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Signature Fragrances
Signature Fragrances

Discovering the perfect fragrance is somewhat akin to the quest for love. Unless you’re entirely captivated, the idea of flaunting a signature perfume daily is somewhat disconcerting. By defining your preferred scent well before your wedding day, you’ll know you have found the perfect complement to your bridal style.

We asked The LANE girls to share their own signature scents to inspire your quest for the perfect fragrance, and found we are drawn to bold fragrances that fall into either floral or masculine catergories, many with sandalwood undertones that perfectly balance femininity with distinctly masculine elements.


Exploring the ambiguity of florals, sweet notes of rose radiate femininity. A clean and youthful scent incorporating bergamot and fig, florals make for a fresh take on otherwise intoxicatingly sweet scents. The softness of floral fragrances is both modern and timeless, adding the memorable touch of understated femininity to your bridal moment.

Tiffany’s pick: Marc Jacobs - Cucumber

The energizing scent of cucumber has us dreaming of relaxed summer afternoons sipping on icy gin spritzers. This crisp floral fragrance with notes of freesia and musk is Tiffany’s pick for a light signature perfume.

Emily’s pick: Diptyque - Do Son

An iconic fragrance embracing the sweet scent of a sea breeze.With divinely mysterious notes of tuberose, orange leaves and pink peppercorns, this delicate floral fragrance is perfect for a summer soiree. Emily loves Do Son for a fresh, natural scent that leaves her nostalgic of the summer sun all year long. 

Tess’ pick: Le Labo - LYS 41

A bewitching blend of lilies, jasmine and tuberose, softly complemented by musky undertones. This makes a warm, sunny statement with an air of florals. We love this understated fragrance as a signature scent, one of Tess’ favorites.  

Aniella’s pick: Byredo - Gypsy Water

A scent composed upon a fascination with Romany mythology. Gypsy Water is reminiscent of deep forests and campfire settings with notes of sandalwood, juniper berries and vanilla. Aniella’s signature fragrance is the perfect composition of sweet and earthy scents.

Inspired by the women behind The LANE, we’ve curated a visual collection of their signature fragrances and their style counterparts.

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Sensual fragrances of rich, dark accords exude a sense of mystery. A chorus of warm, spiced notes is deepened by a soft drift of smoke. We are drawn to bold fragrances with sandalwood undertones that perfectly balance the beauty of femininity with distinctly masculine elements.

Brydie’s pick: Maison Francis Kurkdjian - OUD

Elegant and mysterious, this sweet yet leathery fragrance fuses hints of patchouli and cedar wood in a spicy, alluring scent. Brydie’s pick for a gorgeously contradictory take on a feminine fragrance.

Lindsay’s pick: Tom Ford - Tabacco Vanille

Inspired by the sultry aesthetic of traditional English gentleman’s clubs, Tom Ford’s Tabacco Vanille is a LANE favorite. Redolent with spice and perfectly complemented by creamy vanilla and fruit undertones, Lindsay loves this statement for the chicest of brides; a captivating, virile scent that she gravitates to for its distinctly different aroma.

Karissa’s pick: Maison Louis Marie - No. 04 Bois de Balincourt

An earthy fragrance of cedar and sandalwood with mid-notes of vetiver and cinnamon, No.04 is a signature fragrance we adore. This scent is fitting for a confident, nonchalant bride - it’s the perfect balance of masculine and feminine and Karissa’s go-to, daily fragrance.

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