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The hunt for the perfect dress. Whether experienced vicariously, as a sibling or wing-woman, or first hand as the bride to be, it’s an exciting adventure, unique in its outcome, but an adventure many are unsure of just how to begin. In the mysterious (and admittedly, sometimes intimidating) realm of bridal boutiques, that first fitting can be a daunting one, equal parts nerves and heightened anticipation. While every boutique is unique in their aesthetic, their offer, the experience and the ordering process, we spoke to the beautifully down to earth Christy of LOHO Bride to help demystify the art of shopping for a dress. Having just opened a brand new West Hollywood boutique, find her invaluable advice what to expect from your boutique experience and quest for the dream dress…beginning to end. 

She’s engaged, she’s seen a dress she loves the look of online, what next?
She can go to our website and book an appointment via our online scheduler for a private 1-1 fitting with us at either our SF or LA location! 

Are walk-­in’s accommodated, or is an appointment best?
We are by appointment only at the moment. 

On bringing an entourage (mum, bridesmaids, besties)? Welcome or unwelcome?
As much as we love the idea of a party in our store, we believe that your fitting should be as intimate as possible. We want the focus to stay on our brides and the style they want to exude on their wedding day. We’ve found that sometimes too many opinions end up overwhelming the bride’s decision, and we don’t wish stressful shopping upon any of our brides. For their sake, we advise keeping their support crew under 3 and for our sake, so that we can comfortably accommodate everyone in our boutique.

How long is allocated for each appointment, typically?
1 hour for the fitting and we allow a 30 min. buffer to re-try favorites and take measurements if applicable. 

Is there a limit to how many dresses can be tried on in this time?
No limit, just as many as we can get on a bride within that first hour! We’re good at keeping brides moving if they’re looking to get more than a handful of gowns on. 

What about photos...are they permitted?
Yes, we’re strong believers in taking photos and we offer to take them for the bride. That’s such a pivotal part of a bride deciding on her dress, so we feel it’s important to have those as a keepsake, especially if she needs to sleep on her decision. It also avoids buyer's remorse! 

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What about trunk shows...how do they work exactly?
A trunk show is a limited period of time for brides to view additional styles outside of what LOHO Bride has previously curated in store, which many times center around new designer collections. In some cases, there is special pricing available during the show, so plan accordingly because spots fill up quickly. If a bride has a favorite designer who is trunk showing, it’s a great opportunity to try on a larger variety and if they’re lucky, meet the designer! 

She’s found her dream dress! What happens next?
If a made-to-order gown purchase is made, we'll take the bride’s measurements and order the closest dress size to be made.  Once the gown arrives, the bride will come back in for a follow up appointment to pick up her gown with us and do final inspections. She will then consult with a seamstress to do any final tweaks ie: hem the gown and make sure the gown is fit to perfection. We are dedicated to holding our brides hands from start to finish, so until she is walking down that aisle, we’re on call for any assistance needed.

How long typically do the pieces take to be made?
All of our gowns typically take 4- 6 months, but we can also accommodate rush orders in less than that time on a case by case basis.

The best bit about an in­-store, versus online experience (besides of course, trying it on!)
We pride ourselves in our in-store experience because buying a wedding gown is a very personalized (and scary!) decision and we’re here to best assist our brides in making that call. We treat our brides as one of our own and make sure that she’s educated on the process, material, cuts...that she has honest feedback on how to style the gown, and moral support the entire way through. Unfortunately, online purchases can’t provide that reassurance in the same way. Not to say it’s wrong to purchase online, but we’ve based our business on a cherished experience. And, let’s be honest -- what pictures and fits well online is not always the case in person! 

Find information on the complete collection of designers carried by LOHO on their website, here.

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