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Richard & Jacqui

— A Place of Love


15 March 2014


110 people


Teneil Kable

Richard & Jacqui by Teneil Kable
Richard & Jacqui by Teneil Kable

A decadently sequinned gold long sleeve gown is worn with a bold berry lip and rich floristry in an intoxicating palette of plum, organically arranged and inspired by the textures of a raw and rugged landscape. A daring bride and groom whisper words of forever under a billowing peppermint tree.  Faces animated by deep emotion are lit by the auburn glow of the Western Australian afternoon sun.

A full moon hangs in the sky and the majestic sounds of a three piece jazz band echo romantically through the bush. White damask tablecloths are draped on long tables and natural place cards are edged in gold leaf. Guests dance barefoot under a blanket of stars illuminated only by the enchanting glow of Moroccan lanterns swaying from overhanging branches. This is a place of love. 

Telling a story of a lavish celebration that juxtaposes bold opulence with a mood of wild adventure this spirited wedding set on a beautiful property in Yallingup (an Aboriginal word meaning ‘place of love’) in the South West of Western Australia will have you longing for the days when falling in love meant being unconditionally free. Dreamy light filled imagery and moments of raw romance captured by the talented Teneil Kable ignite the senses and dare you to experience this wildly intoxicating place of love. 

Individuality means not conforming to trends and making your wedding completely reflective of your spirit. We love that Jacqui drew inspiration from our Glittering Nights flat lay and chose some of our handpicked brands in The LANE Directory to create an aesthetic that perfectly embodied her free-spirit. 

HOW WE MET: Richard and I are *almost* the clichéd high school sweetheart couple. We attended brother/sister schools and first met at the fundraising ‘Starlight Dance’ social. I was in Year 10 and he in Year 11. While dancing with some girlfriends I noticed a handsome, dark haired guy circling behind the group. When a friend asked me if I wanted to leave and grab a drink I instead listened to that little voice from my heart and stayed, with a strong feeling that this guy was going to ask me to dance – and he did. I still ascribe a sense of ‘sliding door’ significance to that moment. We dated for a little while (he was my first ‘proper’ boyfriend) and then after a few years apart we fell back together in love again. Richard can still describe the white and silver dress I wore to the dance, which is pretty unusual for him!

OUR ENGAGEMENT STORY: We were always comfortable with the idea of waiting until the time was right before taking the formal step towards marriage. For us that meant living together in our own home and me (finally) completing my studies. 

On the last morning of spring, while on a long weekend getaway, Richard woke me up early and said that he’d managed to book us in for breakfast nearby. He asked me to wear his favourite dress that he’d insisted I bring, and that he’d wait outside. But instead of Richard there was a long white box on the table, with the words ‘follow my friends up the hill’ written on the lid, and a single long-stemmed rose inside. A trail of rose petals led up the hill, through the trees, to the top clearing on the property. As I neared the top I heard a guitar playing one of our favourite songs, Tracy Chapman’s ‘For My Lover’. At first I thought it was a recording but there he was, wearing his favourite white pin-striped suit, playing the guitar and singing for me. He got down on one knee and garbled out a few words (he told me later that he’d memorised a whole speech but became too emotional to say it), and presented me with the most perfect ring. Then we had champagne for breakfast.

MARRIAGE TO US MEANS: The formalising to friends and family of a commitment already made between just the two of us - to share the rest of our life journey with each other.

WEDDING LOCATION: Richard’s parents have a beautiful property in Yallingup (an Aboriginal word meaning ‘place of love’); about three hours drive from Perth in the south-west of Western Australia. It’s a popular holidaying area with many wineries and beaches nearby. The property is where Richard proposed to me, and where we had spent countless holidays throughout the years. There was no doubt in our minds that it was our dream wedding location. We held the ceremony in the clearing where he had proposed, under a huge peppermint tree, and the reception a short distance away overlooking the valley and vista of rolling hills.

THEME/STYLE: Reminiscent of romanticism: decadence expressed through the rich warm floristry, opulence in the amber and gold touches, with timber and rustic tones throughout inspired by the natural bush environment.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Early in the planning stages was the desire to secure a local photographer whose work would document our wedding in a natural and candid way. I started stalking other couple’s weddings on various blogs and kept coming across images that ticked those boxes; they were beautifully composed, filled with light, appearing to perfectly capture the personalities of their subjects. We met with Teneil and knew immediately that she was ‘the one’, very fresh and enthusiastic about our ideas, and knew the Yallingup area very well. The wedding photos blew away all expectations. They completely translate what we felt and experienced on the day into a collection of stunning images.

BRIDE’S DRESS: The idea of a traditional, frothy satin wedding gown didn’t really appeal to my tastes, and the designs that I admired online (such as Delphine Manivet’s) weren’t available locally, so I really dreaded having to go ‘bridal dress’ shopping. One afternoon I was flicking through my emails and saw a flat lay shoot that The LANE had done, featuring an otherworldly gold sequined dress. I was quietly excited, thinking that it would be probably be impossible to get and way out of my price range, but after some back-and-forthing I was chatting with the girls at label Aje in Sydney, the dress was within my budget and they even offered to send the sample out for me to try before ordering! Everything about it was perfect. 

BRIDE’S SHOES: I spent quite a few years working at ZOMP while at uni studying and have a *slight* obsession with shoes – which Richard would, sighingly, attest to. Needless to say the wedding shoes were almost as important to me as the dress. My only criteria were a relatively practical heel, due to the bush location, something that I’d wear again, and of course they had to complement the golden dress. I’ve always wanted a pair of Valentino shoes and what better justification to buy a pair, so kind-of desperately began trawling the internet hoping to find ones that fit the bill. I finally did, and in my opinion they added just the right medieval/punk edge to the dress.

BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES: Each of my bridesmaids has a very different style and I wanted their outfits on the day to reflect their individuality. So I asked them to select their own - this also took some of the pressure off me, particularly as one lives interstate. After some indecision I decided that black would best complement them, my dress, and the style of the wedding. I put together a moodboard to help with their choices and asked that they pick something reflecting a modern romanticism, mixing textures of lace and sheer fabrics to keep it soft instead of gothic. I obviously didn’t want them to look like they were about to attend a funeral! A few details weren’t finalised until the week before the wedding, so there was a hint of worry in my mind which wouldn’t have been there if I’d just chosen something and made them wear it, but I knew it would all come together in the end. They each looked unique and so beautiful.

BRIDESMAID’S SHOES: Again, I just asked that they select their own to complement their individual outfits. Two wore ZOMP shoes, the third had a pair of Maison Martin Margiela heels that she wore. They all brought boots along to change into later in the night, just in case comfort called for it!

FLOWERGIRLS/PAGEBOY OUTFITS: We had two flower girls, Richard’s nieces of 7 and 5. I had a look at some different stores online and had my heart set on getting them something from Tutu Du Monde. During the year of planning, as each collection came out, I would eagerly check the new styles hoping to come across the right one. I called Richard’s mum as soon as I saw the ruby dress – which she had also noticed, and after some discussion we decided that the bright colour would be perfect against me and the bridesmaid’s dresses in the natural setting, and would suit the girls. Richard’s sister-in-law spotted the coordinating patent ruby shoes at Magic Shoebox. They each carried posies of bright complementing flowers down the aisle. 

JEWELLERY/ACCESSORIES: Given the statement-making dress, I decided to keep everything else simple. I borrowed some of mum’s earrings and settled on an elegant pair she’d had since her 20s, gold with a black pearl drop, which she gifted to me afterwards. Richard also gave me a beautiful black and gold beaded cuff as part of his special bride-to-be gift, which he’d purchased at a family friend’s nearby gallery (Gunyulgup Galleries). It looked perfect worn under my sheer lower sleeve.

WEDDING RINGS: We didn’t finalise our rings until a month before the wedding. Up to that point we weren’t sure how much we could afford, and wanted, to spend on them. In the end we thought ‘what the heck’ and I got my dream diamond-studded white gold ring, which complements the engagement ring Richard chose for me. He went with a plain white gold band, all from Linneys

GROOMSMEN ATTIRE: Despite the relaxed, natural setting of the wedding I wanted the bridal party to look polished and reflect the formality of the occasion. Also, given my dress and the different styles worn by each bridesmaid, I thought it was important that the guys stick to something classic to help bring the look together. All the guys rented matching black suits and ties from Brittons Formal Wear, worn with white shirts. One of the groomsmen, a close rugby mate of Richard’s, is Scottish so replaced pants with his kilt in the family tartan. It added a great eclectic touch.

Of course the groom has to stand out, so while all the groomsmen were accessorised with only a white pocket square, Richard’s groom-to-be present from me included a black Kiton tie, gold tie clip, and a black silk pocket square patterned with tiny white crosses. He wore his grandpa’s gold Lions Clubs cufflinks, and also a deep red boutonniere. Richard organised pocket watches for himself and as gifts for the groomsmen – they provided some entertainment during the wait for me to arrive at the ceremony! We later found out that his other grandfather, whom he never met, had only ever used a pocket watch as his timepiece (also unbeknownst to us our wedding date, the 15th of March, was also his birthday).

HAIR: Keeping my hair off the shoulders looked best with the neckline of my dress. I’d wanted something relatively simple and natural looking, nothing intricate. I didn’t bother with a trial run so Sonya Poletti, a local hairstylist, worked from some images I had. She did a wonderful job.

MAKEUP: The bridesmaids and I did our own makeup. I wanted to feel and look like me, and didn’t want Richard to wonder who was walking down the aisle towards him because my face was caked with makeup. All the girls have quite similar colouring and I was pretty confident that we each had the necessary makeup skills. We kept it simple with a bold berry lip to lift the dresses and tie in with the flowers. 

STATIONERY/INVITATIONS: I’ve always loved doing paper crafts and collecting papers and trimmings, so after an initial look at what could be produced locally and at what cost I decided to make all the stationery and invitations myself. Crazy, I know. I used a lot of recycled natural card, translucent paper, and also a beautiful soft cream seeded card that could be planted to bloom Australian daisies. The neutral tones were brightened with a selection of burgundy, gold, and olive ribbons, and I also finally had an excuse to use wax seals on envelopes! It took up a lot of time but I was pleased that in the end they were a personal reflection of our wedding.

FAVORS/BONBONNIERE: Richard was responsible for the bonbonnieres. He organised some custom-designed stainless steel bottle openers, engraved with our names and wedding date, thin enough to fit in a wallet but also able to hang off a key chain (he’s exclusively a beer drinker). He also cooked about four huge pots of his “Grandma Marie’s Secret Brinjal (Eggplant) Pickle” and bottled it up for guests to take home. 

FLOWERS & BOUQUETS: Rebecca Grace and her team at Natural Art Flowers are true floral artists. She was one of the first vendors I locked in for the wedding; I had kept noticing her work during my online stalking of Perth weddings. I know next to nothing about flowers, but knew what ‘look’ I was after, so tried to communicate this in our meetings with the help of inspiration boards and masses of images from the internet. I hardly needed these; Rebecca seemed to understand intuitively and was a fantastic sounding board for a number of other décor ideas as well.

She created the loose bouquets I’d asked for, especially my cascading bridal one, perfectly – and even provided specially labelled vases for them to keep fresh in at the reception! A key piece was one of her signature hanging floral arrangements over the bridal party and partner’s seats in the middle of the marquee. It felt magical sitting under the autumn floral canopy, surrounded by friends and family.

VIDEOGRAPHY: We didn’t organise anything, but found out afterwards that Richard’s dad had set-up a tripod and filmed the ceremony and speeches. We didn’t even notice the camera on the day – so it was a lovely surprise!

PREPARATION: After a super busy few days setting everything up, the evening before the wedding Richard and I exchanged gifts and said our farewells until the ceremony. I woke up in the house down the road that we’d rented for the bridesmaids and their partners, finished some last minute things and then after a few deep breathing moments - let it all go. It was an unforgettable morning with my bridesmaids, they put together a light and delicious breakfast and later lunch; we had many champagnes with berries while getting ready. All through getting dressed, having hair done and putting on our faces I felt an undercurrent of happiness and anticipation.

RECEPTION DÉCOR: White damask tablecloths draped the long tables, with matching napkins loosely tied with peppermint tree stem and leaves. Gold cutlery featured, with natural place cards edged in gold leaf. Timber dessert and drink tables bordered the marquee, coordinating with the wooden chairs and wicker pendant lights. The flooring was woven natural-fibre matting, which extended outside the marquee to cover the dance/lounge area. Under the stars, surrounding the wooden dance floor, were couches, wooden benches, a day bed with cushions, and wine barrels. Antique metal lanterns illuminated the area, with different-sized Marrakech lanterns strung in a row off an overhanging tree branch, and spot-lit trees encircled the area. We were blessed with a clear, calm night, and the eve of a full moon hung in the sky.

WEDDING PLANNER: Mostly the bride, also the groom. None of it would’ve been possible without our parents, and the help and support of close family and friends.

WEDDING STYLIST: The bride, but the stunning floral arrangements really completed the look.

CAKE: Richard and I requested a three-tiered cake covered in chocolate ganache from a local business, Sugar Mummy. The bottom cake flavour was orange and almond, white chocolate in the middle, and chocolate torte for the top. We chose chocolate iced flowers to decorate the bottom tier, rippled bands for the second, with the top plain ganache. It was presented on a raw wooden round and I found a lady on Etsy (Le Petit Oiseau) who custom makes bride-and-groom bird toppers – the ‘bride’ with a gold dress and the ‘groom’ in a suit and top hat! 

WEDDING SONGS: We selected RZA/Xavier Naidoo – I’ve Never Seen (So Beautiful) to play when I walked down the aisle, a song that Richard has always said reminds him of me. It was the perfect choice. After that...

During the signing: Alicia Keys – If I Ain’t Got You

Walking back down the aisle together: Sly and the Family Stone – If You Want Me To Stay

Grand entrance into the reception: Beverly Hills Cop – Axel Foley Theme

First dance: Isley Brothers – Work To Do

ENTERTAINMENT: A good friend’s modern jazz trio (Chris Foster Trio) entertained guests prior to the ceremony and for the couple of hours before the reception started, while the bridal party were having photos done. Richard was in charge of organising music for the reception – split into ‘chilled’ and ‘dance’ playlists. A DJ friend helped level and merge the tracks. It reflected our music preferences – funk, soul and hip-hop.

FOOD & BEVERAGES: Vince of Il Paiolo, a Perth based business who specialises in mobile wood fired oven catering, is a friend of Richard’s family and has provided delicious food for a number of their celebrations over the years. His prices were very competitive and we knew the food would be amazing, so it was a no-brainer. His team served pizzas for everyone hanging out before the reception; then brought out a platter-style selection of entrées (lamb cutlets, grilled prawns, field mushrooms and chicken wrapped in pancetta) to start the sit down meal. We had beef, fish and roasted vegetables also served on platters for mains. Among the desserts on offer were ice creams from the infamous local Simmo’s Icecreamery, and the most amazing cheese board for our guests to gorge on, put together by a family friend.

HONEYMOON: We spent an extended weekend in Seminyak, Bali. It’s a favourite, close-by holiday destination for us. We didn’t want to visit somewhere new and feel obliged to organise a hectic itinerary – the last thing we wanted to do after planning a wedding! We were fortunate enough to have the accommodation gifted by my aunt and uncle, so it was the dream stress-free honeymoon. We ate at all our favourite restaurants and had plenty of well-deserved massages.

GIFT REGISTRY: We had a wishing well and a David Jones gift registry for those who preferred to give us something more tangible.

CELEBRANT: Josephine Arnold was the celebrant we chose. She was very professional and supportive, helping to guide us through the process, particularly on the day. Most importantly to us, she made a real effort to learn about our relationship and from that created a very special, intimate ceremony. 

READINGS: Richard and I wrote our own vows and ring exchange. It meant a lot to us that everything said was straight from our hearts. 

We asked Richard’s brother and a close friend to select readings they felt appropriate. Each of their two favourites were the same! So Richard’s brother read ‘A Lovely Love Story’ by Edward Monkton, and our friend read ‘Falling in love is like owning a dog’ by Taylor Mali.

ANY OTHER SPECIAL DETAILS: Having our golden retriever present at the ceremony (although she slept through it all, already exhausted) and at the reception (she had a second wind and ran around like a crazy thing all night getting attention from everyone).

SOURCES OF INSPIRATION: I didn’t want to waste any money on bridal magazines given the *free* infinite resource that is the internet. So various wedding blogs, Pinterest, other couple’s weddings, and especially the Lane all proved good sources of ideas. I drew a lot of inspiration from the wedding location itself, and many styling ideas blossomed after finding my dress.

A MEMORABLE MOMENT: There are so many special memories, but two that stand out... the first was the time from when I started walking down the aisle and first saw Richard to us standing there opposite each other under the peppermint tree, trying to contain our excitement and wanting to touch but not being able to yet. Nothing can describe or replicate the electric feeling of those minutes.

The second was when Richard and I made our grand entrance into the reception, shortly after sundown. Richard had organised himself outfit ‘enhancements’ - gloves, a top hat, monocle and golden retriever head-topped walking cane. Seeing all our friends and family together, in this beautifully decorated setting, next to my one-of-a-kind husband... I couldn’t keep the smile off my face. 

ONE THING I WISH I KNEW BEFORE I STARTED MY WEDDING PLANS… Two things I wish I knew. #1: Just how time consuming arranging everything would be. I knew that given the wedding location a lot of extra logistical planning would be required (from portable toilets, power sources, to an emergency fire truck), that choosing to do all the stationery and invites myself would be very time intensive, and also that being a bit of a control freak would factor in – but I still wasn’t prepared for the amount of “wedmin” involved. So many emails ironing out every detail, appointments and meetings, budgeting, scheduling – at times it felt like a second job. But if I had a groundhog day/year I wouldn’t change a thing, it was all absolutely worth it.

#2: That you definitely need someone, and a back-up someone, who isn’t a guest as your wedding day coordinator. Vendors need a point of reference on the day, and there were many little details that I hadn’t planned for that required some last minute quick thinking. Unfortunately (or fortunately) in the end that person was Richard’s brother – he did the most amazing job, but couldn’t really relax until we all hit the dance floor.

IF I COULD GIVE OTHER BRIDES TO BE ONE PIECE OF ADVICE… Make your wedding uniquely your own. Don’t feel pressured by other people’s weddings or expectations. Whether it’s big or small or in-between, traditional or flouts all conventions – stay true to yourselves.




BRIDE’S SHOES: Valentino

FLOWERGIRLS/PAGEBOYS: Tutu Du Monde / Magic Shoebox

GROOMS FORMAL WEAR: Brittons Formal Wear


JEWELLERY & ACCESSORIES: Bride’s own; Gunyulgup Galleries

HAIR: Sonya Poletti

FLORIST: Natural Art by Rebecca Grace

CAKE: Sugar Mummy /  Le Petit Oiseau


CELEBRANT: Josephine Arnold

ENTERTAINMENT: Chris Foster Trio


OTHER: Cape Marquees; Zest StylingBusselton Party HireHire Society; Welcome Site

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