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Monday, April 3rd 2017

Soft Focus.

Like waves slowly rolling onto the shore, Paris Hawken’s photography washes over you, subtley immersing you in her hypnotic aesthetic. Based in the picturesque Margret River region, Paris draws inspiration from her natural surrounds to capture intimate portraits and wild landscapes with a signature softness that seeps from each frame. Director of the just-launched publication, The Elements Journal, expect dappled light and dancing shadows; each shot a blissful concoction of beautiful moments quietly captured.

Take a look at Paris' portfolio or get in touch via her website

Monday, March 6th 2017

Hauntingly Beautiful Wedding Photography.


Perpetually sifting through stunning wedding photography, there are those shots that never leave you. Hauntingly beautiful images that flicker on the periphery of your conscious, a shadow that flits behind the eye, defining every image you will come to see thereafter.

Evocative and timeless, we're in love with the new Paris series (and behind the scenes film!) by LANE favourite Alli Oughtred, that just landed in our inboxes. Framed by Parisian streets and French settings, each photograph is a revelation of soul and spirit, of intimate moments and dark romance. With an imitable aesthetic that redefines wedding photography as genre, Alli shoots moments rather than poses, capturing brides, grooms and guests as they live and love.

Get in touch with Alli on her website

Tuesday, January 31st 2017

Winter Moods.

Some of our favourite frames by photographer Lauren Campbell… there’s such a fine art to the way she captures tranquility. Even throughout the beautiful chaos and revelry of a wedding she manages to capture a rare stillness, steeped in emotion. 

Based in the ACT, Lauren has a particular affinity for natural landscapes, where the drama of jagged cliffs and wooded forests lends itself to the visual poetry she creates so effortlessly. The perfect photographer for destination weddings that require an artist to do justice to the beauty of your location, or winter celebrations with moody atmospheres and beautifully subdued tones that mirror Lauren’s aesthetic. 

See her full portfolio of work here

Thursday, January 12th 2017

European Love Stories.

There's an intoxicating beauty and almost palpable energy to Damien Milan's work. Images so powerful in their silence, as voyeurs we're wildly curious about the stories they tell. As the subject, we can only imagine how magnetically they draw a bride and groom right back into that exact ephemeral moment. Aesthetically there's a richness and depth the tone of his images that we rarely see. Light and shade illuminating details in the most cinematic way, revealing with emphasis what his masterful eye chooses to share. Its this level of artistry that sees Damien travelling the world to shoot some of the most exquisite destination weddings.

For those planning to wed in Europe and take advantage of Damien's location, we've just caught wind that he will be in Brussels late June and available to capture destination weddings and elopements throughout Europe from July until the end of September. For all booking enquiries, and to see his complete portfolio visit the Damien Milan website.

Wednesday, January 11th 2017

The Little Moments.

The little things? The little moments? They aren't little.” -  Jon Kabat-Zinn

Wedding photography isn't something we take lightly. Given an entire wedding budget to allocate to just the bare essentials, we'd spend it all on the most incredible location we could find and the most talented photographer to capture it all (Ok and maybe the dress). When celebrations are over and memories become less vivid, photographs are tangible and powerful reminders that will draw you right back into each moment experienced.

So how do you choose the right photographer? While we love social media for discovering new work, it's important to remember it's a highlights reel, and true talent lies in the ability to poetically tell the entire story of your day. Complete albums and poetic bodies of work separate those who can simply document the day with predictable frames, from the artists who completely move us with every fleeting moment captured almost intuitively.

A photographer who paints the most intricatly detailed picture of a wedding day with every moment she captures with soul is Andrea Kellen. One look through this Real Wedding and we were swept up in her magic. It's the way she captures the tiny details that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. The ones you might have felt but weren't always present enough to take in. The little moments, that weren't little at all.

Andrea is based between Berlin and Cape Town, but whisked all of the world to shoot destination weddings. See more on her website and LANE Portfolio.

Sunday, July 17th 2016

Highlights This Week

This week we're in love with the one-of-a-kind masterpieces of Sydney based (Florence trained!) fine jeweller Mia Chicco. Imbued with italian heritage and inspired by ancient roman treasures, her pieces are a uniquely beautiful statement of time-worn sentiment.

While it's no secret spilling florals enrapture our senses every time, this arrangement by Melbourne based Fleur is our idea of divine.

The culinary artistry of Sydney based Caterer Studio Neon has us dreaming of their delectable, gallery-worthy creations. While new to our handpicked list of breathtaking Wedding Photographers continually pushing the boundaries of their art form, is Sunshine coast based Janneke Storm (below).

For art lovers and interior design buffs (who isn't!?) we're dreaming of city skylines and the chic, boutique experience of The Olsen. Nestled in the Chapel Street precinct of Melbourne, think an intimate wedding of up to 50 guests, or a cocktail wedding of up to 350 guests where guests can attend and stay amidst the lyrical works of renowned Australian landscape artist Dr John Olsen.

Continuing our theme on artistry this week we're inspired by the ethos of Melbourne based Makeup Artist Tess McFadden who beautifully adheres to her guiding principle of "enhance don't cover".

Tear of the moon, we're swept away by the mystical beauty imbued in the work of Brooklyn based fine jeweller Vena Amoris, which is latin for "vein of love". It was traditionally believed that the fourth finger of the left hand was the only finger with a vein flowing directly from the heart. Romantic much?

And speaking of romance and dreaming, there are few more beautiful places to bask in the magic of love and the natural world, than at the end of the earth itself; Iceland. Thinking back to our recent trip, we couldn't help but lose ourselves in thoughts of it's barren beauty juxtaposed against the raw modern splendor of Iceland Luxury Lodges for the perfect honeymoon escape.

We're loving the relaxed indie bride vibes of Kansas City boutique BRIDE. Offering a personalised bespoke experience or their seriously refreshing "No Appointment Wednesdays" where you can wander in and shop their impressive curation of gowns at your own pace, your own way.

For the bride and groom who already have everything, the gift situation can be awkward and headache-inducing. For the right kind of headache(!) we love the idea (and ease!) of online wine gift registry Wine Please. Offering an impressive catalogue of wines at varying levels of luxury their service is free and easy to create, and a secure and fail-safe way for your guests to buy something they'll know you'll enjoy!

Obsessing over this gilded french lace drop veil in ivory gold by US based Girl With A Serious Dream. Reminiscent of the gilded Rococo architecture found within the Palace of Versailles, it is the ultimate statement of old-world french luxury. 

And finally, we're ever mesmerised by the ethereal moments and nostalgic beauty immortalised via the expert lens of Jose Villa. Proving yet again that he never misses a moment, this Tuscan wedding has our hearts.

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