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Saturday, December 24th 2016

Highlights This Week

This week we're inspired by minimalism in all it's forms. In giving gifts that convey meaning (not excess) with the Vintage Luggage Co (above) and in silk slips for brides by A La Robe, that speak to the undone beauty of women.

We're inspired by the pared back beauty and nostalgic sweetness of this meringue creation by cake designer Gillian Bell (above), and by the fluid hand of calligrapher and stationer The Blackline by Lauren, who we recently worked with on our Ocean Allure tablescape at The Avalon on the Beach (below).

And finally, as we head toward the close of 2016 and into the hope, beauty, and limitless of the new year, we pause to dream with UK boutique Ghost Orchid Bride, and this stunning Odylyne The Ceremony gown. A very Merry Christmas to you and yours x

Friday, February 26th 2016

Dark Passions

What is passion to you? A fascinating and personal question…also the theme of a spectacular shoot collaboration between LANE favourites The Dessert Parlour and food stylist Kirsty Bryson. With mouth watering results (think a decadent, fig adorned, chocolate naked layer cake) we’re confidant this particular passion may be shared by many! Explore more creations by The Dessert Parlour, or enquire about a cake for your own event here

Photographed by Bonnie Savage

Monday, September 21st 2015

Decadent Simplicity

Inspired recently by a more refined approach to styling, looking to a sparsity of detail for elegance and drawing upon singular blooms for florals…we’re completely in love with these adaptions of the naked layer cake dressed simply with seasonal fruit and flowers. Stopping us mid-scroll on our social media feeds, these cakes are the masterful work of Monaliz, from Brisbane based Bella Sweets. You can find more of her work and delicious creations here. 

Wednesday, July 1st 2015

Earthy Flavours

For any brides marrying in the Autumnal months, our mouths are watering over this incredible gingerbread and maple cream creation by Byron Bay's Love In A Cake. Described by maker Janine as spicy, gingery, cinnamon goodness we particularly love the earthy (beautifully non-traditional) garnishes of magnolia stems, heirloom roses, figs and rosemary. Autumn perfection. 

Photo: Cassandra Ladru

Wednesday, June 17th 2015

Unexpected Flavours

Always intrigued by the unexpected and deliciously imaginative flavours dreamt up by one of our favourite LANE cake creators, Gillian Bell, this recent cake proved no exception. Asked by the bride to develop a recipe celebrating her Egyptian heritage, the David Austin rose dressed masterpiece you see below is a mouth-watering marriage of Orange and Pistachio flavours, filled with rosewater butter cream and pistachio paste. How we wished we were a guest at that wedding! 

You can find more information about Gillian's beautiful process, organic ingredients and how to have a cake crafted especially for you, via her website here. 

Tuesday, March 24th 2015

Botanical Creations

The instagram feed of cake maker Gillian Bell is constant source of organic inspiration (& faint hunger!), never ceasing to amaze us with her artisan like approach to baking and a behind the scenes glimpses of her kitchen garden.

Catching our eye recently are these botanical infused creations of coconut and lime (summer wedding perfect!), naked chocolate dressed in giant magnolias and an organic buttermilk cake filled with lavender cream and compote of locally grown strawberries. Having sampled several of Gillian's cakes ourselves, we know these would have tasted even more incredible than they look!

Explore all of Gillians cake creations on her website, and latest creations on her Instagram feed.

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