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Monday, May 8th 2017

The New Guard.

The world of bridal has so often been defined by frivolity. By packaged weddings and ceremonies that tend toward the superfluous, where details are added to appeal to anonymous Instagram followers and Facebook friends. This is a world where the woman becomes The Bride, her aesthetic repressed by limited options and tired trends.

Washing over us like a wave of relief, the newest editorial by Chosen by One Day references the artists, visionaries and dreamers who are pushing back. Following on from New York Bridal Week (see our coverage here), Chosen by One Day takes bridal into new, dynamic territory. Featuring intricate embroidery aside sequined slips and billowing silk sleeves, Chosen by One Day has created a collection epitomizing the chic direction the bridal industry is headed in. A love child of bridal and streetwear, this is a collection that shows the woman behind the bride, offering gowns we want to wear and designs that don’t force us to compromise our personal style.

Discover the full campaign on the Chosen by One Day website

Monday, December 19th 2016

CHOSEN by One Day Bridal

Once upon a time as a bride you had to walk into a boutique to be sure of what you were getting. The fit, the fabric, the quality, the finish, the perfection factor. Not so anymore. With the competitive rise of e-commerce, we want what we want, no matter where it is in the world, and without have to jump on a plane. We seek out the best the earth has to offer, but we don’t want it to cost the earth. 

Enter CHOSEN by One Day Bridal. Offering the cutting edge creative direction One Day Bridal is known for, but available worldwide, it heralds luxury at a more palatable price point. View more of the breathtaking Muse The Collection and shop the designs from anywhere in the world here.

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