Botanic Garden Restaurant, Sydney

Friday, June 16th 2017

We find ourselves drawn to spaces we can build on. We are entranced by the blank canvas, venues where our imaginations run wild, plans that evolve from the magic of good bones and beautiful foundations. We have an innate urge to evolve and innovate, to create without limitations and dream without boundaries. We look for spaces that are inherently flexible, where floorplans, menus and styles can be molded and changed, adapted to fit the aesthetics, mood and purpose of each event.

Hidden in a leafy oasis in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, Trippas White Group’s Botanic Gardens Restaurant stands like the treehouse of our dreams. Enveloped by the palms and blooms of the Botanic Gardens, we recently spent a morning inside the space, losing ourselves in its lush panoramas and glimpses of the harbor beyond…

Stepping into the space, the world seems to slip away: the cacophony of the city’s orchestra is silenced, replaced by a tranquil soundtrack of quiet birdsong and water that moves as if dancing. Epitomizing seclusion and blissful immersion, the venue transports you into a world of your own, a paradise where time lingers and outside chaos segues into a slow serenity.

Perfectly positioned for ceremonies held in the gardens, convenience is essential to the venue’s ethos. The restaurant will cater for ceremonies on the lawn, guests able to sip cocktails and graze on canapés while the bridal party depart for photos. Wander up to the restaurant itself and expect a space with ceilings that disappear into the sky. Vines hang from white wood and eucalypt sits atop a statement concrete fireplace. Every element works effortlessly with its surrounds, a harmony of nature and construct that we didn’t want to leave.

Come nightfall, the gardens close to the public and the restaurant evolves from sunlit emporium to star-filled Elysium. From then, the world becomes entirely your own, a private playground for you and your closest friends and family. Nights spent here are reminiscent of nothing else, an intoxicatingly different side to a city we know so well.

Here, we found ourselves dreaming of dining outdoors, the restaurant’s glass perimeter retracted to reveal clear skies and perfumed air. We’re picturing infinity tables that snake along the deck, cutlery brushed in hues of gold and bronze, linens draped to reflect the softness of the lawns below. The food hits the table as edible art, plates garnished and flourished with sprigs and flowers so as to create an edible garden, a sensory delight as sight and taste collide.

This is a space that lets you be, a venue not limited by overwhelming design or constricting aesthetics. Here, simplicity rules, styling choices effortlessly dissolving the line between inside and out. At the heart of the restaurant is fluidity, a symbiosis between garden and venue, where there is beauty in the basics and nature reigns supreme.


Need to know
Botanic Gardens Restaurant, Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, 2000.

Enter the gardens through Mrs Macquarie Rd, Henry Lawson gate. Vehicle access for vendors available between 8-10am and 4pm onwards.

Spaces and Capacity
Tables can be set up inside the restaurant or on the veranda.

Lawn locations for ceremonies are available on request (to be booked through the Royal Botanic Gardens).

The venue fits guest numbers of up to:
110 banquet sit down with dance floor
130 banquet sit down without dance floor
250 cocktail

Multiple floor plans and tables are available subject to numbers

Wedding Catering
Select from a set menu or create a bespoke offering from scratch. The restaurant can cater for everything from styled grazing stations to degustation.

After ceremony drinks and canapés on the lawns are available on request.

Close proximity to the CBD and public transport

Buggy transport for bride and groom

Moments from the glimmering harbor foreshore.

For more information and all booking enquiries, head to the Botanic Gardens Restaurant website.


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