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DIY Florals / Mildred & Co + Lu Diamond Flowers
DIY Florals / Mildred & Co + Lu Diamond Flowers

A bridal bouquet can be so much more that a cluster of pretty flower varieties. Inspired by the romantic sentiment that each flower carries a hidden meaning, we love the thought that the colours, tones, textures, length and varieties of blooms artfully combined can reveal the personality of the holder.

If you are romanced by using flowers to create a personalised and organic tone for your wedding celebrations, these images from the recent DIY Floral Workshop hosted by our favourite NZ Gift registry shop Mildred & Co (a must visit for brides to create a chic gift list) + the amazing Lu Diamond Flowers, will inspire.

A favourite of ours for her whimsical handcrafted aesthetic, we asked florist Lu, to share with us her thoughts on creating your own bouquet….

“ Our DIY floral workshop was the perfect opportunity for flower enthusiasts to explore their creative eye while learning a few tricks on the way. It was such a pleasure to guide so many artistic hands; the variety and elegance of all the bouquets blew Milly and I away!”

When making a bouquet, a variety of blooms in different textures and tones are the perfect ingredient for a unqiue and evocative bouquet, so for the workshop there was a huge variety of blooms for brides to choose from. Foraging through the buckets, brides could choose colours and varieties that reflected their own sense of style – just as a bouquet should! Flower selection & helpful hints were a focus and I have included some of my key tips below…"

Ideas when making your own Bridal Bouquet

  • Colour and texture is my favourite way to start building a bouquet and is the perfect starting point. Lay in front of you a variety of flowers in different colours, tones and textures and see what works with one another.
  • Foliage is your friend! It can help shape and mold the direction of where you want to place your flowers.  It’s the perfect canvas.
  • Group and cluster together your ingredients. A too even spread of flowers can look sparse and unfinished.
  • Research!! Pinterest has thousands of images pinned from creative’s all over the world, it’s by far the most fun way to gather inspiration.

Hosted by Mildred & Co + Lu Diamond Flowers
Teacher: Lu Diamond Flowers
Location: Mildred & Co Showroom
Photography: Anna Kidman
Catering: The Caker + Deutz

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