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Henryk & Amelia

— Santorini Love Story


30 May 2013


17 people

Henryk & Amelia by Image Haus Weddings
Henryk & Amelia by Image Haus Weddings

HOW WE MET:  Amelia - We are both creatives, Henryk is a photographer and I am a Hair and Makeup artist. We met working on a photoshoot together and instantly hit it off. We were best friends for about a year and then realised we couldn’t be without each other.  

OUR ENGAGEMENT STORY:  Henryk - She knew it was coming, so I had to surprise her, it had to be something out of the ordinary. So while she was at a photoshoot with another photographer friend I set up a picnic in Obsevertary park (which overlooks the Sydney Harbour) with our dog Eva and Amelias favorite food.

I sat down ready in the empty park,  and when she was about to turn up two tourists decided to sit only 5 meters away from me. So I talked them into appluading if she said yes.  

Amelia- I was completely taken by surprise when I arrived in the park (I thought I was meeting another photographer to get a key!?) to see Henryk on a picnic rug with Eva running circles around him. I asked him why he was having a picnic by himself and then soon realised what was happening when he nervously got down on one knee. I was even more surprised after I said yes that we had an audience cheering for us!

MARRIAGE TO US MEANS: Having my best friend by my side for the rest of my life. Being complete. 

WEDDING LOCATIONKapari Natural Resort, Santorini, Greece.  Niether Henryk and I are Greek but we have always spoken about having  a very small location wedding. For us it was all about the feeling we wanted to create on the day and Kapari and Santorini really delivered the perfect setting to create our perfect day. Neither of us had been there before and we wanted to remember Santorini as our Island full of beautiful memories. 

THEME/STYLE: Chic, relaxed and intimate. 

BUDGET: Under 20,000, including flights, accomodation and the boat cruise. 

PHOTOGRAPHY: Dimitra Bratika for Image Haus Weddings 

BRIDE’S DRESS:  My dress was by Carla Zampatti

JEWELLERY/ACCESSORIES: My headpiece was from The Hatmaker

WEDDING RINGS: My wedding ring was just a fine gold band with diamonds wrapped all the way around. The gold we used to make it was from Henryks Grandfather. Henryks ring was made up of three simple gold bands entwined. One band was from his Dads father, the other was his Mums Grandmas wedding ring (which is still engraved with “1919” the date of her wedding day) and the last band was a mix of both. 

GROOMSMEN ATTIRE: Henryk designed his suit and had it personally made in India when he visited last year. It was made out of an off white linen. We had his shoes made in Bali when we visted in December for one of our best friends 40th

HAIR: Kobi at Intershape in Bondi cut and coloured my hair and cut Henryks hair the day before we left for the wedding. On the day of, we both did our own. I blowdried volume into it then set it in waves. When I brushed it out again I decided I didn’t feel like dealing with it and pined it out of the way to do my makeup.. with a few extra pins and some help from Henryk that ended up being the way I left it! 

MAKEUP: Me being a makeup artist I decided to do my own, I think I would have been too fussy if someone else did it! I kept it fairly natural and used a luminous foundation. To bring my eyes out I used my favorite lashes from Minkme and I used NARS Lippy Barbarella for a fresh apricot lip. 

STATIONERY/INVITATIONS: Henryk -  I used to be an art director and I still have a love for typography so I had fun designing it myself (with a bit of creative direction from Amelia) 

FAVORS/BONBONNIERE: DONKEYS!  We went to one of the tourist shops in Santorini and picked out a bunch of Donkey souviners. Each one was different and more hilarious than the next. 

FLOWERS & BOUQUETS: Fabio Zardi. It was really important for our flowers to look as if they were just picked from the garden.

CEREMONY DÉCOR: We had our Ceremony in the same place as the reception.

RECEPTION DÉCOR: We had one long table with an apple tree hanging overhead with fairy lights and baby apples. 

WEDDING PLANNER: Our wedding planner was amazing, She is the kind of person you just want to hug all the time and we were so lucky to have her apart of our day. She did a beautiful job and made everything an absolute pleasure. We cannot thank her enough!! Antonia Veskou & Dimitra Bratika from A&D concierge services

WEDDING SONGS: We had a little greek band play traditional music as Amelia walked down the Aisle. Our first dance was “This Love” By Julia Stone (listen in video gallery below)

FOOD & BEVERAGES: We took the advice from our wedding planner and went on an awesome wine tour of Santorini where we picked our wines for the big day.  We had a 5 course meal supplied by Kapari.

HONEYMOON: Santorini – Kapari Natural Resort and Los Island

GIFT REGISTRY: Our guests presence was our present 

ANY OTHER SPECIAL DETAILS: We took all of our guests on a boat cruise around the island to the  volcanic hot springs for a swim and an amazing bbq lunch on the boat.


PHOTOGRAPHY: Dimitria Bratika for Image Haus Weddings

BRIDE'S DRESS: Carla Zampatti


HAIR: Inter Shape (Kobi Bokshish)

MAKEUP: Amelia Axton & eyelashes by MinkMe


FLORIST: Fabio Zardi 

CATERING: Kapari Natural Resort

WEDDING VENUE: Kapari Natural Resort Santorini

HONEMOON DESTINATION: Kapari Natural Resort Santorini

WEDDING PLANNER: A&D Concierge Services

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