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Tuesday, August 8th 2017

3 Tips for Beautiful Wedding Photography by Bek Smith

A photographer we love for her moody frames that spill with emotion and draw your eye to tiny poetic details that might otherwise go unnoticed, we caught up with Bek Smith to discover her top 3 tips for beautiful wedding photography...

1. Let Go

Its been said a million times, but it truly is the best advice I ever had, and repeat it to every couple over and over... Let Go. Leave all your stress, worry and concerns at the door on the day. Let your suppliers and planners take over (that's their job) and enjoy what the day is all about: You and your loved ones. A glass of champagne is a necessity and taking a moment to yourself without the hair + makeup team, bridesmaids and Mothers. Take a walk or have a cup of tea by the window. Really simple but truly calming.

2. Focus on your partner

The best way to relax in front of the camera is to focus all your attention on your partner. Photographers will always give you some form of guidance or instruction, take this advice and then move on from there. Movement, real emotion and laughter are what we want to capture at the end of the day. The more you are yourselves, the better the photos.

3. Ask your guests to leave their iPhones behind

Technology is wonderful. But asking your guests to leave their phones, cameras (and iPads) at the door is one of the best things you can do during your ceremony. Encourage your guests to be 'in the moment' and let the professionals capture the magic as it unfolds.

View more of Bek Smith's portfolio on The LANE Directory or via her website 

Friday, December 2nd 2016


Forever lulled by the idea of leaving it all behind and running away, dreams of elopement criss cross the minds of many a betrothed couple. The spontaneity, the unknown, the unrestrained, are romantic binary tenets upon which to begin and build a marriage.

Mesmerised by this beauty, Melbourne based photographer Bek Smith artfully captures the hopeful and wistful, the ethereal and serene. With a much loved and revered professional eye, her work not only immortalises, but inspires. To view more of her stunning work and to enquire about how you might best work with Bek Smith, see here.

[Florals: Wild Daughter. Calligraphy: Cass Deller. Second Shooter/Assistant: Ali Bailey]

Wednesday, September 7th 2016

Expertly Lensed

Absolutely in love with the details captured by Melbourne based photographer Bek Smith in this classic, monochrome wedding. Managing a modern version of timeless refinement with graphic lines and disciplined styling, it is a stunning dichotomy of classically beautiful and uniquely individual, expertly lensed. View more of this stunning wedding and enquire about working with Bek Smith via her webiste here.

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