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Wednesday, April 19th 2017

Poetic Moments.

When choosing a wedding photographer, look for those who double as storytellers. Search for portfolios of images that work in cohesion, frames that melt effortlessly into the next to weave stories of wild romance and fortuitous love.

Quyn Duong is one to watch. Her portfolio unfolds like classic literature. Think moody frames in warm hues; shots that capture raw emotions and relive the most touching of moments. Duong uses cinematic lighting and atmospheric touches to explore the beauty in the simplicity of love, and romance in moments that go unnoticed. Highly regarded for her evocative shots and hypnotic frames, we're so excited to announce Quyn is lending her lens to weddings around New York City and abroad.

Handpicked by the LANE, discover Quyn’s portfolio and get in touch on her website.

Tuesday, April 18th 2017

Romance Uncharted.

Of all the places we visit, there are some we never truly leave. Cities so magical and landscapes so enticing that our souls remain behind, a part of ourselves forever lost to the alchemy of the space.

This is the pull of the destination wedding, of places sourced from abroad, venues, cities and landscapes once visited. These are spaces that draw us back, structures that alight the senses and ease the mind, where we have travelled for miles to reach but feel resolutely at home.

New discovery Stefano Santucci captures escape like no other. His latest Real Wedding is an ode to the journey; a celebration of love set amongst Moroccan deserts and sunburnt riads. Capturing the romance in adventure and the allure of escape, Stefano has us dreaming of destination weddings in the most exotic of locations. Think pastel skies and desert plains, where canvas tents melt into the landscape as camels carry guests to a palm-fringed oasis…

Discover the whole Real Wedding here or get in touch with Stefano on his website

Monday, April 3rd 2017

Soft Focus.

Like waves slowly rolling onto the shore, Paris Hawken’s photography washes over you, subtley immersing you in her hypnotic aesthetic. Based in the picturesque Margret River region, Paris draws inspiration from her natural surrounds to capture intimate portraits and wild landscapes with a signature softness that seeps from each frame. Director of the just-launched publication, The Elements Journal, expect dappled light and dancing shadows; each shot a blissful concoction of beautiful moments quietly captured.

Take a look at Paris' portfolio or get in touch via her website

Monday, March 13th 2017

Enigmatic Perfection.

When choosing a wedding photographer, look to those who produce images with a distinctively sartorial edge. Think moody frames and enigmatic flair, editorial-inspired compositions with an emphasis on fluid movement. Driven by aesthetics and organic process, we love new discovery Bear Deer Fox for artfully alluring wedding photography. With a focus on spontaneity and capturing magic, Bear Deer Fox shoots not to portray, but to evoke, creating images that move and inspire. 

Available throughout Australia and overseas, get in touch with Bear Deer Fox on their website

Thursday, March 9th 2017

Romance is...

This month we're inspired by romance that breaks convention. Stories found in shadows and dreams, in windswept landscapes and spontaneous adventures. We're searching for interpretations found from within, perspectives on romance nutured from years of experience. Intrigued by the myriad of emotive, soul-stirring moments a wedding photographer is exposed to daily, we were intrigued to know what romance is to an artist like Damien Milan. We asked Damien to choose four moments that epitomize romance, and share the stories behind each capture...


Matt and Emily exchanged vows in front of a field of lavender so I thought it would be special for them to return there just before dusk and share a quiet moment amongst the lavender to take the day in. I am always amazed to witness the beautiful things that happen in front of my lens just by leaving the couple in a meaningful place for a moment. Their connection becomes even stronger and for an instant, nothing else matters than the present. I feel extremely privileged when a couple trusts me enough to express their raw feelings in front of the camera in all their vulnerability.

C H E M I S T R Y + L I G H T

This image epitomises Romance to me because of the beautiful chemistry between the couple. We ventured into this old locomotive workshop together but had to stay quiet as we were not officially allowed to be there. I had noticed the soft light coming through that window so I whispered Tim and Jancis to slowly walk in that direction and stop in front of the window. The rest happened so naturally and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. To me the light here augments the intensity of the moment, adding a touch of mystery.

A D V E N T U R E + N A T U R A L   E L E M E N T S

Another important element that triggers Romance to me is a sense of adventure. When you are in Norway and the groom works for the naval infantry, it almost becomes an obligation to go rowing on the adjacent fjord against any weather warnings. The mother of the bride had warned us that there was a hole in the rowboat that she had found for us and we therefore could only enjoy fifteen minutes of peace before it started sinking. I personally couldn’t think of a more perfect way for a couple to start married life together and the pouring rain only added to the Romance. In this frame, Eirunn seems to be having the time of her life while her new husband Stian is working hard to scoop the pool of water from the boat to keep them afloat!

I M P R O M P T U   M O M E N T S

As a photographer you can think about all of the above when trying to create real and raw images that epitomise Romance but what is even more important to me is the ability to anticipate impromptu moments. In this particular image I carefully thought about composition and framing but I never anticipated that a gust of wind at the right time would make this moment even more perfect, adding a sense of timelessness to it.

See more of Damien Milan's work (and discover his upcoming Europe travel dates!) on his website

Monday, March 6th 2017

Hauntingly Beautiful Wedding Photography.


Perpetually sifting through stunning wedding photography, there are those shots that never leave you. Hauntingly beautiful images that flicker on the periphery of your conscious, a shadow that flits behind the eye, defining every image you will come to see thereafter.

Evocative and timeless, we're in love with the new Paris series (and behind the scenes film!) by LANE favourite Alli Oughtred, that just landed in our inboxes. Framed by Parisian streets and French settings, each photograph is a revelation of soul and spirit, of intimate moments and dark romance. With an imitable aesthetic that redefines wedding photography as genre, Alli shoots moments rather than poses, capturing brides, grooms and guests as they live and love.

Get in touch with Alli on her website

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