apple orchard, and you have our latest venue obsession in upstate New York, the stunning Hasbrouck House.

With event spaces, hotel rooms, and a ceremony backdrop in virtually every direction you turn, the estate is private and luxurious yet relaxed and charming. To enquire about working with Hasbrouck House for your wedding, see here.

Thursday, September 22nd 2016

Desert Gild

The barren and desolate are always a curious canvas for romance and beauty, the polarity of which oscillates, and quietly activates the soul of the other...

The latest from Amsterdam based headpiece and jewellery designer Naturae Design, shot in the abyss of Utah, USA is an unscripted story of beautiful abandon. Featuring a sneak peak of pieces from the exclusive collection (available this December) crafted from pure silver and gold plated elements, we can’t wait for the full collection unveiling. Watch this space…

Headpieces : Naturae Design. Dresses : Odylyne The Ceremony. Photographer : Kandice Breinholt.

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