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Friday, July 28th 2017

Cosmos Photography Retreat.

Art is a reflection of the self. It is a tale of becoming and unbecoming, a map of our stories and an impression of our lives. Our craft mimics the murmurs of our hearts and the whispers of our souls, it traces our growth and our change, it is but an apologue of all that we have learnt and all that we are.

Unfolding this October in the Tuscan Hills, Cosmos is a four day retreat that invites photographers to grow, learn and explore their craft. Intimate and immersive, the gathering is a celebration of art and life, a dedication to the photographic process and all that it entails.

Led by LANE favorite Lelia Scarfiotti, the retreat offers opportunities for female photographers to grow as an individual and a business, through group learning, styled shoots and one-to-one feedback sessions from the likes of Bek Smith, Alli Oughtred, Miryana Slivenska and Alessandra Santini. We'll also be attending, and discussing all things Art Directing, Branding and offering advice for marketing your work. 

More than just conference or retreat, Cosmos is a creative pilgrimage, a collaboration between artists who appreciate the beauty in imperfection, the drama in simplicity, and the strength in growth.

Need to know:
Cosmos is a photography retreat for women taking place from October 29 to November 3, 2017. The event will unfold within the grounds of Castello di Spaltenna, an ancient monastery turned luxury hotel nestled in the heart of Tuscany.

Attendees will have the opportunitiy to participate in three days of technical and business advice to enhance your photography skills and elevate your business, three assisted styled-shoots to learn and build your portfolio, one-to-one reviews to evaluate your existing portfolio, your website and all images taken during the retreat.

The total cost of the event is 2500€ per person, which includes five nights accommodation and all meals throughout your stay.

Registration for the event is now open. More information can be found on the Cosmos website or through Lelia Scarfiotti

Friday, April 28th 2017

Slow Flowers.

As we look to floral trends, we find ourselves drawn to fluid installations and loose arrangements; bunches of blooms that appear freshly foraged, stems nonchalantly picked and effortlessly bundled. We dream of casual strolls through farms and fields, wildflowers found in hidden lanes, and roses that climb and wind over backyard fences.  

In reality, the blooms we all love often must be internationally sourced. Their life begins amidst chemicals and preservatives, before being flown hundreds or thousands of miles to a new destination. These are flowers bred for demand with affordability and longevity taking precedence over fragrance and structure.

And yet, the tides are changing. Across the industry, growers, suppliers and consumers are demanding a return to simplicity, sustainability, and floristry unfiltered.

This beautiful revolution continues to unfold this weekend in the hills of Tuscany. An abandoned Chianti structure will play host to some of Italy’s leading florists, its ageing walls transformed with wild florals in rambling sculptures. Photographed by LANE handpicked photographer Lelia Scarfiotti, Slow Flowers is a celebration of the local, and an ode to sustainability and community.

Using recovered blooms and excess cuttings, florists and guests will create their pieces, showcasing the inherent beauty in local produce and unexpected pairings.

See more of Lelia’s photography here or find out more about Slow Flowers on their website. For full coverage of the event, stay tuned, we’ll be bringing you images of our favorite creations in the coming days…

Friday, July 22nd 2016

Poetic Imbue

There’s effervesce in every image of Tuscany based photographer Lelia Scarfiotti. The softness of a touch, the love behind eyes, the pride and solemnity of a carefully pinned boutonniere. Ultra fine micro-bubbles of captured emotion, poetically imbued in every frame, immortalising so very much more than a picture for a picture book, but a palpable portal for a lifetime.

A LANE favourite we’re very proud to recommend, to view more of the photographic spell-casting by Lelia Scarfiotti and to enquire about booking her for your wedding (in Europe and worldwide), see here.

Friday, February 19th 2016

Highlights This Week

Obsessing over the uniquely raw forms of Blair Lauren Brown jewelry (above), we’re dreaming of unexpected stacks of gold across each finger…and celebrating in similarly befitting style at the incredible Brooklyn locale, The Green Building (below). All exposed walls and dark polished floors, it’s the ultimate chic-meets-rustic blank canvas space. Also see their beautiful sister venue, 501 Union.

We’re reminiscing over balmy bygone days spent exploring Cuban streets, and this magnificent Rue De Seine gown (above) - perfect for pairing with this bohemian hand crafted ring by Lunessa (below) - a stunning alternative to a traditional diamond.

The dark intrigue of serious stationery talents Bliss & Bone has caught our eye again with their unexpected work, this time a suite of bold monochrome and painterly markings (below). They’re in good company with the distinctly darker lens of Italian photographer Lelia Scarfiotti, the master of exquisitely moody palettes and sensually lit details (as captured below). Consider the opulent drama of Netta Benshabu’s lace gowns as the perfect extension of this dark femininity. 

Vale Jewelry’s mystical diamond slice rings, with their organic forms, have us re-considering traditional stones in favour of something more daring (as above). While photographer Lauren Campbell (below) reminds us of what a breathtaking night portrait should look like, a secretive glimpse between two souls, immortalised.

Tuesday, February 17th 2015

Tuscan Moods

Revisting today one of our all-time favourite Tuscan weddings from the amazingly talented Lelia Scarfiotti! Longtime lovers of Lelia’s stories her exotic tales & her poetic documentations never lose their magic...For Italian brides or those lucky enough to be planning a destination wedding you absolutely have to look at Lelia's work. 

See more of Stefan & Ashwini's beautiful wedding here or visit Lelia's website

Thursday, July 10th 2014

Tales of Golden Light: Lelia Scarfiotti

“I wish I was a poet…but I’ve never been good with words.
Photography it’s the only language I know, the way I see the world and all the small things that make life so incredible.
Addicted to life, coffee, opens spaces, day dreaming, music and Chagall paintings.
I always walk barefoot.
Love rainy days.
Don’t talk much.
but I am a great listener."

Have you ever experienced a poem so entrancing that you are magically transported you to a place? Face lit by a golden Tuscan sun, body shaded by hills dappled with cypress trees, a veil delicately caught up in the wind, small towns dancing upon cliff tops. Captivated by the work of Italy based wedding photographer Lelia Scarfiotti we’re longing for simple romance in otherworldly lands. 

Longtime lovers of Lelia’s stories we are drawn to the exotic tales she tells with her lens and her bewitching ability to document a wedding in the most poetic way. Instantly recognisable, full of soul and evoking an ethereal mood of raw romance the way Lelia uses her home of the Tuscan countryside to inspire her work is magical. Creative compositions, depth of field and an eye for detail creating emotion in every single frame. 

Behind some of our all time favourite real weddings featured on The LANE, drawing us to the enchanting landscapes and romantic moments of an Italian countryside wedding, we wish every bride could have Lelia tell their story. For Italian brides or those lucky enough to be planning a destination wedding you absolutely have to look at Lelia's work. 

Lelia Scarfiotti is based in Tuscany Italy. To see more romantic tales from Leila visit her official website

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