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Tuesday, March 28th 2017

Soul Stirring.

Evocative memories of formative years and the anticipation of what’s yet to come – Gillian Bell’s cakes are infused with an essence that reaches far beyond flavor. The Brisbane-based artisan cake maker collaborates with couples, using handpicked ingredients and carefully chosen organic produce to draw connections between families, the past, the present and the future. Gillian is the kind of indescribable creative whose work could never be picked from a shelf or chosen from a book. We were honored to host Gillian recently at The LANE office, where she made us the most delicious passionfruit buttercream cake we’ve ever tasted and explained how and why wedding cakes became her life (there were tears). Keep an eye on The LANE for the full article, coming soon.

To find out more about Gillian Bell Cake and to see some of Gillian's creations, visit her website.

Tuesday, March 14th 2017

Timeworn Complexity.

“I temper my work in the classics, but really find myself in the suspension of the unfamiliar… forging textures that play with light and shadow.” - Jasmine Rae

As stylists, we look for creations that push boundaries and redefine limits - spectacles of design that allure and inspire. In a market overwhelmed with cakes sharing a singular aesthetic, Jasmine Rae Cakes' creations are inherently unique. Inspired by the impossible beauty of imperfect surfaces, expect textural finishes reminiscent of timeworn facades and raw marbled patinas. An homage to progression, Jasmine Rae Cakes are stunning explorations of chipped finishes and curled edges, of beautifully abstract dilapidation. 

Handpicked for The LANE directory, get in touch with Jasmine on her website.

Sunday, July 24th 2016

Highlights This Week

This week we're awe-inspired by the floral fine-artistry and foraged textures of VIC based Wild Daughter. With a high-art, editorial eye, their designs are truly otherworldly and are a handpicked recommendation recently added to our brand directory.

All but scratching our screens with dessert spoons, we're loving this orange and almond buttercream cake by Sydney based Gracious Honey for a decadent garden soiree.

We're carried away by the unrestrained fluidity and rebellion-of-form in the designs of Prague based fine jeweler 27Jewelry. Using various techniques that involve building pieces through wax to explore the limitless artforms of flowers and branches, certified goldsmith Lenka Šváchová designs and hand-forges her completely unique and one-of-a-kind pieces (and ships worldwide!).

Just back on that garden soiree we mentioned above, how perfect is this nonchalantly styled grazing table by Sydney based caterers Dan The Man. We've been trying to work out just what they can't do and we're not coming up with anything just yet. Whether it's dropping off a cheese or chocolate board to your door (lazy weekend anyone!?) to artful canapes or share dishes, themed events and slow barbeques, to fully plated sit down affairs, their passion for local produce and free-thinking approach to customised service, is highly recommended.

We're in love with the fresh approach Sydney based Hayley Wilson Creative brings to wedding make-up. With an impressive body of work in the fashion industry, she combines up-to-the-minute knowledge, with wedding industry experience, and an editorial eye to create just the right amount of smoulder.

If ever there was a time to totally indulge as a bride it is undoubtedly in the pre-wedding beauty department! With flawlessly shaped eyebrows having the ability to completely open and lift the visage, we love Sydney based eyebrow studio Honey Tusk for a relaxing and luxurious indulgence to share with your bridesmaids.

Thinking back to the beautiful day we spent playing dress ups and softly waving through racks of the world's best international designers at NYC boutique Spina Bride. Think, exposed brick and dappled sunlight in your own one-on-one appointment. If you're a bride in NYC on the search for the perfect dress, Spina should definitely be on your hit list.

This stunning shot (below) captured by US based wedding photographer Joel Serrato (an exciting new discovery recently added to our handpicked list of the best of the best!) has us awe-inspired and dreaming of summer love.

Reminiscing over balmy Havana nights, street twirls, music, and timeworn beauty, this look featuring Farage from our Fade To Night editorial remains a sartorially en-pointe favourite for groom attire (if we do say so ourselves!).

While this stunning floral arch construction by Sydney based decor hire co. Timbermill is the perfect espousal of skill and detail with undone rusticity. Finally, when we saw this image (last) by Melbourne based wedding photographer Alli Oughtred of a bride heading out to meet her husband-to-be, we were absolutely transfixed. As another exciting addition to our handpicked list of global favourites, we hope you are too.

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