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Friday, December 15th 2017

Daphne Newman's 2018 'Love Awakened' Collection

Designer Daphne Newman’s latest ‘Love Awakened’ collection, features 10 breath-taking couture veils. Each piece is handmade using silk tulle and exclusive lace sourced by Daphne on her travels to Europe and the Middle East.

Shot at an 11th century monastery in Umbria Italy with LANE favourite Lelia Scarfiotti, Daphne and her team set out to change the mood of the veil; focusing on the contrast of the feminine and ethereal details against the time worn facades of the ancient structures. Inspired by the rich history of Italy and her global pursuit of rare lace, Daphne’s vision was a unity of textural detailing and ornate silhouettes in the most traditional setting of them all- the catholic church. Demonstrating to brides and industry alike, that you can incorporate tradition without compromising personal style.

Each piece is designed to be kept by the bride as a timeless memory of her wedding style, and cherished as an heirloom for future generations- a rarity in our modern society of fast fashion. As the defining bridal accessory, Daphne encourages her brides to carefully choose their veil, as an honest reflection of their style and personality, and not simply an afterthought of the gown.

Love Awakened is available at stockist’s in Canada and the United States, as well as on her website. Additionally, all of Daphne’s collections can be found exclusively at SPINA Bride in New York City.

Creative Direction: Daphne Newman + Raquelle Kilotaitis

Wedding Veils: Daphne Newman

Photographer: Lelia Scarfiotti

Model: Cloe Simoncioni of Casting Firenze 

Hair/Makeup: Katie Angus of The Future Mrs.

Gowns: Beaded long sleeve - Liz Martinez from Spina Bride / Lace off the shoulder - Liz Martinez from Spina Bride / Beaded/Glitter Gown - Karen Willis Holmes from Pearl and Dot / Slip Dress - Daphne Newman

Venue: Umbria, Italy

Saturday, February 11th 2017

Stars Collide.

When stars collide, magic ensues.

Giving access to the perpetually unobtainable and inherently elusive art of couture, are two of our favorites Elle & Adhira and Daphne Newman who have joined together to create a magical collection of veils.

Think hand crafted veils that cascade to the floor, shrouding the figure in an ethereal mystique, cut from the finest silk tulle and finished with floral appliques, intricate beading and scalloped Alecon lace. Offering three limited addition designs that epitomise exquisite craftsmanship and timeless design, you can view and purchase the veils on the Elle & Adhira website.

Sunday, February 5th 2017

Couture Veils.

Amongst a sea of labels in the bridal industry, there are designers you stumble across whose pieces completely stop you. There’s a magic behind their work that’s hard to put your finger on, a passion you know comes from a deeply inspired place. And as you delve a little deeper into their story, you learn that it's a boldness these creatives share that separates their work. A desire to do things differently, to take the hard route if they have to, to create work that does justice to the ideas they dream up.

When it comes to boldness and passion, Daphne Newman has it in spades. Daphne's veils are inimitable, and the difference lies in the story imbued in every piece. Scouring the globe for rare European fabrics, Daphne creates designs inspired by the memories of her journey to find each piece of lace, and the people behind it. The result is a decadent, couture-like approach to veils, with intricate embroidery and delicate scalloped lace woven over diaphanous layers of tulle, or blends of beading and fringing that feel like wearable art. 

Here’s a little peek at some of our favorites we recently shot in NYC. Head over to the Daphne Newman website to shop the collection or enquire about a bespoke piece that can be customised to suit your gown.

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