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Bohemian Wedding in Mexico

— Anne Marie & Taylor Knox


3 June 2011


75 people


Shelli Allen & Reed Decker Photography

Ann-Marie + Taylor Knox
Ann-Marie + Taylor Knox

WHERE: Cabo Surf Hotel– San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

THEME/STYLE: Beachy/Bohemian

PHOTOGRAPHY: One of my best friend’s brothers Reed, is a photographer in Atlanta. He and his photography partner Shelli were in town and they said they would be interested in shooting our wedding to take a break from the traditional, super fancy Southern weddings they do so many of. Shelli and I clicked right away and Reed is practically family so it just worked out. I was so happy to have them be a part of it.

BRIDE’S DRESS: My dress is a vintage 1960’s picnic dress from Mill Crest Vintage. I went to visit Karissa while she was in Hawaii doing a photo shoot with Max Wanger for The LANE. I tried on all of the dresses she had for the shoot just sort of playing dress up and this one happened to not only fit size wise but it also totally fit the venue and my own hippie style perfectly.

BRIDE’S SHOES: Guess by Marciano, I started out with a pair from BCBG that I liked but then I ran across the pair I wore while I was out shopping with my Mom for her shoes for the wedding and the tassel on the side just sealed the deal.

BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES: I didn’t have bridesmaids… My Maid of Honour was my now step-daughter Jordyn who is 12. She wore an off-white Rip Curl sundress that we found in my closet from a couple of summers ago. The crochet around the neck and bottom hem kind of tied into the vintage look of my dress and the tie straps and elastic waist made it age appropriate for her.

BRIDESMAID’S SHOES: Jordyn wore turquoise Steve Madden sandals.

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JEWELLERY/ACCESSORIES: I wore a huge, vintage, heart shaped turquoise and silver ring. I knew I wanted a turquoise ring and was having the hardest time finding one I liked and then I found this one at an antique shop. I almost didn’t get it because it was SO big but I’m so glad that I did because I just love it and how it looked with the whole ensemble.  I also wore 3 Mexican silver bangles that Jordyn picked out for me from a stack of them that my now mother-in-law had purchased in Cabo a few years before.

We also looked high and low for months for jewelry for Jordyn and then one night we ran to Target for laundry soap and ended up finding the necklace and bracelet set that she wore. It was on clearance and we said this is IT!!! You would really never know it was from Target unless I revealed that little secret ;) You can find such amazing things for cheap!

WEDDING RINGS: We got our bands from friend-of-a-friend jewelers. Taylor’s ring is dark grey titanium and I had it engraved and I got 3 super tiny bands – a black diamond in white gold, a white diamond in rose gold and hot pink sapphires in rose gold. From Crush Jewelry Design.

GROOM/GROOMSMEN: Taylor didn’t have groomsmen he just had his best man Hunter who is his 14 year old son. They both wore J.Crew khaki pants and traditional Mexican wedding shirts called guayaberas. They had matching sandals at one point early in the trip and then as the days went on one or the other pair kept going missing so they ended up being either barefoot or in miss-matched sandals which is so totally the two of them in a nutshell that it brings a tear to my eye.

HAIR: One of my best friends did my hair. Briana slaved over a hot curling iron to pull off my beachy waves. I have long hair to begin with but I got clip in extensions to make it a little bit longer and really full. It was such a great purchase from Hair Unlimited, you would never know that it’s not all my hair.

MAKEUP:  I did my own make up – except Briana put on my fake lashes. I probably would have had someone else do my make up except I knew it was going to be so hot that it wasn’t going to last very long regardless.  I went and had it done twice before the wedding day by  two different professionals, I wrote everything down and paid close attention to what they were doing and I feel like it came out fine.

WEDDING FAVORS/BONBONNIERE:  My mom made these darling little mini paper bag favors that said “dulce” on them which means “sweet” in Spanish. They had traditional Mexican candy in them that we got down there.

FLOWERS:  The flowers were from a local Mexican florist that the hotel uses regularly for weddings – I got a random selection of billy balls, daises, roses, peonies and succulents. Cabo is a desert so the selection of flowers down there is not a very good one. You can get almost anything but it gets really expensive because they have to be flown in. I tried to choose mostly things that didn’t need to be flown in from anywhere but then it ended up that the ones that weren’t flown in showed up in not very good shape. We had some close friends that weren’t able to make it to the wedding that had a beautiful bouquet delivered to our room a few days before the wedding and I ended up using all of the casablancas from that bouquet to make up for all of the daisies that arrived tattered and brown.

CEREMONY DÉCOR DETAILS:  I knew I wanted the aisle to be decorated somehow but doing that with fresh flowers or petals would have been so expensive and they would have wilted right away in the heat. You can get these amazingly detailed Mexican tissue paper flowers at home in San Diego but I couldn’t figure out how to get them down there without them getting smashed and I didn’t want to risk not being able to find them once I got there. I came across these tissue paper pom pom things online and googled how to make them. It was kind of tedious to do since we had to do so many of them but I loved the touch of color they gave and I just thought they were a fun touch. At the end of the night people ended up wearing them and dancing with them too which was really funny.

RECEPTION DÉCOR DETAILS:  I ordered a bunch of vintage turquoise ball jars on Ebay and bought a dozen or so yellow drinking glasses on sale at Anthropologie to use as vases for the flowers.  I borrowed a bunch of small hurricanes from a friend for the candles.

My mom found all of the large hurricanes at stores like TJ Maxx and Marshall’s for really cheap. A friend printed out all of the name place cards and signage in the same motif as the invitations, Potterart.  I got the guest book and a “Just Married” banner on Etsy.  I shipped down an Our Mother of Guadalupe statue to use as décor. It was a random purchase on a previous trip to Mexico and it usually lives in our backyard planter but it fit the theme. I ordered traditional Mexican tissue paper decorations called papel picado online – they’re banners and little flags that are hand cut out of tissue paper and used for celebrations from Mexican Sugar Skull.

WEDDING PLANNER:  I didn’t have one although Karissa and a few other friends helped me put everything together on the day of.

CAKE:  We had margarita cupcakes, vanilla cupcakes, churros and a little margarita cake for dessert that the hotel restaurant made. Everyone was so happy to be on the dance floor that we never bothered with cutting the cake and I didn’t get around to eating a cupcake but I heard they were good.

WEDDING SONGS: Taylor and I and the kids all walked down the aisle together to the Talking Heads song “This Must Be the Place”.  We didn’t have a first dance. Taylor made play lists for the cocktail hour and the dance floor. I was a little worried the play lists were going to be all Pearl Jam and Radiohead songs because those are his favorites but he really did a great job, the dance floor was so much fun!

FOOD & DRINKS:  We had beer, wine and lime margaritas for drinks. They served chips, salsa and guacamole during the cocktail hour. The dinner was a Mexican buffet – we had tossed green salad, fish ceviche, rice and beans, chile rellanos stuffed with cheese and shrimp, grilled vegetables and mixed skewers with chicken, beef and vegetables.

HONEYMOON: We haven’t figured out where we want to go on our honeymoon yet. We are thinking of going somewhere we’ve both never been but aren’t sure where yet.

GIFT REGISTRY: Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, ZGallerie

SOURCES OF INSPIRATION: The LANE and I got a LOT of ideas from this editorial photo shoot that I found on Green Wedding Shoes.

A MEMORABLE MOMENT: All of the speeches were really nice. Some brought a tear to your eye, some were funny and some were embarrassing but all of them were really special.

IF I COULD RE-DO ANY WEDDING-RELATED PLANS IT WOULD BE: The hotel that we had the wedding at was only 24 rooms and our guests booked all but 9 of them so because those 9 rooms weren’t part of our party the reception ended kind of early. In retrospect I probably would have reserved the entire hotel on a credit card so there wasn’t a time limit on the fun. We had a lot of guests that were last minute planners that I think would have stayed at the hotel had there been availability. I was really happy with the way everything turned out.

BEST ADVICE FOR PLANNING A WEDDING/TO BRIDES:  Definitely figure out who is going to help you with setting everything up on the day of. It takes so much longer than it seems like it’s going to even though I felt like we were pretty organized. I didn’t have a planner which would have eliminated that worry but I for sure had a moment of panic that everything wasn’t going to get done in time. I really lucked out by having friends that were there and willing to take over and get everything done for me so I could get ready. Give yourself plenty of time to get ready too because that also took much longer than I thought it would.

Remember what it’s about and that it’s supposed to be fun! Try not to get so lost in planning everything down to the last detail that you lose sight of the fun part. Don’t stress out over little things because realistically for the most part you are the only one that is even noticing the details. You can go crazy with little details but the less stuff you have to worry about the more you will remember because the day goes by and is over really quickly.

I had wanted there to be a single flower tucked into each napkin but I kind of forgot about it and then there weren’t very many left over flowers because of the ones that showed up in bad shape. Would that have been really cute? Yes. Those little flowers also would have been tossed to the side in 2 seconds when everyone opened their napkins and forgotten about so that little detail really matter in the end? No.

It’s really ok if every single thing isn’t perfect – the things that don’t turn out exactly perfect give the wedding its own character. I asked our little best man to go down to his grandma’s room and have her help him comb his hair. He went down there but then forgot what he was down there for and his hair never ended up getting fixed which I didn’t notice until it was too late to do anything about. At the time I was like oh no Hunter’s HAIR!! But now we have the pictures back and I love that he forgot to get his hair combed because that’s what he looks like all the time and it’s endearing. I don’t think that one other person realized or cared that Hunter’s hair had not been combed.

Try to stay true to your own style and who you are as a couple. Our wedding was very untraditional but our whole life is very untraditional so it would have been weird for us to have a super formal wedding that followed every tradition to a tee. The more comfortable you are the more relaxed you’ll be and the more fun you’re going to have.


PHOTOGRAPHY:  Shelli Allen Photography; Reed Decker Photo

BRIDE'S DRESS:  Mill Crest Vintage





WEDDING RINGS:  Crush Jewelry Design

JEWELERY & ACCESSORIES:  Antiques in San Diego



GIFT REGISTRY:  Crate & Barrel; Pottery Barn; Zgallerie

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