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Tuesday, August 8th 2017

3 Tips for Beautiful Wedding Photography by Bek Smith

A photographer we love for her moody frames that spill with emotion and draw your eye to tiny poetic details that might otherwise go unnoticed, we caught up with Bek Smith to discover her top 3 tips for beautiful wedding photography...

1. Let Go

Its been said a million times, but it truly is the best advice I ever had, and repeat it to every couple over and over... Let Go. Leave all your stress, worry and concerns at the door on the day. Let your suppliers and planners take over (that's their job) and enjoy what the day is all about: You and your loved ones. A glass of champagne is a necessity and taking a moment to yourself without the hair + makeup team, bridesmaids and Mothers. Take a walk or have a cup of tea by the window. Really simple but truly calming.

2. Focus on your partner

The best way to relax in front of the camera is to focus all your attention on your partner. Photographers will always give you some form of guidance or instruction, take this advice and then move on from there. Movement, real emotion and laughter are what we want to capture at the end of the day. The more you are yourselves, the better the photos.

3. Ask your guests to leave their iPhones behind

Technology is wonderful. But asking your guests to leave their phones, cameras (and iPads) at the door is one of the best things you can do during your ceremony. Encourage your guests to be 'in the moment' and let the professionals capture the magic as it unfolds.

View more of Bek Smith's portfolio on The LANE Directory or via her website 

Monday, March 6th 2017

Perfect Hypnosis

Three frames we love by Bek Smith. There's a hypnotic beauty to the way Bek shoots. A long-time favorite who has shot our own events and the weddings of many LANE Brides, Bek has a rare photojournalistic style, highlighting the drama that quietly unfolds in the smallest of moments. She guides your eye to see details that enrich stories; the fluidity of fabric, light that spills through windows, dancing shadows, fleeting glances. The little things.

Discover Bek’s portfolio of work on her website.

Sunday, May 29th 2016

Highlights This Week

This week we celebrate Bek Smith, a dramatic storyteller in black and white sequences. Completely mesmerised by her majestic captures, this image (above) stopped us in our tracks. 

The incredible embellishment of Bo & Luca's Isra gown (pictured above) remains a firm favourite. A timeless creation, perfect for channelling effortless mood of luxe bohemia. And hand picked LANE photographer Alice Mahran continues to enchant us with her dreamily candid captures (below). Darkly feminine and always unexpected, her photographs, with their inimitable colour and texture have you wanting to reach out and touch. 

We welcome videographer Joel Tronoff to our LANE community of creatives. Cinematic in style, pictured above is a still from this free spirited film maker. Explore his bodt of beautiful work here.

Meanwhile, photographer Cassandra Ladru reminds us of the poignant beauty found in fleeting moments like these (below). A stunning composition, that has us feeling like we’re right there.

We’re celebrating the arrival of Tutu du Monde’s bespoke service, giving brides the opportunity to customise the colours, silhouette and embellishment to their favourite configuration. Similarly bespoke, we’re ordering a pair of luxuriously monogrammed Jasmine and Will pyjama’s (a pair for for ourselves, and one for each of our lady loves).

Reminiscing over the recent opening of LOHO Bride’s West Hollywood store, this chic space (pictured above) is spilling with gowns by so many of our favourite designers. Come backstage with us at the opening, and see more of the new boutique here. In the spirit of reminiscing, we’re also looking back to the magical day of shooting Samuelle Couture’s ethereal creations (pictured below) with the inimitable Jose Villa.

Cass Deller, creator of our beautiful stationery for the Samsung Summer Soiree (pictured below), continues to inspire us with her signature hand and organic inky markings, drawn from the sea. 

The intriguing jewelry of Maripossa (pictured above) continues to bewitch.  With its unique craftsmanship, an alchemic like transformation of raw elements into delicate jewels, these molten tendrils are perfect for non-traditionalists, layered with a simple silk gown. Photographer Amelia Fullarton also continues to captivate, drawing us in with her raw portraiture. Candid moments (like this one below) are effortlessly immortalised as transportive memories, back to the magic of the day.  

Thursday, November 20th 2014

Dreamy Details

Losing ourselves today in dreamy moments of detailed textures of lace and metallics by handpicked LANE photographer Bek Smith. Shooting as if on a colour palette that only she can see, there's a beautiful mood that runs through her images, connecting tones and textures, blending an almost fashion editorial quality, with a emotive rawness! 

Monday, March 3rd 2014

Effortlessly Free: Bek Smith Photography

If you are drawn to beautiful whimsical wedding photography that evokes a sense of wild freedom, you will love these shots from Bek Smith, one of our favourite photographers handpicked for The LANE Directory

Bek's creativity for blending dreamy light with real emotions, give her work a captivating free-spirited and honest mood. Her effortless aesthetic lending perfectly to organic bohemian and romantic weddings.

Flicking through her stunning portfolio, we are drawn to the realness and honesty found in her images and her ability to naturally capture the personality of each couple she shoots! 

Bek Smith is based between Sydney and Melbourne. For more inspiration, take a look at more work from Bek here.

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