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Tuesday, April 11th 2017

Gilded Botanicals.

Botanical pieces reimagined, Jannie Baltzer creates intricate headpieces and delicate crowns, vines and blooms cast in antique golds and iridescent silvers. Inspired by details from eras past, each piece is handmade in Baltzer’s Copenhagen studio, crafted from luxurious materials and finished with ornate detailing. Look for reverse crowns in complex shapes and pieces adorned with Preciosa crystals and lustrous pearls.  Paired with sleek silhouettes and undone waves, these are the perfect finishing touch for those driven by minimalism and European style. 

Find Jannie Baltzer’s full collection on her website

Monday, April 10th 2017

The Modern Muse.

Surpassing the constraints of traditional bridal design, the Mariana Hardwick label speaks to the visionary bride. A collection of hand-sewn gowns decadent with embellishment, luxurious lace motifs and whisper-weight tulle, we love Mariana Hardwick for her contemporary shapes and modern silhouettes.

The artful placing of embroidered lace on barely-there tulle is sophisticated, refined and entirely complementary to the female form. With extensive experience in the industry, Mariana Hardwick draws on classic design and tailoring methods to create modern pieces reflective of the contemporary bride. 

To view the full collection or make an appointment visit the Mariana Hardwick website

Monday, April 10th 2017

Spotlight on: Rosey West.

Jewelry designer Michael Dobkin finds romance in the absolute, in the enduring quality of his craft, pieces defined by their indelibility. A hopeful romantic and an artistic visionary, Michael is the man behind Rosey West, one of our favorite names in fine jewelry. Forever inspired by creatives and innovators, we’ve put the spotlight on Michael to discover more about his art, his life, and all things Rosey West.

Timelessly elegant and perfectly refined, Michael’s first design was a dew drop eternity ring; a classic gold band with diamonds scattered across its surface. The inspiration was drawn from garden slumbers, awaking to find your gold jewelry covered in dew drops, pearls of water that turn into diamonds.

From a childhood spent dreaming of a future as a writer, each of Michael’s creations speaks to a love of literature. His collection is comprised of stories crafted through design, impossibly delicate pieces elevated by poetic touches, each weaving stories of classic romance and eternal love.

Based in New York City, expect pieces locally made, designs that support local manufacturing and sustainable process. Entrenched in meaning, each jewel is a work of art crafted by practiced hands and dedicated souls, an ode to slow fashion and personal touches.

Discover the whole collection, or find our more on the Rosey West website

Thursday, April 6th 2017

French Opulence.

Recalling French chateaus and countryside estates, Campbell Point House brings Parisian sophistication to Victoria’s Bellarine Peninsula. A perfect collision of styling and architecture, we love Campbell Point House for natural palettes and sumptuous styling, tree-lined paths and gardens reminiscent of Versailles.

One of our favourite venues for lavish weddings and starlit ceremonies, Campbell Point House is now also servicing guests as a luxury boutique hotel. Offering intimate escapes in palatial surrounds, guests can stay in one of six double bedrooms, each with an en suite and separate sitting area with views over the moody waters of Lake Connewarre.

Find out more on the Campbell Point House website or view LANE Real Weddings held at the estate here, here and here.  

Wednesday, April 5th 2017

Modern Legacy.

Inspired by a childhood spent amongst the Alaskan mountains, the collection from Blair Lauren Brown is an ode to the region’s rugged peaks and wild terrains. An alchemic fusion of raw materials and refined style, expect fluid lines and unexpected shapes, jewels that recall the landscapes of Blair’s birthplace. Now based in New York, Blair has conceived a collection carved from precious stones and alluvial gold. Each piece is handmade and ethically sourced - a mesmeric balance of ancient traditions and contemporary aesthetics.

Discover the full collection on Blair Lauren Brown’s website

Tuesday, April 4th 2017

World Class Dishes.

When planning a wedding, we look for caterers who serve menus reminiscent of the world’s top restaurants. We love degustation dishes and unexpected ingredients, flavor combinations that surprise and plating that inspires. Now, one of our favorite names in Melbourne catering, Fred & Ginger will soon be serving dishes inspired by some of Australia's top culinary talent.

Selected by the renowned Melbourne Food and Wine Festival to produce their House of Food and Wine event series, the Fred & Ginger team is working with the likes of Maurice Terzini (Icebergs), David Moyle (Franklin, Hobart), Paul Carmichael (Momofuku), Scott Pickett (Estelle), Christine Mansfield, Jacques Reymond, and John Susman.

As part of this exclusive pairing, the Fred & Ginger team will be taking inspiration from a range of the recipes produced to add to their wedding and event catering repertoire. Get a first taste of the dishes at the MFWF’s House of Food and Wine series which runs until Sunday April 9, or get in touch with Fred & Ginger on their website

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