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Olivia & Dave

— Glamorous Winter Romance


1 September 2012


170 people

Real Wedding: Olivia & Dave
Real Wedding: Olivia & Dave

HOW WE MET: We were introduced by Olivia’s brothers 18 months earlier. Dave was best friends with her younger brother, and lived with her older brother.

OUR ENGAGEMENT STORY: Dave picked me up from work at 4pm one afternoon from work to take me on a date – I had an inkling that we may be doing something very special that night, but I had no idea what was actually in store for me! He took me straight to a day spa, where we both had blissful massages, and then whisked me off to a beautiful restaurant called the Roxy for dinner. Because it was only about 5:30pm we had the entire restaurant to ourselves, and sat beneath the ceiling of cascading glass lights, with lots of French wine & amazing food, it was very romantic. He told me that we would go somewhere else for dessert, but then proceeded to tell me he had accidentally told his parents we would pop in there quickly to see some old family friends of his that were in the city for one night! I wasn’t quite sure whether to think this was a decoy or if it was true, he was so convincing! So we drove to his parents house, but they were ‘still eating dinner’, so decided to go for a walk while we waited for them to finish their meal. We walked into a nearby reserve and Dave started to tell me about how he used to go running there a lot when he was younger, and all of the little paths lead directly to gazebo’s in the middle of the marsh, where people can bird watch. As we walked down a path, a gazebo came into sight covered in white flowers and candles. It was just glowing in the darkness, and it was so beautiful! There was a lounge set up with leather poufs, so we sat down and ate dessert that my Mum had made (not that I could eat anything!!) It turns out all of our siblings had set it up, unbeknowest to me, and they had done an incredible job! Dave handed me a package…I opened it up to find he had made me a book with photographs of our life together, from the day we met to the just day before. Each photograph had a memory attached to it, which he had typed out on brown paper and stuck beneath the photograph. On the last page there was a gap for a photo, but the little piece of brown paper read “The day she said…” He then got down on one knee and proposed! His family all ran down to celebrate with us, and then we all headed off to my parents house where he had invited our close friends and family to celebrate with champage and cigars! It was truly an incredible night! When everyone had left it was just my immediate family left all sitting outside on the deck. Dave left the room and walked back in with a small white box. I went over to him and he handed it to me. Earlier on in the night he had proposed with a plastic ring so that we could design my engagment ring together, and when I opened this small box, inside was my wedding band and an eternity ring! He had wanted to give me something ‘proper’ to wear, so I wore these beautiful rings until my engagement ring – that we designed together, was ready.

MARRIAGE TO US MEANS: We chose each other, to do life together, and do it well! To live to our fullest, together, as partners in crime, with a sense of humour, to love one another always and be each other’s biggest supporter and encourager.

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WEDDING LOCATION: Dave and I were married on the first day of spring, after being introduced by my brothers about 18 months earlier. We expected a wintery day, crisp and cool - which inspired us to look for a venue that felt like a cosy, old ski chalet in the middle of the city. We were lucky enough to find the beautiful Northern Club, complete with deer heads and chandeliers and we both fell in love with it instantly - we knew that was the place straight away! As well as having that old cigar bar feeling, it had breathtaking views of the city that made it feel like we were in New York, so I had a feeling our day would take on the vision as we had imagined it - a little quirky, a touch of glamour, and a little elegant rock and roll. It really reflected both of our personalities perfectly. We had our ceremony in the oldest timber church in Auckland, Knox Presbyterian, with an elaborate parquet timber ceiling and double aisles! I loved this as it meant that 2 flower girls and 2 bridesmaids could walk down at the same time, and no-one would know what side I was going to enter in on.

THEME/STYLE: Elegant, rock inspired, vogue, wintery – beautiful, fun and relaxed enough to let your hair down and get down on the dance floor. Our colours were dove grey, navy, white, gold, black.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Danelle Bohane. No-one could ask for a better photographer than Danelle! I have so much respect for this talented lady! She photographed my brothers wedding, and her style was so unique and beautiful I knew I wanted her for my own wedding as well. She has an eye like no other, and great vision for a holisitc wedding photo package that all read as one, rather than individual photographs. Her photos are soft and thoughtful. When I first saw the photos she had taken for us, there were tears in my eyes because she managed to capture the day perfectly. Our photographs emulate the beautifully moody, haunting Winters day.

BRIDE’S DRESS: For my dress I knew that I didn't want a classic wedding gown, but rather something reminiscent of Vogue glamour. However, I could never have imagined that I would find exactly what I was looking for! I stumbled across Rue de Seine and discovered Michele with her bridal wonderland. This was one of my favourite parts about planning our wedding, because it was made so enjoyable and easy by Michele and her incredible talent & designs! We had a lot of fun together as we created my Vogue inspired ensemble. I also wanted my bridesmaids to feel amazing and glamorous, and found this really cool photograph in a magazine of a bride with her bridesmaids all in gowns sitting on a staircase. This became the vision - we went for all different floor length gowns with sequins and embellishments which they all had a hand in choosing so that they felt comfortable and beautiful. The boys looked incredibly dapper in black suits with black, skinny knitted ties - as did all the guests who got all dressed up to the nines for our black tie theme.

BRIDE’S SHOES: Sadly, the beautiful BE&D grey stiletto boots I ordered never arrived! They were stuck in customs with no way of retrieving them! I still had faith on the day they would turn up, but the didn’t - the only thing that didn’t go quite as planned on the day. I ended up wearing some beautiful nude stiletto’s that I had worn to my brothers wedding a year earlier – and they were perfect, phew!

BRIDESMAID’S SHOES: All of my bridesmaids chose their own shoes to suit their dress & got them from various places.

FLOWERGIRL/PAGEBOY OUTFITS: Our sweet pageboy Noah wore a black suit to match the boys, and the little girls all wore grey tulle skirts with navy buttoned cardigans and silver stockings. We made them little feather capes to go around their shoulders, and they all carried some of the wings from our invitations instead of flowers. They were so gorgeous!!

JEWELLERY/ACCESSORIES: Rings: Olivia: Sutcliffe Jewellers Dave: d_luxe Jewellery. Headpiece: Rue De Seine Bracelet: Local NZ Designer

WEDDING RING STYLES: Olivia’s stacker rings: Rose gold & black diamond ‘lovers knot’ engagment ring, rose gold & diamond band, and a beaten rose gold wedding band. Dave: Squared off gold ring by d_luxe Jewellery.

GROOM/GROOMSMEN ATTIRE: Dave wore a skinny black suit from TopMan with a black knitted tie and gold tie clip. The boys wore black skinny suits, white shirts, and black knitted ties.

HAIR: Abby Wilkins from Vevo

MAKEUP: Seb Tomlinson from Seb Makeup

TYPE OF STATIONERY/INVITATIONS: Invitations: Valley and Norfolk & Papercut Wings: Ellen Sorensen. I have a great interest and love for design, so there were a few elements that I wanted to pay special attention to. With our invitations, we wanted our guests to feel special when they received them, and for them to be simple and elegant - with an element of surprise. We chose dove grey cards with gold foil lettering, and had our talented friend paper-cut, and then laser cut out individual sets of white wings, that were sewn with gold thread into the middle of our invitations to look like they were flying off the page. They were so beautiful and fun to create! Everyone loved them!

WEDDING FAVORS/BONBONNIERE: We made 200 white origami cranes with gold glittered wings to be placed at everyone's place setting.

BOUQUET TYPES: One of my Mum's best friends put all of the bouquets together out of white tulips and hellebores (which my Mum grows in her garden). My bouquet was inspired by my Aunty, who's wedding I was a flower girl at when I was 10. I will never forget seeing her bouquet for the first time - as a 10 year old I thought it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen! From there my love for white tulips was born, and so this was an ode to my dear late Aunty Vicki. 

RECEPTION DÉCOR: Our venue was so spectacular on it's own that it didn't need much styling, so we gathered our family and friends for 'Community Craft Nights' every Wednesday night for 5 weeks before the wedding. We ate a lot of sugary treats and drank a lot of good wine as we made 200 white origami cranes with gold glittered wings to be placed at everyone's place setting, wrapped candle sticks in white muslin for all the tables and sewed the little flower girl capes from feathers. We added white tousled willow and white tulips to all of the tables on the day, and the bridal table had additional gold cutlery and carved wooden chairs with furs thrown over the back. We also made 12 small gold glittered skulls that were lined up and welcomed guests as they entered the dining area for fun (my Dad referred to these as the 12 apostles!). The reception was a riot, with wonderful food, wine and speeches. My brother Ben took the reigns as MC and had planned a quiz for the night, where each table had a buzzer and it was a race to see "who knows Dave and Liv the best"! It was hysterical as the questions would come up on big screens and each table was given 10 seconds to give their answer - it got very competitive! He did an amazing job. We danced til the wee hours to the beat of another good pal who was Dj-ing for us, and were sent off into the night through a friendship tunnel like no other. A seriously amazing day!

WEDDING PLANNER: Charmaine Seckinger

CAKE TYPE: Our wedding cake was a beautiful cake with pale gold metallic icing and we served red velvet cupcakes with mulled wine after the ceremony

WEDDING SONGS: Dave and I are both lovers of music and surrounded by incredible musicians so felt this was really important for setting the tone for the day.There was much debate between family as to what song we would choose for me to walk down the aisle to, and I do believe it was an inspired choice, as I walked down to INXS's 'Never Tear Us Apart' to cheers and whoops from our guests. We had our incredibly talented friends sing the beautiful hymn 10,000 Reasons (bless the Lord), Jeff Buckley's 'Hallelujah' and Beyonce's 'Halo' duringprayers and signing of the registry, there wasn't a dry eye in the church, it was simply glorious. We walked back out to the Black Keys, and by this time everyone was clapping - there was an incredible atmosphere.


FOOD & BEVERAGES: We served red velvet cupcakes and hot mulled wine after the ceremony, and had a delicious assortement of groumet canapes upon arrival at The Northern Club, with duck and fish mains and a crème brulee for dessert. Champagne and wine were served – The Northern Club were amazing!

TRANSPORT TYPE: Dave hired an old cream Chevy Impala to drive the boys to the ceremony, and then to take he and I to the reception. The girls rode in a black Lexus car driven by a family friend who owned the car and was our chaffeur for the day! Complete with a little black drivers cap.

HONEYMOON: Fiji, New York, Miami and Key West

GIFT REGISTRY: Not Another Toaster

CELEBRANT: Rev. Vicar Mike Norris from St Pauls Anglican Church in Auckland

A MEMORABLE MOMENT: My favourite memory from the day would be walking down the aisle with my Dad. It was such an honour to walk down the aisle with him, and the aisle was so narrow that he had to literally lead me in! Everyone was packed in so tightly, and cheered as I entered the church! I was so thankful to have my veil covering my face because I just didn't know whether to laugh or cry, it was quite overwhelming! Seeing Dave as I walked in was amazing, I was so excited to marry this man that I loved. My Grannie had also had a couple of strokes in the lead up to our wedding day, so we didn't know if she was going to be able to make it to the ceremony or not. As I arrived at the church I saw her there, in a wheelchair, the emotion of seeing her and knowing she was there was amazing, I was so grateful and felt blessed. 

BEST ADVICE FOR PLANNING A WEDDING/TO BRIDES: My best advice would be to have a budget, and stick with it! There are so many things you can do that don’t cost the earth, so get creative and think outside the square a little bit. Also, get multiple quotes for everything before ordering or hiring anything! It’s amazing who will take you for a ride as soon as ‘wedding’ is attached to something!

Congratulations to Olivia & Dave from The LANE! And a huge thank you to Danelle from Danelle Bohane Photography for these beautiful images! You can view more of Danelle's amazing work on her website.


PHOTOGRAPHY: Danelle Bohane Photography


BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES: Kate Sylvester & Trelise Cooper


WEDDING RINGS: Sutcliffe Jewellery / d_luxe jewellery

JEWELLERY & ACCESSORIES: Headpiece: Rue De Seine

HAIR: Abby Wilkins from Vevo

MAKEUP: Seb Tomlinson from Seb Makeup


FLORIST: Flowers purchased by Ruth Riding, with family friend Celia Laity putting them together

CAKE: Jazmine Lynch

CATERING: Harper's Catering at the Ceremony, and The Northern Club for the Reception

WEDDING STYLIST: Olivia the bride / Valley & Norfolk

WEDDING VENUE: Ceremony: Knox Presbyterian, Parnell Auckland NZ.

RECEPTION: The Northern Club, Auckalnd City, NZ

HONEMOON DESTINATION: Fiji, New York, Miami and Key West

ENTERTAINMENT: Ben Barter & Josh Fountain aka The Bedroom Boys (DJ’s)

GIFT REGISTRY: Not Another Toaster

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