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Thursday, January 12th 2017

European Love Stories.

There's an intoxicating beauty and almost palpable energy to Damien Milan's work. Images so powerful in their silence, as voyeurs we're wildly curious about the stories they tell. As the subject, we can only imagine how magnetically they draw a bride and groom right back into that exact ephemeral moment. Aesthetically there's a richness and depth the tone of his images that we rarely see. Light and shade illuminating details in the most cinematic way, revealing with emphasis what his masterful eye chooses to share. Its this level of artistry that sees Damien travelling the world to shoot some of the most exquisite destination weddings.

For those planning to wed in Europe and take advantage of Damien's location, we've just caught wind that he will be in Brussels late June and available to capture destination weddings and elopements throughout Europe from July until the end of September. For all booking enquiries, and to see his complete portfolio visit the Damien Milan website.

Thursday, February 18th 2016

Damien Milan Photography

Typical of photographer Damien Milan’s work, is a magnetic intensity of closeness. There’s something about the way he captures a moment, something intoxicatingly real and raw. From the texture of landscape and dress, to the intimacy of pre-wedding preparatory steps, Damien’s approach is one of telling a story through detail - the quiet drama of technique and of tone. Australia based, Damien and his partner have an international scope and while working from Brussels for 3 months this year, are available for booking in and around Europe weddings to which they will already be travelling. If planning an international or destination wedding, consider the practicality and cost-saving of a trusted photographer already in situ, contacting Damien Milan directly here to enquire about dates and his availability. 

Travel dates in Europe
31 May -18th of June: Based in Brussels, Belgium
19th June - 29th of June: Greek islands
28th of June: Elopement in Santorini, Greece
2nd of July: Backyard woodland wedding in Beerse, Belgium
3rd of July - 18th of August: Based in Brussels, Belgium
19th of August - 2nd of September: Ireland road trip
1st of September: Country wedding in Cavan, Ireland
9th of September: Back to Sydney

Thursday, July 10th 2014

Tales of Golden Light: Lelia Scarfiotti

“I wish I was a poet…but I’ve never been good with words.
Photography it’s the only language I know, the way I see the world and all the small things that make life so incredible.
Addicted to life, coffee, opens spaces, day dreaming, music and Chagall paintings.
I always walk barefoot.
Love rainy days.
Don’t talk much.
but I am a great listener."

Have you ever experienced a poem so entrancing that you are magically transported you to a place? Face lit by a golden Tuscan sun, body shaded by hills dappled with cypress trees, a veil delicately caught up in the wind, small towns dancing upon cliff tops. Captivated by the work of Italy based wedding photographer Lelia Scarfiotti we’re longing for simple romance in otherworldly lands. 

Longtime lovers of Lelia’s stories we are drawn to the exotic tales she tells with her lens and her bewitching ability to document a wedding in the most poetic way. Instantly recognisable, full of soul and evoking an ethereal mood of raw romance the way Lelia uses her home of the Tuscan countryside to inspire her work is magical. Creative compositions, depth of field and an eye for detail creating emotion in every single frame. 

Behind some of our all time favourite real weddings featured on The LANE, drawing us to the enchanting landscapes and romantic moments of an Italian countryside wedding, we wish every bride could have Lelia tell their story. For Italian brides or those lucky enough to be planning a destination wedding you absolutely have to look at Lelia's work. 

Lelia Scarfiotti is based in Tuscany Italy. To see more romantic tales from Leila visit her official website

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