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Monday, April 10th 2017

Spotlight on: Rosey West.

Jewelry designer Michael Dobkin finds romance in the absolute, in the enduring quality of his craft, pieces defined by their indelibility. A hopeful romantic and an artistic visionary, Michael is the man behind Rosey West, one of our favorite names in fine jewelry. Forever inspired by creatives and innovators, we’ve put the spotlight on Michael to discover more about his art, his life, and all things Rosey West.

Timelessly elegant and perfectly refined, Michael’s first design was a dew drop eternity ring; a classic gold band with diamonds scattered across its surface. The inspiration was drawn from garden slumbers, awaking to find your gold jewelry covered in dew drops, pearls of water that turn into diamonds.

From a childhood spent dreaming of a future as a writer, each of Michael’s creations speaks to a love of literature. His collection is comprised of stories crafted through design, impossibly delicate pieces elevated by poetic touches, each weaving stories of classic romance and eternal love.

Based in New York City, expect pieces locally made, designs that support local manufacturing and sustainable process. Entrenched in meaning, each jewel is a work of art crafted by practiced hands and dedicated souls, an ode to slow fashion and personal touches.

Discover the whole collection, or find our more on the Rosey West website

Friday, February 3rd 2017

Layered Adornment.

Beautifully minimalist and elegantly refined, we’re loving the foundation collection from New York based Rosey West. Think simple gold rings encrusted with delicate diamonds, chic bracelets, and artfully clustered jewels in juxaposed shapes. Founded on a core belief that adorning yourself in jewels is an almost meditative expression of self and your personal aesthetic, Rosey West jewels are designed to layer and make your own. 

Shop the full collection on the Rosey West website

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