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Thursday, April 20th 2017

Future Heirlooms.

The 21st century is one defined by consumption. Think fast fashion and fleeting trends, digital designs and standardized styling. We find ourselves searching for items crafted by hand, products that feed our nostalgia for time-honored process and bespoke heirlooms that last.

Romanced by design and creative collaboration, new discovery Rohan Jewellery creates handcrafted jewels using old-world techniques. Designs are sketched in front of your eyes, a manifestation of your thoughts, style, and aesthetic tastes. The process is inherently collaborative and clients are invited to watch the crafting process, to become part of the creative journey. More than just decoration, each piece is entrenched in sentimentality. These are adornments inextricable from the emotions that built them, pieces that speak to art, history and personal stories.

Discover more or get in touch on the Rohan Jewellery website

Wednesday, June 15th 2016

A Love Iconic

A child of 1970’s New York, Cartier’s LOVE collection serves as an enduring icon of love that transgresses convention. The juxtaposition of bold screws, spectacular diamonds and uncomplicated elegance, the bohemian choice of a bangle (in place of a ring), fastened to a lovers wrist…what is not to love? Explore the entire collection, for him and her, at Cartier

Thursday, May 19th 2016

Luminous Clusters

Experts in the art of stacking, these incredible combinations are the mastery of jewel mecca Esqueleto - a veritable meeting place for some of our favourite names in adornment (think Mania Mania, Lauren Wolf and Satomi Kawakita). Favourites include Starry Night (pictured top - perfect for the non-traditional and celestially inclined) featuring cobalt blue sapphires and swirling star-set white diamonds, or Black Velvet (pictured bottom) - a dark and mystical stack of gold set black and rose cut grey diamonds. Explore the story of each of these stacks here, and the entire collection of Esqueleto rings (to build a unique stack of your own). 

Friday, April 29th 2016

Earthly Adornment

Artfully blending a fine approach with a beautifully raw sensibility, these unexpected jewels from Blair Lauren Brown feature stones of intrigue and delicate cuts. Think translucent green diamonds paired with a raw diamond eternity band (top) or the prismatic points of the Binta pyramid ring, in gold pavé surrounds (centre). For the non-traditional diamond lover, a brilliant cut salt & pepper diamond (bottom) blends a classic cut with a mystical mood. Explore the entire offering of adornment here

Wednesday, April 6th 2016

Follow Your Star

For the evening dreamers, the ones with eyes cast skywards, we’ve found the cosmic engagement rings you’ve been searching for. In a range of starry inspired shapes these astral pieces by Meadowlark feature delicate and inverted points, designed in harmony with stackable eternity bands, perfect for creating diamond dusted clusters, uniquely your own. In white, yellow or rose gold, as well as sterling silver or platinum, rings can be set with white topaz, and white, black or grey diamonds. Befittingly infinite possibilities… 

Explore the entire Meadowlark collection here.

Wednesday, November 11th 2015

Diamond Dusted

Home to a collection of incredible eternity bands, the curated edit of designs (and designers) at Esqueleto serve as a mecca for jewel enthusiasts - a curated destination for those seeking an unexpectedly beautiful wedding ring. With almost imperceptible undulations of shape, these hand touched bands hint of an heirloom sensibility, perfect for brides drawn to something slightly unusual, yet eternal. Most pieces can be found in your preferred shade of gold, each paved with your selection of miniature white or black diamonds…making the bespoke nesting possibilities infinite! Explore the entire collection here

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