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Places to Lose Yourself... Secluded Campsites Around the World

Monday, April 3rd 2017

"I longed for real silence
the kind you can’t find
but stumble upon
in some cabin
on a lake without a moon,
where you hear the cigarette burn
and the candles flicker
and your mind dances alive
to the symphonies in the black"
- Atticus

Searching for space for conscious introspection, we’re dreaming of time spent in nature to find hidden inner truths and forgotten musings. Find a simple and complete escape - an isolated patch of paradise and a temporary home to connect with the natural world and find your balance. Disengage from technological distractions and go off the grid, embracing the allure of seclusion and secret wanderings.

Perfect for pre-wedding reflections or spiritually inspired bachelorette parties, we’ve put together a list of dream campsites designed for pure seclusion. Be romanced by awe-inspiring mountains, desert landscapes and star-filled skies, by deep silences punctuated only by shifting sand and restless seas...

Erg Chigaga Luxury Desert Camp

Situated in the centre of the Erg Chigaga Desert, Erg Chigaga Desert Camp offers complete seclusion and serenity. A luxury campsite of nomad tents and sumptuous suites, we love Erg Chigaga for sweeping views of Moroccan plains, a horizon dotted with rolling sand-dunes in shades of burnt sienna. Think candlelit nights and Berber furnishings, time spent immersed in untouched landscapes...

Black Rock Campsite

An expansive landscape of golden, sunbaked plains surrounded by twisted rock and exposed granite; Joshua Tree is strewn with cacti and holds five fan palm oases. A fragile ecosystem of delicate lifeforms, we love Joshua Tree for slow mornings and quiet afternoons, the perfect place for self discovery and reflection. 

Longitude 131

A luxury wilderness retreat overlooking the sunburnt terrain of the Australian Outback, Longitude 131 epitomises opulent seclusion. A compound of only 15 tents, experience complete seclusion in one of Australia’s most sacred sites. Utterly serene and inherently peaceful, with uninterrupted views of Uluru… 

Camping Valle del Cocora Salento

With palm trees stretching infinitely into the heavens, Valle del Cocora is a forest of clouds flanked by rolling mountain foothills. A sea of wild grass and protected palms, we love Valle del Cocora for tropical camping in the heart of Colombia. Think canvas tents and woven hammocks, nights spent amongst native flora in one of the world's most beautiful landscapes. 

Discovery Parks – Cradle Mountain

Set in the Lake St Claire National Park, Cradle Mountain is surrounded by ancient rainforests and alpine heaths. Home to some of the most magnificent views Tasmania has to offer, we love Cradle Mountain for wintery travels in breathtaking scenery. Think icy streams cascading from rugged mountains and local wildlife drinking from glacial lakes…

Treen Farm Campsite

Tents speckle the Cornwall coastline, pitched in fields spilling with lush wildflowers. Overlooking inky seas and golden sands, slow down and watch waves crashing over moss covered rocks next to boats moored on the shore. A fully equipped site with picnic benches and a fire pit, we love Treen Farm for quintessential English tranquility. 

Paperbark Camp

A tented bush camp just two and a half hours from Sydney, Paperbark camp is a secluded escape perched in the treetops of the Shoalhaven. Our pick for city escapes and weekend staycations, for sumptuous forest treehouses surrounded by turquoise waters and deserted beaches… 

Laugavegur Treck

Pitch a tent along one of the most incredible treks in the world. A breathtaking landscape spanning a spectrum of colors, where orange-capped hills and slopes stained brown meet mossy veneers and ebony sand. Soak in geothermal pools by day, and sleep amongst fields of white blossoms by night.


Bahia Concha

Tracing the coast of the Caribbean, Tayrona lies at the foot of Colombia's Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. With smooth shores in palettes of azure and turquoise, we love Tayrona for daytime slumbers on hammocks strung between palms, balmy sunsets and midnight swims...

Húsavík Campsite 

An archipelago of 18 tiny remote islands, we love the Faroes for wild landscapes and uncharted terrain. Located in the North Atlantic Ocean between Norway and Iceland, expect dramatic fjords and cliff faces, abandoned villages and total isolation amongst panoramic views.

Totaranui Campground

Camp next to crystalline waters and sleep under a sky filled with stars. Soft tides are juxtaposed with dramatic cliffs, a coastline carved from granite and marble that juts from the sea to the skies. The waters surrounding the park are also a known nesting spot for fur seals and a playground for blue penguins.

Parque Nacional Cotopaxi 

Cotopaxi National Park's centerpiece and namesake is one of the world's tallest active volcanos, considered sacred by local Andean people. Surrounded by landscapes in mossy greens and earthy greys, natural springs filter off glacial peaks into scrubby bushland and grassy fields.

Whitehaven Beach

One of the world’s most beautiful beaches, we’re forever drawn to Whitehaven’s white sands and pristine shores. Known for its shifting tides that create a swirling constellation of colours, we love Whitehaven for beachside camping and tropical escapes.

Timeworn Textures, Cuba.

Sunday, August 23rd 2015

With unmistakable streetscapes of crumbling facades, colour palettes so heart stoppingly beautiful you feel compelled to stop and photograph every surface, slow trips down particularly amazing streets where surely every house has a story to tell, if only their walls could talk…Wandering Havana (a journey of discovery best explored on foot) can most accurately be described as a surreal sensory overload. A a visual feast of pattern and timeworn patinas, inimitable textures and gloriously faded finishes.

An overwhelming juxtaposition of the bright primary tints of immaculately polished vehicles driving through streets of beautiful dilapidation, all chalky, textured surfaces. The most ornate doorways and decorative architecture (found outside of Marrakesh), darkly lit staircases lined with colourfully patterned tiles, each leading to spaces untouched in years. Balconies you suspect are structurally unsound (but exquisite in their decorative shapes) attached to buildings so quietly majestic, despite their disrepair…a unique Cuban palette and extravagance of detail wherever the gaze wanders and eyes rest. 

Photography: Karissa Fanning & Ted Grambeau

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A Day at Harvest Cafe Newrybar.

Monday, June 16th 2014

Sitting on the sprawling verandah of Harvest Café Newrybar, shaded by the overhanging wisteria tree, face lit by warm afternoon sun, as aromas of autumnal delights hang in the crisp hinterland air, you get an overwhelming nostalgia for a simpler existence, where time spent and meals shared with family and friends takes priority over the hustle of our busy modern lives. 

Set in a little town called Newrybar in the Hinterland of Northern NSW, just outside of Byron Bay, this 1900’s rustic cottage house with its whitewashed weatherboards, teak floors and small town vibe, is our routine weekend visit for lazy Sunday lunch. Romanced by fresh county air and wide-open spaces, we love to lose our days feasting on their local, seasonal and sustainable menu and cocktails inspired by the native Australian bush and tropical fruits.

Like us and the abundance of barefoot beauties, if you have been pulled to the Byron area for its bohemian charm and laid-back existence, chances are you would have hustled for a table at Harvest on a busy Sunday or lined up for a coffee and pastry from their famous deli. However with its rustic, yet chic aesthetic and relaxed vibe, Harvest is also the perfect space for an intimate bohemian, effortlessly luxe or country inspired reception full of soul. We wanted to visit one of our favourite spaces and show it to you through the inquisitive eyes of a free spirit on the search for her dream wedding space…

Enter Harvest’s restaurant area and memories of lazy Sundays spent around the fire in the living room of a family country retreat flood in. The open plan kitchen and bar area, leather clubman chairs, hanging pendant lights, casual stacks of coffee table cookbooks and worn daily newspapers set amongst the spirited conversations of friends catching up over a long lunch, instantly makes you feel like you are amongst good company. Inspiring thoughts of a newlywed couple sharing stories and a glass of red wine with family and friends well into the night.  

Our favourite spot for a rustic reception dinner is Harvest’s verandah. As we move out onto the sprawling, open roof, timber decked area, which looks out to the neighboring deli, Harvest gardens and historic 100-year-old bakery, we are instantly dreaming of a shared meal with friends reception dinner. Think dramatic long tables and bentwood chairs set with incredible handpicked arrangements of wildflowers in deep plum, rich berry, jewel tone and wine stain hues, complementing the natural landscape of the area and the seasons harvest. A spirited ambience and magical serenity created with an abundance of soft flickering pillar candles and mood lighting.

The food however is the real star of Harvest for us and if amazing food and wine is a big focus for you, then with just one mouthful you will fall even more in love with this incredible venue. Renowned for their fresh and seasonal produce sourced from the local region and Harvest’s own garden and 5-acre organic farm, the new autumn menu is a delicate and fresh celebration of the season. Our feast of Local heirloom tomato carpaccio, Harvest salted ricotta, garden herbs; and a Harvest Garden Celebration on toasted buckwheat to start, looks and tastes like a beautifully delicate flowering garden on a plate. The mains of Risotto with pearl barley, smoked mushrooms, kale, toasted macadamias and pecorino; Brunswick Heads Spanish Mackerel with Sweet Corn and Baby Beets; and Pan seared duck breast with fennel puree and braised cabbage with currans give you the hearty satisfaction that only comes with eating wholesome food appropriate for the season amongst good company.

The old-bakery set at the back of the cottage house is another of our favourite spots to hold a spirited and lively reception. Retreating to the space after wandering the Harvest Garden (where small ceremonies can be held), with its concrete floors, exposed brick walls, bi-fold French windows, wooden ceiling beams and dramatic rustic chandelier, we feel we have discovered the ultimate gem for an intimate and completely original wedding reception. Inspiring thoughts of 40 of your closet family and friends enjoying a shared table menu or embracing the spirit of paddock to plate with a whole beast from the woodfire oven. The rustic details are divine and if keeping costs low is a priority, minimal styling is needed. The beauty is in the spaces, history, charm and the unique story it tells (it is still a functioning bakery during the day). We recommend opting for oversized florals held in dramatic crystal cut vases to bring a sense of opulence to the space.

The night comes quietly at Harvest. The soft auburn glow of the afternoon light seems to hang magically in the air as the hinterland fields come alive with the luminous sparkle of a setting sun. A reminder to us that at just 40 minutes down the coast, there is an undisturbed, unpretentious and breathtakingly beautiful place can be escaped to.

Wedding packages can be tailored to suit your reception preference and range from cocktail style for up to 130, shared table dining or even a luxurious dinner for eight in the private dining room (housed in the century old bakery). You can find more information, package options as well as venue hire fees over on Harvest Café’s official website

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