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Tuesday, December 6th 2016


Rawness and fluidity characterise the hand-forged designs of goldsmith Lenka Šváchová under her label 27JEWELRY. Deeply connecting with her materials she tirelessly toils on one-of-a-kind pieces, shape-shifting them from earthen form to wearable art, with as little manipulation as possible. Speaking to the souls of women, 27JEWELRY is a celebration of organic splendours, exquisite craftsmanship, and the polarity of the precious with the wild and free. To view more of her curiously beautiful work and to enquire about working on your engagement and wedding rings with 27JEWELRY, see here.

Tuesday, November 1st 2016


Forever entranced by the cosmic pull of rare gems, the endless ways they're artfully and meaningfully set, and the power and beauty they're imbued with. Mementos of the heart, fallen from the sky, plucked from the earth, and masterfully imagined as jewelled adornment, it's little wonder precious gems are so inextricably bound to the ceremony of marriage.

In love with the nuanced beauty of NYC based jeweller Vena Amoris. Inspired by ancient romance and moving mythology, her designs are steeped in story and rare beauty. View more of the one of a kind collections here.

Tuesday, October 11th 2016

A Celestial Celebration

A persuasion towards the magical and the celestial, the unexpected and the beautiful….

Skyward influences of galaxies and constellations fall into earthbound manifestations as crystals and minerals, captured and distilled by the mastery of NYC based fine jewel visionary Anna Sheffield. And now, for the very first time ever, we are thrilled to announce we are bringing this lauded jewel luminary to Australia for two magical events.

Sydney | Oct 25th
459 Elizabeth Street, First Floor, Surry Hills 

Melbourne | Oct 27th 
XO Studios
10A Lincoln Street, Brunswick East

Time: 5:30 – 7:30pm

Join us for an exclusive, LANE hosted evening of jewels, astrology and champagne in Sydney and Melbourne to shot Anna Sheffield’s designs in person, and to meet the designer in a sought after one on one consultation with her the following day, where she will sketch your ring design before your eyes. This is an extremely rare opportunity to work with such a celebrated jeweller, available in Australia for the very first time.

Bookings are extremely limited, RSVP to [email protected] for these two exclusive events, and view more of her designs here.

Tuesday, October 4th 2016

Alchemic Jewels

There’s something incredibly hypnotic about coloured gems. Like serpent eyes, they speak indecipherably to our senses, provoking a subconscious quest to find out from the wearer the story behind the stone…

NYC jeweller Bliss Lau revels in this alchemy. Her fastidious selection of gems and her innovative design techniques and stylistic precision, belie an eye, skill and sorcery of a truly beyond realm multi-disciplinarian. Think coloured gems, in a flawless array of cuts, in architectural settings you won’t find anywhere else. To step inside the design process with Bliss to develop your own unique bespoke piece, see here.

Friday, July 29th 2016

New York, New York

For what are stars in one's eyes but the indelible decoration of wonder in one's heart? There sure is something about NYC that reaches through a person and brings forth beauty, light, creativity, and the sparkle of possibility. Inspired by this very essence, the new collection by Tiffany & Co "Tiffany T" captures this strength and inspired actualisation in strong, graphic lines of precious metals and diamonds. For that NYC energy wherever you are in the world, we're in love with the chic statement of Tiffany T. View more of the collection and shop online here.

Sunday, July 17th 2016

Highlights This Week

This week we're in love with the one-of-a-kind masterpieces of Sydney based (Florence trained!) fine jeweller Mia Chicco. Imbued with italian heritage and inspired by ancient roman treasures, her pieces are a uniquely beautiful statement of time-worn sentiment.

While it's no secret spilling florals enrapture our senses every time, this arrangement by Melbourne based Fleur is our idea of divine.

The culinary artistry of Sydney based Caterer Studio Neon has us dreaming of their delectable, gallery-worthy creations. While new to our handpicked list of breathtaking Wedding Photographers continually pushing the boundaries of their art form, is Sunshine coast based Janneke Storm (below).

For art lovers and interior design buffs (who isn't!?) we're dreaming of city skylines and the chic, boutique experience of The Olsen. Nestled in the Chapel Street precinct of Melbourne, think an intimate wedding of up to 50 guests, or a cocktail wedding of up to 350 guests where guests can attend and stay amidst the lyrical works of renowned Australian landscape artist Dr John Olsen.

Continuing our theme on artistry this week we're inspired by the ethos of Melbourne based Makeup Artist Tess McFadden who beautifully adheres to her guiding principle of "enhance don't cover".

Tear of the moon, we're swept away by the mystical beauty imbued in the work of Brooklyn based fine jeweller Vena Amoris, which is latin for "vein of love". It was traditionally believed that the fourth finger of the left hand was the only finger with a vein flowing directly from the heart. Romantic much?

And speaking of romance and dreaming, there are few more beautiful places to bask in the magic of love and the natural world, than at the end of the earth itself; Iceland. Thinking back to our recent trip, we couldn't help but lose ourselves in thoughts of it's barren beauty juxtaposed against the raw modern splendor of Iceland Luxury Lodges for the perfect honeymoon escape.

We're loving the relaxed indie bride vibes of Kansas City boutique BRIDE. Offering a personalised bespoke experience or their seriously refreshing "No Appointment Wednesdays" where you can wander in and shop their impressive curation of gowns at your own pace, your own way.

For the bride and groom who already have everything, the gift situation can be awkward and headache-inducing. For the right kind of headache(!) we love the idea (and ease!) of online wine gift registry Wine Please. Offering an impressive catalogue of wines at varying levels of luxury their service is free and easy to create, and a secure and fail-safe way for your guests to buy something they'll know you'll enjoy!

Obsessing over this gilded french lace drop veil in ivory gold by US based Girl With A Serious Dream. Reminiscent of the gilded Rococo architecture found within the Palace of Versailles, it is the ultimate statement of old-world french luxury. 

And finally, we're ever mesmerised by the ethereal moments and nostalgic beauty immortalised via the expert lens of Jose Villa. Proving yet again that he never misses a moment, this Tuscan wedding has our hearts.

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