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Thursday, November 30th 2017

Le Nuage Perfumé

In October this year, The Maison Cartier presented Le Nuage Parfumé, or ‘Scented Cloud’ at the Palais de Tokyo et du Musée d’Art Moderne - an exclusive olfactory journey dreamt up by Cartier’s in-house perfumer Mathilde Laurent.

 “My sole ambition is to provoke emotion” – Mathilde Laurent.

Members of the public were invited to interact with fragrance as a full-fledged medium and as a source of inspiration for unique multi-sensorial experiences. A cloud floats as if by magic in a transparent glass cube. Visitors are invited to enter into this closed space, then take a spiral staircase leading them to the cloud. Once they reach the summit, it is no longer about seeing but about smelling the honeyed and diaphanous notes of L’Envol de Cartier.

These OSNI (Unidentified Scented Objects), were created from the impetuous need to view perfume differently, freeing it from its condition as a product and presenting it to the public beyond any commercial or advertising context, in order to show that smell is an unrivalled vector of emotions. A source of wonderment, of questioning and surprise.

Its aim is to show the beauty of olfactory art, to share and encourage its future. This is the role and characteristic of what is “Maison” in the world of fragrance, protecting its art and making it come alive. Art has always been at the heart of the Maison Cartier. 

View more from Cartier here or head to their website

Thursday, June 1st 2017

Symbolic Romance.

A piece steeped in the symbolism of binding promises and timeless love, our latest jewelry obsession is Cartier’s new LΘVE Bracelet, (a finer version of their first iconic design, in rose or yellow gold). Originally created in 1969, as an interpretation of chastity belts from Medival times, each bracelet locks around the wrist, and can only be removed with a special screwdriver. Whether gifted as an anniversary piece between lovers, or as a piece we're splurging on for ourselves, symbolic of commitments made to the self, there's a timeless allure and romance to Cartier's LOVE bracelets, that draws upon everything we love about this iconic brand. 

Shop the collection on the Cartier website.

Friday, July 17th 2015

Just Discovered

This month we're revising some of our favourite iconic jewellery designs, imagining the infinite possibilities of how women worldwide uniquely style these pieces as their own. Think delicate Paspaley pearls framed moodily, in a darker light (seen above), or the original bohemian icon, the Cartier LOVE bangle, symbolically fastened at the wrist (pictured below).

We're obsessing over George Wu's latest bespoke creation (pictured above), an ethereal black gown embodying every element of our dark bohemian bridesmaids dreams! 

Inspired by a twist on classicism, we're coveting the timeless crystal stemware of Vera Wang Wedgwood, the perfect pieces to pair with incredible florals by Gypsy Flora...master of giant bouquets spilling with seasonal blooms and forgotten favourites.

And dreaming of all things exotic we're having a Beauty moment with incredible brows and bronzed cheeks (quietly thrilled to have unearthed Honey Tusk Eyebrow Studio - Sydney based brides take note!). We're also re-visiting this beautiful work by make up artist Liv Lundelius (pictured above), the flawless base, gently shimmering eyes (and brushed brows) our the perfect take on natural glamour. 

Monday, May 26th 2014


Synonymous with iconic couplings and legendary love stories, Cartier is a jewellery house steeped in inimitable history, a french maison where love has reigned supreme for over 160 years. Endlessly romanced by a perfect union, we are thrilled to include Cartier on The LANE directory, as one of the worlds finest jewellers. 

Delving into the heritage of Cartier, it is easy to be seduced by the fascinating tales and mythical unions, the fabled history and a sense that the jewellery, so infamously interwoven in these stories, has formed part of history itself. Grace Kelly and Prince Rainer, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, and the Duke of Windsor and Wallis Simpson - a love story so complicated & incredible it could read as fiction. These legacies leave a trail of gemstones of incomparable brilliance in their wake...

 Yet there is a rich history of symbolism and inspiration interwoven in so many of the houses collections, drawn not from royalty or hollywood, but from real life, mere mortals, iconic movements and passionate romance - each just as bewitching. 

 One of our favourites - the LOVE collection - a child of 1970's New York, began with an elegant flat bangle. Studded with screws, it opened and fastened with a screw driver and locked to your wrist, signifying an inseparable union. For bohemian and eclectic brides, the LOVE ring - studded with solitaire diamonds, referencing seventies glamour and the decade of love - seems a beautifully fitting choice. 

 We also adore the old world elegance of the Ballerine collection, inspired by the world of dance and movement. Feminine, delicate and paved with diamonds, it sits alongside an undulating wedding band, curving in graceful continuous motion.

Find some of our favourite pieces below - with full collections found on the Cartier website - along with Set For You, a beskpoke ring experience - the ultimate expression of imagination and romance. 

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