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Monday, April 3rd 2017

Soft Focus.

Like waves slowly rolling onto the shore, Paris Hawken’s photography washes over you, subtley immersing you in her hypnotic aesthetic. Based in the picturesque Margret River region, Paris draws inspiration from her natural surrounds to capture intimate portraits and wild landscapes with a signature softness that seeps from each frame. Director of the just-launched publication, The Elements Journal, expect dappled light and dancing shadows; each shot a blissful concoction of beautiful moments quietly captured.

Take a look at Paris' portfolio or get in touch via her website

Friday, March 17th 2017

Stolen Moments.

Forever searching for magic in unexpected places, we love photography that spills with emotion; those in-between moments of whispered conversations and stolen kisses. Moving away from posed images and orchestrated scenes, Ali Bailey’s aesthetic is built from spontaneous moments beautifully captured. Melting into the background of a wedding, Ali shoots inconspicuously, quietly capturing those fleeting, indescribable moments as they unfold… 

Discover Ali’s portfolio and get in touch with her via her website

Thursday, March 16th 2017

Lost In Berlin.

Shot in the cobblestoned streets of Berlin, the latest editorial from Andrea Kellan has us dreaming of lavish ceremonies and classic European styling. An alluring collection of cinematic frames, each shot spills with dark romance and moody opulence. Andrea creates visual poetry; images weaving themselves into a story of enigmatic souls and old-world love.

View Andrea Kellan’s full portfolio here

Friday, May 29th 2015

In Profile: Jonathon Ong

We caught up earlier this week with Melbourne based Jonathon Ong (a handpicked LANE photographer whose style we love), to discuss the good, the bad and the beautifully unexpected sides to wedding photography…

Jon how did you first get in to wedding photography?
My journey with wedding photography started accidentally - I studied art in High School & was shooting for fun on film during weekends and every so often would just post a couple of images on my personal blog. And out of the blue, someone commented on one of my posts and asked whether I wanted to second shoot for him at a wedding. We met up, became friends, shot my first wedding as a second shooter and the rest is history.

 What do you love most about your job?
Being able to witness & celebrate love. 

And least?!
Being caught in between awkward family disagreements.

 Favourite time of day (or night) to shoot?
Just before sunset - the light is the kindest & I love shooting in that kind of light.

 Most amazing and unexpected moment photographing weddings, to date?
To see a groom cry as a sees his bride walks down the aisle, it makes my heart skip a beat every time.

 Every wedding is unique, but have there been any favourites to photograph?
My favourite weddings would be those that are down to earth, organic & most importantly those who just want to have fun. Justin & Jessica, Simon & Sarah and Nick & Kim.

 One thing Brides & Grooms should remember (but often forget)…?
Remember to enjoy yourself on the day - don't get too caught up with worrying about the logistics.

You can find more examples of Jons work here on The LANE or over on his website

Monday, February 2nd 2015

The Golden Hour

We've had a long-time love for the work of Perth based photographer Teneil Kable, handpicked for The LANE Brands back when we started four years ago. Four years on and we are just as in love with her dreamy light-filled images, emotive storytelling and the way she candidly captures the raw and honest emotion of a couple on their wedding day as we were back then.

Immediately recognisable, golden light is an intrinsically beautiful part of Teneil’s work and a reoccurring theme in her stunning imagery. Moments of unguarded romance, basked in natural light, against natural landscapes ignite the senses and give her work an indescribale magic. 

If you are looking for a true photojournalist, we can’t recommend Teneil enough. Her artistic eye and attention to every small stylistic detail, colours and textures is just incredible. Traveling the world to document some of the most beautiful wedding we've seen, for US brides Teneil will be in California and New York in 2015 (August to October), as well as Hawaii in late December and is available for bookings.

These are just some of our favourite images from Teneil, you can find her portfolio of work on The LANE or visit her website here

Monday, January 12th 2015

Dress Captures

Innately pulled by our love of fashion editorial photography (think moody, evocative black and whites telling stories of moments and movement), we're forever searching for photographers who can bring to life this sense of drama and an old world cinematic quality in the weddings they document. The talent of Perth based photographer Natasja Kremers for highlighting texture & movement (cue incredible dress captures!) has us completely captivated! Her images evoking a certain drama and artfulness…an easy blend of candid intimacy with beautifully unexpected (almost fine art like) framing, perfect for those looking for a photographer who will do the artistic details of their day justice!

With an ability to be seemingly everywhere, all at once, some of our favourite images (of which there are too many to possibly choose!) have been shot secretly from above, below and behind, fly-on-the-wall style from unexpected angles, revealing fleeting moments of incredible beauty.

Perth brides, you can explore the full portfolio of Natasja's work on her website or find more of our favourites in the LANE gallery.

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