Tim Pascoe

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Photography: Tim Pascoe
Photography: Tim Pascoe

Tim Pascoe has been one of my favourite wedding photographers for a long time. What I love most about Tim's photography is that his work is unaffected by wedding trends that come and go. Tim has a timeless style that is disctinctly his own and an eye for capturing all the sentimental details & candid moments of a wedding. Tim took a few minutes to tell us about his photography style, inspiration & advice for brides-to-be... 

We love that you refuse to follow the “normal formula” in wedding photography, what is it that inspires you and keeps your photography personal and unique?  My clients inspire me...which I know sounds cheesy but it's true!! I take each wedding very personally and love to get to know the clients and try my best to make the style of photography that I produce a reflection of who they are and their day...

Where was your most memorable destination that you have shot a wedding in? What made it so memorable?  I just recently photographed a wedding in Bali and during the shoot I managed to break my finger and then had to continue photographing for the next 6 hours with a smile on my face!

Apart from photography, do you enjoy any other creative outlets?  Architecture - I love photographing anything architectural, watching architectural tv shows and sketching and creating my dream home!!

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Who’s artwork (any genre, living or not) do you most admire? If you could ask them any one question, what would it be?  David Doubilet - he's a national geographic photographer who does phenomenal work. I would just love to be able to hear all his amazing stories but especially his most terrifying photographic experience.

What should brides-to-be take into consideration when choosing their wedding photographer?  I think that the couple should really consider the quality of the work of the photographer when booking, not solely the packages etc that they offer. Because there's no point having a great album if the photos aren't great.

How long should a client allow after their photoshoot to receive their images?  We have images online with 2-3 weeks.

What excites you most about the future of wedding photography?  As couples are putting more emphasis on the quality of their wedding photography, I look forward to the future and seeing just how creative people will allow us (photographers) to be.

Be sure to check out Tim's incredible work over at his website and blog

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